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Bursting beyond bursting!

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Oh! I feel for you. That must have been rough. But I hope the sweet relief was enjoyable at least. I'm so glad you made it @Chrissy89. And thank you so much for the ultra-vivid description. Superb ❤️

(And, I'm glad your journey was good logistics-wise. Good luck with your presentation tomorrow!)

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More context gathered from public chatroom and more empathy needed from me xx
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12 hours ago, Chrissy89 said:

This afternoon, I travelled to London for work.  

Having worked all morning, preparing my presentation; practicing it in front of N and then rushing around in a flap, finishing packing my work bag before leaving, there was one thing I forgot to do….pee! I had been so pre-occupied all day between doing my job and preparing myself mentally for what was up ahead in the next few days that I forgot to empty my bladder before setting off! 

N dropped me off at the airport to catch my flight to London. I had about an hour and twenty minutes to kill before my flight after security so I strolled through the shops, stopping off for a coffee and a wee sugary treat. I picked them up then found myself a relatively quiet spot in the corner to sit where I could see easily see the departure board, took out my iPad and, set a small alarm to remind me to check the board when the flight was announced (welcome to my life) then started to browse my favourite site *wink* whilst sipping and munching away, listening to some music to relax me, as I was unsure on how busy the flight was going to be. 

I was startled as my alarm went off, hopping off my seat, lifting my bag and jacket in one move. I was excited to be heading to the plane as I love flying and it had been some time since I was actually on a plane so I felt pretty good.  

At this point I still didn’t feel too bad for a pee, the buzz of being in the air had taken over the thoughts in my head rather than my poor bladder which hadn’t been emptied since 9:30 and it was now just before 3! The flight itself was relatively peaceful and not too busy. I didn’t have the dreaded person who insisted on talking to me sitting next to me, nor did I have the shuffler who couldn’t sit still. I had a woman who just smiled at me upon sitting, said nothing, popped her headphones in and closed her eyes.  When I fly I always sit at a window seat as I love looking out as we are in the sky at a peaceful world below, reminding myself that I have a dream and that maybe one day that will come true.  👩🏼‍✈️✈️

There was a small rumble mid air…and suddenly my peaceful thoughts and the sounds of Coldplay were smashed as I felt the desperation of my need to pee rise.   No way was I gonna go inside a tiny toilet in an airplane at 35000! I’ll hold, I can do this, there’s only 30 mins or so til we land..

As we touched down at Gatwick, I glanced at my phone to check my train times into the city, still very much aware of my personal needs. For anyone that has never been to Gatwick airport before it’s slow going, it’s busy and it’s massive - not good for someone who hates all that stuff. 

There was an earlier train due in 25 minutes which if I got a move on should get me into London sooner. If I kept my feet and legs moving and focussed on some tasks waiting on my to-do list then I wouldn’t be thinking of my need to pee. 

Sure enough as suspected, the terminal was busy busy! I did have a quick glance at the ladies as I moved past and I could see lots of women going in and out. I decided against it and I hurried past through the terminal building and onto the shuttle service towards the train station, trying to keep some lower body movement going in some form or another during periods of standing still

I knew the train journey was only half an hour long but that seemed like an eternity to me. Right Chrissy, I said to myself; Count to 60, 30 times over and you’ll be there….on the tube at rush hour and a few short stops to my hotel room where I could go in peace. 

As I got closer and closer to the hotel I became more desperate; that rising feeling had now turned into discomfort.

I was now at the point I was cursing myself for buying that extra coffee on the plane which by now had made its way through me and was adding to the levels of pain I was experiencing. 

Finally, it was my stop on the tube. I shuffled past the people so I could get out of the doors pronto and flew up the escalator, barging rudely past everyone.  At street level I could the welcoming lights of my hotel. Just two more obstacles to overcome; check in and the most awful bloody traffic lights I’ve ever seen which wouldn’t change to red to allow me to cross! 

Finally my pacing on the spot stopped and forward momentum started up again as I ran across the road and up the stairs into the lobby of the hotel.  Self service check in, yes please! 

Key card printed and it said 4th floor. 4TH FLOOR!!! “aw man you’ve gotta be kidding me” I said out loud. 

Luckily for me the lift was waiting at the ground floor for me, like it was fate! I pressed a large number four button and watched the doors close, In a few seconds I would have sweet relief.  

As the lift came to a stop I could feel the sloshing around inside my body. The doors pinged opened, I ran into and flew past an older couple, abruptly apologising as I scrambled down the corridor towards the safety of my room, knowing I could burst at any minute. 

After what had seemed like an eternity, with the last few meters being the worst, I had finally arrived at my room and I let go of my backpack, dropping it to the floor to free up my arms to get the keycard out of my pocket. My sweaty hands couldn’t get it up against the door fast enough. The door clicked open and I barged in, quickly slotting my key into the power slot to enable lighting. Yes!! I had made it! 

I turned right into the bathroom flicking the light on as I went in. I had proper tears running down my face by this point as I was an emotional wreck who was at the end of her tether. 

I turned around to lift up the lid of the toilet seat and noticed “sealed for my protection” - really… who even uses these now?!?

I bent down to remove the cover and in doing so the pain was too much it was almost unbearable. 

I swung round, undid the button in my skinny jeans letting out a long audible sigh as I forced them and my pants down to thighs.

Exhausted, crying, and in pain I flicked my feet out of my shoes which by now were causing me some pain given the amount of weird and wonderful movements I had been doing getting here.

I was barely on the seat by the time I had started peeing. A wonderful almost whistle like sound was filling up the quietness of the room followed swiftly by a lot of wobbly “ooh’s and aaaah’s” in sharp exhales of breath as my bladder forcefully emptied. Let me tell you all, I savoured every last second on that toilet seat… I must have peed solid for about 40 seconds at least until it had slowed to a loud trickle.  Damn coffees! 

As I was finishing I just leaned back so my head could touch the wall behind me, closed my eyes and breathed normally for the first time in about an hour. I felt a good couple of pounds lighter for sure. 

My right hand fumbled about blindly to get some toilet paper whilst my left wiped the tears off my face! I was about to meet a colleague for some dinner and drinks so I couldn’t be seen to look as if I was crying. 

Some trip indeed! 

On my way home I’m defo peeing before leaving…. Hey Siri? Set a reminder…. Lol 

Apologies pee friends for the long build up on that one but I feel that you gotta know what I went through to get that relief! 

Oh my godddd! 

Damn, that was a harrowing journey! Having been in similar situations myself, I could absolutely feel your relief (both physically and emotionally) at the end. I'm so glad you made it. 

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Lovely of you to share the epic story, I can only say you must be made of very strong stuff not to have even spurted a little into your pantie during that endless journey. I'm sure we have all had similar situations and can identify completely the incredible sensations you were experiencing down there, and thank you sharing the detail in the way you did.

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4 minutes ago, colette888 said:

So the price you paid was worthy, right?

Well the pain wasn’t worth it. By the time I left the train station I had crossed the point of no return as I had to navigate my way though subterranean London at rush hour. Not nice for me 

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Just now, Chrissy89 said:

Well the pain wasn’t worth it. By the time I left the train station I had crossed the point of no return as I had to navigate my way though subterranean London at rush hour. Not nice for me 

That's exactly the point-of-view of mine ...

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7 minutes ago, Chrissy89 said:

Well the pain wasn’t worth it. By the time I left the train station I had crossed the point of no return as I had to navigate my way though subterranean London at rush hour. Not nice for me 

Just don’t piss on the live rail …

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@Chrissy89, thank you for the detailed account and sorry that you ended up so desperate.   I could never have come close to holding it that long.  

18 hours ago, oliver2 said:

Just don’t piss on the live rail …

Better to pee in a quiet alcove on the platform, but if you do decide to pee on the live rail, you don't need to worry as MythBusters proved that you are pretty safe peeing on a live rail because your pee stream breaks into droplets and won't create a conductive path.      Link below, The Live Rail analysis starts about 15:10.   They say that you would have to be very close to the rail to have a problem, so best that the ladies don't squat directly over it.


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I’m sorry that you were in pain, but that story was so hot!  
That’s definitely my #1 (😋) turn on to see a woman just barely make it to the toilet with a much needed pee and all the relief it gives her. That must have been a sight to see (and hear). 

I hope the next time you have a desperate pee it’s not painful but enjoyable.

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