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  1. What does this site need most?

    Can we not add a feature in the 'unread content' section/button that just summarises the fact someone added some photos to a thread/album instead of the site listing each and every photo as a new post?
  2. Is there a way to delete your account?

    No i will stick with PM's for now.
  3. What does this site need most?

    I still think it should be down to the users preference to when and how often they want to change their usernames though. Given that after all, they are the ones using the site (albeit on a free basis i admit). Other similar free sites and forums offer this ability as standard with a timer limit of 28 days before you can change the name again, can something along these lines not be implemented for this site? I realise it isnt something the PFF has introduced, but there are other sites i can name privately that stay well clear of public Google searches despite searching for specific usernames (i've tried searching for myself and at present this site is the only place my usernames show up freely). What is it those sites have that yours doesn't? I still think privacy and public security for all members be it paid or not, should be at the forefront of the Admins mind at all times. I do appreciate that it is down to users discretion with regard to usernames and usage of the website, but even so, for such a public forum as this security MUST be paramount for all. I will PM the Admin shortly.
  4. What does this site need most?

    The site needs more security options and editable/definable settings for its users. I have made the point to the admins of the group already that this site is Googleable and every users activity including topics posted and commented on can be found by doing a search for it. It means that for users who have used similar/the same username on public domain websites, your activity will also be attributed to those sites and be found. Bear in mind this can be found by anyone ranging from the Police to employers...so where you think it might be innocent posting about how you want to pee in public in a certain location etc others may use this in evidence against you if it ever needed it. I admit it may be down to user error using the same name on varying sites, but we should not be forced to have the option to edit that information taken away from us. The same goes for deleting and deactivating your account for extended periods. Users need to have their own choice and freedom!
  5. Is there a way to delete your account?

    Can i make the suggestion that changing usernames and deactivating/deleting accounts is something that users have individual control over instead of the admins? This site is heavily unsecure and everything is Googleable right down to individual usernames which means you can be associated with employers and other websites (including public domain such as a well known auction site and well known video hosting site) where users have opted to use the same username.
  6. Hotel fun

    I'm going to be in a hotel for a while working away from home and each time I do this I get the naughty urge to pee the bed and play. Thing is I never do it because I get the overwhelming innate sense of guilt at knowing I would've done it. I also don't like the fact that the maids have to clean up after me. This time round though I really want to do it before I come home. What I wanted to ask you all in the forum is, is there anything I can do to make cleanup easier for either myself or the maids, and do you have any tips on doing it? (IE clear pee etc) Thanks all!
  7. Candie Cane

    and is there nowhere else that its managed to slip online?
  8. Candie Cane

    Is her Manyvids site the only place we can see her vids? She seems like she's done some quite hot stuff.
  9. Eroshare is shutting down!

    Something tells me it may have been a massive joke...ive been able to get on all the above ero-links perfectly fine with no errors at all...
  10. Best Free Video Site? (2017)

  11. Girlfriend agreed to try it!

    ...dont get her drunk before she tries it...being drunk will only make a lasting negative memory and experience of pee play and will sour the chance of you getting it again in the future...being drunk impairs your thoughts, feelings and emotions and if she latches on to the uncomfortable feeling of being watched or being almost 'forced' to pee then it wont happen and she'll go into a shell of ''eww its disgusting'' etc it needs to be something she wants to do so that you both enjoy it, otherwise it will feel better for you than it does for her and when you get into that territory it really isnt worth it...
  12. Does anyone know of any, and can share any, UK peegirls on tumblr? There are a lot of tumblrs out there from genuine girls but none that seem to be in the UK. I currently live in the UK and it would be nice to change my view on girls & kinky unabashed girls in particular. Maybe stereotypically they seem pretty stuck up and not into dirty things without being disgusted. Now you can see why id like to change that... Thanks in advance.
  13. Windows 10

    By todays standards your MOBO is ancient. They get progressively better each year and are now on generation 8 cores and MOBO's. W10 installs new system updates but ignores hardware firmware. So it most likely is that you're running out of date drivers. It could also be that your MOBO is still running USB1.0, which wont supply enough power to USB 3.0 devices. USB 2.0 is fine although transfer speeds will be affected.
  14. Windows 10

    Then it sounds as though you don't have the correct USB hub drivers installed on your Windows 10 machine. Or that theres a hardware error within the ports themselves. I have no idea how old your machine is, but did you install any driver utilities from your MOBO supplier? Usually the machine drivers get downloaded automatically through that, or alternatively there should've been an installation disc supplied with your MOBO that had USB drivers on it.
  15. Windows 10

    I'm not sure who is giving you your information but thats utterly and completely bogus...if the USB HDD is a standard 3.5 inch laptop hard drive then ANY USB slot on a desktop/ laptop should power the drive for it to be talking to the machine, if its an older style desktop HDD then you will need to plug it into mains AND a USB port for it to talk to the machine...if you are attempting to attach it to your machine with an external USB hub with more than 4 extra USB ports on it then the hub itself will need to have mains power connected to it so the desktop/laptop and the HDD have enough power to draw on...