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Lesbian/bi perspective !

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15 minutes ago, Desperatehoe said:

Hey, there’s clearly a lot of dudes on the site but I’d love to connect w the girls who are into women. I’m turned on only by desperate girls. Sometimes this fetish makes me feel lonely would love to connect with girls who are into the same. 

Hey welcome to the site! While I'm afraid I cannot satisfy what you are looking for, you'll for sure find a some awesome ladies on here as well.

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Hi and a huge welcome to Peefans.   I'm also not quite your ideal, but I can promise a very friendly place with an appreciative respectful community of friends.

Most of us feel alone at some stages as far as this kink goes, so we can relate there - but there are members I know who I'm sure will relate.

But welcome!

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On 10/2/2023 at 2:59 AM, marking my territory said:

A lesbian with a very young anime girl pfp? Can't say I've met that type of lesbian/bi woman before

I’m a bi chick with an anime pfp who loves female desperation/wetting. I swear we exist! 😅🖤💦

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