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    I'm pretty down to earth I just have an insatiable appetite for dirty, kinky girls in pissy underwear

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    when she pees her panties while sucking cock before getting completely covered and showered in hot piss.
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    I have never been so lucky to find a mate who would enjoy it :(

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  1. it has happened on a fling I had where we were drunk sleeping and I woke up with her pee all over me and my bed. she was embarrassed in the morning but I was thrilled! I didn't say much but I smiled and forgave her immediately, obviously.
  2. soaked my white shirt but it couldn't contain my piss oops! lol
  3. thank you very much it's my first attempt at this type of fiction, hence the theme
  4. I would like to suck the piss out of those panties while I finger you and lick you. just hoping you still have to pee so I can quench my thirst and swallow mouthfuls of you
  5. nice photos! instantly gave me a rush! to put it lightly :)
  6. don't mind at all. thanks for responding :) I don't think anybody you be into it, really. I was just curious to see who might come through
  7. Sasha is a short, brown haired girl with a few freckles and a slightly plump figure that compliments her height and, not to mention, her heavenly gorgeous rear end. She is 27 years into her life and she is happy with herself. She's watching a show on Netflix in her living room alone with the light off and a small candle that smells like vanilla bean just cracked is lit on the coffee table in front of her. Sasha likes being alone with her thoughts; she is a deep thinker, but her mind wanders too much at times. At this time, her mind is focused on her movie and she continues to be gripped to it like a cat watching it's dinner getting poured into it's dish while it darts its tail back and forth. There is a slight problem that she ignores for as long as she can. She presses her thighs together in her cute little pink jean shorts and bangs her knees together at rapid succession while she rocks back and fourth in her lay z boy.Her eyes are frozen to her flat screen while all the while she suffers. Sasha has to pee and she can barely hold it. She clenches tighter and wraps her arms around her knees and presses them into her breast hoping this will be enough to hold her until she could break from the t.v. "Fuck it!" she says out loud into the comfort of her cozy apartment. "where's the remote?" She turns her head around the room so she can locate her t.v. remote to pause the film and there it is, just beyond her reach on the coffee table in front of her on the left of the candle. She leans forward and forgets about her little problem and starts wetting her shorts. "Oh no!" she grasps her crotch and freezes to her seat in fear that the rest will come out. She clutches herself harder as to stop the flow but it only begins to flood her shorts. She dashes down the hallway to the bathroom and lifts up the toilet seat. By now she has a huge wet mark across her perfectly round bubble butt. Even she knows she had a nice ass. Seeing and feeling her hot piss in her shorts and on her beautiful bum and down her legs makes her think of something she had never thought of until this day. "Maybe I should finish". she reaches her hand back down to her crotch again but starts rubbing herself this time. Warm urine steadily flows through her panties and shorts, past her fingers and onto to the floor where she stands in front of her toilet. She kneels down and continues to play with herself. Now at eye level with her toilet, she feels like they have something in common and this makes her rub herself harder while she moans louder as it echos against her bathroom walls. Her piss continues to gush from her while she rubs it around from her tummy, up to her breasts, which were also quite complimentary to her cute body, up to her mouth where she sucks it off of her fingers and brings them back down inside her soaked shorts where she now starts to take them off. As she pulls her yet shorts and panties down to her ankles, she bows down to lick and suck her pee from the floor around her toilet. Sasha, soaked in her own pee for the first time, but certainly not the last, licking piss off the floor and fingering herself is finally about to cum. "oh fuck I'm cumming like a good girl!" she squirts so hard that she can see it in the mirror behind her as her knees tremble against the bathroom tiles and her body succumbs to the pissy floor. she takes a deep breath and smiles peacefully as the sound of the Netflix begins to populate her apartment again. Sasha will never be the same after tonight but she will always clean up her mess before bed.
  8. you are absolutely magnificent I mean look up the word that's you! what a nice thing to read after work :) that's exactly what I'm talking about. would love to smell panties that have been pissed in or the taste of a woman's pussy when she's been leaking all day
  9. hello I am James and relatively new to this. just wanted to say a friendly hello and make a presence :)

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      when she squats outside and pees on the hard ground. it splashes up her leg and ass while she let's it flow through her fingers

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      Try to send me a message on here pm thing. 

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      Dang it won't work

  10. Marley is a nice name! welcome! I am new also. although I signed up 3 years ago, apparently

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