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  1. I'm in New York (but not the big city!) Wonder who else is around this area 🙂
  2. I had lady ask many years ago, I was happy to let her (especially if its a turn on for her)
  3. Hi Everyone! I am returning a brief stint in 2019. Its been a crazy year since but things are at least calm for the moment! Hope you all are well I am a long time pee fetishes from the East Coast (USA). Would love to chat and meet a few pee friends! 😎
  4. I heard about it from a wet friend last year and rejoined after searching for it on google this year
  5. Loved this set! Thanks for sharing 🙂
  6. Coming home from a beer festival. I didnt go before the ride home. I had a friend drop me off at my car and then waited all the way until I got home. I had to go so bad that I peed in a bush in my backyard (because I didnt want to wait the extra 2 min to unlock my door and go upstairs)

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