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  1. Andrew S

    No longer in use

    I have decided to start a new account from scratch.Therefore this will be my last post under this account name.Thanks to all who have viewed,interacted or simply ignored me.My new account is up and running.
  2. Andrew S

    Closed Shops and Alleys

    Great story.Well written and very descriptive.Love the thought of 2 girls peeing in an alley.Better actually seeing them do it of course.
  3. So last night after spending the evening in a couple of bars,I decided to head home.I needed to walk a good 10 minutes to reach a taxi rank.I hadn't walked far when the effect of the drinks and the cool air hit my bladder.It was quite intense and I knew i''d have to find somewhere to go.After walking around and grabbing my crotch a few times I finally went up a dark side street and into a doorway.I unzipped my jeans,whipped out my cock and immediately started spraying a strong stream of piss onto the ground.It felt so good to let it all out and there was a lot.I finished up,feeling much better and walked over to the taxi rank and went home.Hope you like this.Let me know.
  4. Andrew S


    Did anyone watch Eurovision Song Contest? What did you think? Is it just a bit of fun,or more? I'm from the Uk,so if you watched it,you'll know we didn't do so well.
  5. Andrew S

    Unisex toilet pissing?

    Only when I'm able to hear the stream and not really at work.
  6. Andrew S

    Unisex toilet pissing?

    Personally,in this age of equality I think there should be more of them.I have used a few and in fact regularly use 1 at work.Some cafe's where I live also have them and some bars too.As long as everyone is happy with them then,why not?
  7. I believe Experience Project has now been shut down.Although you can still browse archived posts.It's a shame as it seemed a well run site with 'interesting' possibilities.
  8. Andrew S

    About time.

    Hello.Maybe as I have been a user of this site for a while now I should briefly explain my interest in Peeing.From a young age,my fascination with all things pee related has been with me.Whether it is females peeing outdoors(a particular favourite),or peeing outdoors myself or holding(a recent interest) I find it all quite arousing.I joined this site as it seemed to be the friendliest one i have come across.I hope it remains this way.
  9. Andrew S

    Morning pee and more

    I guess I just woke up really horny this morning.
  10. So this morning as I lay in bed I felt the familiar urge to pee.I was quite tired and was reluctant to leave my warm bed.However eventually I relented and headed to the bathroom.I completely removed my boxers and stood in front of the toilet.Then I decided to do something different.I sat down facing the wall, so basically the opposite way round from normal.I pointed my penis downwards between my legs and slowly began to pee.It felt good and I deliberately took my time,controlling my stream.It made a nice hissing sound and it was good to shake things up a bit. The whole thing was very satisfying and made me feel horny.After peeing I began to play with myself and couldn't stop.I began masturbating fully and ended up cumming in the bowl.Wow! It felt good.A great start to the day.
  11. Andrew S


    Believe me.There have been many occasions when I didn't quite make it.
  12. My first was as a kid watching a girl pee in front of me when we were playing in the woods.It's never left me.
  13. Andrew S


    It did feel amazing,so much so that I just had to masturbate there and then.I haven't cum so hard in ages.
  14. Andrew S


    I lasted for about 2 hours before rushing to the bathroom,hauling down my jeans and underwear and peeing like a racehorse.The relief was incredible.
  15. So I am currently holding.I have been for almost an hour.I am at the squirming stage.I've even put on an old pair of jeans.I'm soooo desperate to pee and the bathroom is only a few steps away.I want to hold for as long as I can.