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    Seeing Women pee where they shouldn't.Outdoor peeing and holding
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    Seeing several woman peeing outdoors and being able to watch.

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  1. So,over the Christmas and New Year holidays like most,I have been drinking more than I normally would.This results in more visits to the bathroom.Some of my pee's have been long hard streams,while others have come out in little short bursts.I also noticed that the colour of my stream varies from time to time.Sometimes really dark.Other times lighter. I have visited many public bathrooms over the period,sometimes using urinals,sometimes cubicles depending on how busy they were.I've only had one "outside" pee,which was on a night out where I relieved myself in an alleyway with steps.I had to be careful as it was very close to a crowded street. Anyway,as I write this I feel another pee coming on.I may hold off a little to let the pressure build up so that I can enjoy it when I go.Hope you like this and please comment if you wish.
  2. F Hi, Thought I'd tell you about my latest outdoor pee.I have always enjoyed the feeling of relieving myself in the great outdoors,whether it be in the woods or a field or as it was last night,by the roadside.Driving back from town I could already feel the familiar pressure of my bladder telling me it needed emptying.I deliberately chose a route which would provide me with a suitable place.The beachfront area is only partially lit at night so I easily found somewhere to pull over.Stepping out the car,I unfastened my jeans and positioned myself along side it facing the grass verge.I was quite desperate so almost right away a lovely strong stream of pee started flowing.It was such a pleasant evening with a perfectly clear sky and the moon rising over the sea that it made the whole thing very satisfying.I peed for about 30 seconds or so but I wished it had lasted longer.Hope you enjoyed.
  3. Cinema

    Last night I went to the cinema.For a Saturday night it wasn't that busy.After collecting my ticket, getting a drink and buying snacks,I headed in to the auditorium.It slowly filled up and the film started.Everyone settled down and became engrossed in the film.Inevetibaly after a while,I noticed some people getting up and slipping out presumably to use the bathrooms.It got me thinking,did those people who went to pee deliberately hurry things up so as not to miss too much of the film.I have visions of girls quickly going in,pullIng their knickers down,peeing,then hurriedly wiping (or not),then after hurriedly adjusting their clothing going back to the auditorium with wet hands and maybe still some wetness in their underwear.Of course when the film ended,everyone filed out and many headed straight to the toilets.Unusually I did not need to go.
  4. Post about your pee!

    Lovely account of your pee.Very descriptive.Almost as if I was in there with you.Glad you had a nice relaxing pee.
  5. Public toilets

    Thank you Sophie.Happy peeing.
  6. Public toilets

    Hi,Finally plucked up courage to do this.I would love to hear from some ladies on their habits while using public toilets.Hoverers?,squatters? How long do you spend roughly in a public toilet? Hope to hear from you.Thanks.
  7. Xmas 2016

    I finished work tonight and I'm off until 4th Jan.
  8. A naughty Pee today.

    Had to share this.As it's still very mild for this time of year I had a wander around a large local park.Within this park there are many places where you can be well hidden.I knew that I needed to relieve myself,so after walking around for a while i spotted a deserted work area(it's Sunday),with large metal containers.I made my way behind one of these.There was plenty of room to completely conceal myself.I quickly unzipped and proceeded to spray pee all around the ground and the back of the container.It was very enjoyable and felt quite naughty as I could hear people's voices not too far away.I'm sure there have been others who have used this area as a pee spot.Once I had finished I zipped up and made my way back out onto the path.Hope you enjoyed.Merry Christmas.
  9. Which is your favourite view of female peeing?

    Rear view in a half squatting position with a nice strong stream is the best.Side view comes a very close second for me.I can only think of one occasion when I got a full on front view.
  10. woman's bare Bottoms

    Some gorgeous bottoms there.Thank you for sharing.
  11. how did it start for you?

    It started for me when I was about 7 or 8 and I was playing with a girl of the same age and she needed to pee.As we were playing in an old shed in the woods,she just pulled down her trousers and pants and did it right there.I remember it like it was yesterday all though it was a long time ago.The same girl also peed into an old saucepan which we found lying around.I had to empty it outside.That's how my pee interest began.
  12. woman's bare Bottoms

    Yes.Some lovely bare bums there.