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Places I’ve pissed

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Sadly didn’t get to get a pic as someone came in and I had to get out quickly, but here’s the story.. 

was on holiday over the weekend in a tropical seaside town and had to pee before going to the supermarket. Went to the public toilet where there’s 2 urinals and 1 cubicle. I went to the urinal closest to the cubicle, and I could see quite a lot of splash stains on the wall and to the side of the urinal. It’s close to a couple of pubs so I figured many drunk men must use it and not have the best aim 😂 so I decided to add my own and pissed down the urinal wall, with my pee forming a puddle at the bottom of the wall. While it was still rapidly dripping and spreading a man came in and went into the cubicle, so as mentioned I had to leave. I hope he didn’t mind the mess! 

(as a bonus here’s my dick print at the airport) 


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Today, lying by the pool at the resort I’m staying at, I decided I was going to slowly wet myself. Over about 30 minutes I let out spurts of warm piss in my speedo and felt it trickle down my sides, down my balls, and soaking the towel I was lying on. It was obviously wet anyway. It was quite busy by the pool so I didn’t want to look like a creep taking a pic, so I just had to enjoy the moment. Occasionally as I’d led out another spurt, I’d slip my fingers under the waistband so I could feel my piss as it ran down my sides. At one point I rolled over and lay in my piss soaked towel, which was nice, but I couldn’t feel the piss like I could when I was on my back. When it was time to go back to my room, I chucked the towels in the return bin and in just my wet speedo walked back to my room, still letting off little spurts as I walked. I walked behind my partner as he doesn’t know about my “interest” but I don’t think he would’ve been able to notice anyway. I was surprised when we got back to the room how much I still needed to piss when I got in the shower, but it was nice to just relax and go while chatting with my partner 😊

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On 11/4/2022 at 6:27 AM, Simpfan said:

Love the view and knowing it didn't get wasted in a toilet. Beautiful equipment, or should I say handsome cock? 

I'd say that's a handsome cock, and a beautiful piss stream.

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