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Places I’ve pissed

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On 5/5/2023 at 9:59 PM, Adidas pisser said:

All over a delivery cage behind a local shop... this one was risky: it was quite an open space behind me.

I got rock hard doing this one 🍌


Is there a pic of you hard? 😈

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On 3/19/2023 at 10:43 AM, Couple92 said:

Walking down to the nude beach this afternoon. I was busting for a piss. There was an older woman behind me, but she seemed to be looking down to make sure she didn’t trip on the uneven path. So I pulled my dick out and let go. Had to stop as someone was coming towards me 😂




Aaaaaaaaah I always envy anyone who can walk and pee. I can never. My brain can either focus on walking or on peeing, never both !

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I’m on holiday on a popular tropical island at the moment. 

Yesterday, I went for a drive around the island and stopped for lunch at a little beach side restaurant. 

When I went to use the restroom, it was a room with a main door that could be locked, and a toilet and urinal inside separated by a divider but no door on the toilet. 

Underneath the urinal was a large, dark mat with a rubber base. Probably 2x4 feet. As I was locked in the room by myself I decided to see how absorbant it was - since I figured that’s why it was there! 

I unleashed all my piss straight on to the mat. The whole time wishing I had brought my phone with me to take pictures! But you’ll have to believe me, it was a lot of piss and you couldn’t see any of it due to it being dark grey (and maybe already damp/wet?) 

I got so turned on when I left as there was two men in line waiting to use the restroom, who would have to step in my fresh piss. 

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