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The 'plumber' visits, and gets a bit wet

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You two always put a smile on my face, keep up the good work and thanks for sharing. It reminds me of a story in a woman's magazine from years ago when the contributor accidentally peed on the plumber while he was working, I'll see if I can find it sometime.

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3 minutes ago, Geepee9 said:

You two always put a smile on my face, keep up the good work and thanks for sharing

Thanks 🙂 I hope we'll continue to think of fun things to do.

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wow what a fun and sexy time together. I do so love how far she's come with this since you guys have started. so so beautiful. roleplaying and sexy time is so much fun. I really should take your ideas into play with my husband and see if I can spark things back up again. 😉  

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Article from more magazine's embarrassing moments I think.
She writes,

As a student I had a plumber working at my flat to cure a blocked drain. The plumber removed the outside drain pipe to the toilet to unblock it and asked me not to flush the toilet as it was disconnected. I thought no problem, I needed my morning pee I'll just have a pee in the toilet and flush when He's finished. After a big strong pee I heard a shout from the man outside as I had filled and overflowed the u bend and soaked him while he was on a ladder under the outlet. Until then I didn't know how toilets worked but I do now!

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