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Pee breaks during sports

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Youth sports were done on some fields surrounded by agriculture. A road on one edge, a stream and dairy pasture on another, and corn fields on the remaining edges.  I and many a teammate made the corn stalks our urinals of convenience.  I don't recall the girls' teams making the trek to the central restroom building but have no memory of sightings. 

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When I played baseball there were definitely guys who peed in the surrounding woods areas during practice or games - I even witnessed it once or twice. Unfortunately I'm not really into guys at all, so it didn't and still doesn't do anything for me...

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I once saw a kid on my track team pee in front of everyone basically at a meet. He stepped right outside the fence and went for it. No cover or anything. He was also facing some houses in the surrounding neighborhood, so I’m sure they could probably see his dick

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Only times i occasionally saw someone stop for a pee break during their sport it was either runners or cyclists. If the need arises i'd do that too since what else can you do? But i usually go beforehand as i don't like training while having to pee. For any other type of training i find it counter productive. One punch received to the wrong place and you'd end up peeing yourself, a little too much intensity on a lift and you might end up leaking aswell. Besides that it distracts me quite a bit.


But even the pros cant avoid it sometimes and give it a go: 😅


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16 hours ago, zoe468 said:

Back in middle school when we had PE outside i used to not go back to pee but just go behind some unused old buildings there. I dont think anyone ever saw me. I did forget to bring tissues often, once i tried wiping with a leaf, but it was aweful and quickly went to wash off after too

@zoe468 Did you pee back there because you liked to pee outside or just out of convenience? Did others pee back there also? Did people know what you were doing?

One of the interesting things about the soccer practices/games I experienced was that everyone knew that people were peeing around the school. It was just accepted practice.

Do you usually use tissue when peeing outside?

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I liked how naughty it was there just my secret. But it started as convinience i think. I dont know if others did it there too tbh… you had to go the same direction as the toilets so i dont know.

i alwqwqys try to have tissues with me to wipe yeah, dont an infection or for people to see a wet spot when changing

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18 hours ago, zoe468 said:

I also used to go swimming for sometimes casually, i saw some pro swimmers in the changing room standing over the drain and peeing together while casually talking. Was cute, tried it later, but and old lady walked in on me and gave me looks. I didnt go swimming there much after, but id love to see swimmers over the drain.

lol yeah gotta be careful who you do that in front of.... some people not so appreciative

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On 5/29/2023 at 11:08 AM, Wetling said:

Me and the friends often pee in nature when mountain biking. The guys were a little contained because of me at first, but it fastly became normal when I didn't make a big deal of it, and we all do it together. I actually like being watched, but they don't know that. Also we have all seen each other naked before, so it's not so special anymore.

There's a good reason why I like mountain biking. While I most always head out on the trails alone, I've often run into others. Occasionally we'd ride together, usually just for a few miles but sometimes at least a couple hours. 

Probably my most memorable encounter was when I rode with a woman on a long stretch of forested singletrack. I wasn't expecting anything the first time she hopped off her bike. But, as soon as she pulled her shorts down to pop a squat, I became aware of just how full my bladder had become. 

It was more a needs must thing, so I don't think we paid a lot of attention to one another. At least that time. Funny, but little more than an hour later we had to stop again.

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I play local football (couple of groups of mates, 5-a-side sort of stuff on local parks). No toilets on the parks so I just wet myself whenever I need to go. This is usually during slight breaks in the play when some of us are sitting down for a quick rest, but if it's raining I'll pee any time as you're wet anyway so no-one notices.

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