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Maybe get a straw bale urinal? Would avoid any contention from too much pee at the same time…

”Textile poker” - whoever is doing badly in the game has to don increasingly ridiculous items of clothing


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19 hours ago, vanessa9 said:

I am now starting to organize my birthday party for the end of this month. Those who followed me on defunct peesearch may remember that my home parties generally include nudity, kinky games and frequently also some semi-public peeing. I am not talking about swingers parties where we would fuck each other in front of our friends, although some of my guest are swingers and very open about it. Rather than that, we play games like naked twister, naughty truth or dare etc. I also have a large garden protected from outside view, and watering the grass is always appreciated.

The rules for my parties are few and simple : clothing is optional at any place and time, no pictures, what happens at the party stays at the party (except if totally anonymized, like on this site) and everybody is free to decline to participate in any activity, without being shamed by others.

I have already decided that the party will start with the reading of an erotic novel that includes some peeing. The reading will be done by one of my guests who is a professional actress. She knows she will have to do that, but she will not get a chance to read the text before the party.

I am also considering buying an inflatable hot tub for the garden, small ones are pretty inexpensive and easy to set up.

I have a few ideas on how to organize the party, but feel free to help me and suggest activities or games.

Would be great to read how the party went and what happened pee-wise 😉

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6 minutes ago, vanessa9 said:

At that point, I hesitated a little bit. In my previous post, I wrote about my friend who was attending my home parties for the first time. I knew most of the guys would have accepted with pleasure to be undressed, but I chose to do her.

Such a brilliant choice. I bet you were excited to choose her—how did you decide on her for first?

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I had an open discussion with her before inviting her at the party. I wanted to be sure to keep her as a friend, and that she would not break all relationship with me after attending the party, like because we look like a gang of sick perverts to her. I understood that the first few minutes of the party would be decisive for her. I felt I had to put her at ease, but not by protecting her from everything, more by encouraging her to push her own limits a little bit. It was a risky bet, but it worked great.

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