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My Room used as Toilet from Sister

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Was about to give some advice - and then I realised it was in the fiction section.

So that’s good - it means that your writing is fine, it was completely realistic.

Great story - I hope there are more chapters, maybe brother and sister can work out their differences somehow - but of course not stop the peeing. 

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Fantastic stories.   Love the whole idea, the fact that you have written it from your point of view and the details you included.   Love that the girls obviously enjoyed it as well as saving the effort of going downstairs - the fact that they were willing to expose themselves and pee in front of you in your room.  Even better that your mum allowed it to continue for a short time after finding out about it and that she herself peed in your sister's room.

Maybe Linda and/or her friends could be naughty again in the future.  Maybe they could be a bit drunk and not want to traipse downstairs, so Linda asks you if you mind if "just this once" they could use your room again.   But this time, it is you doing them a favour, not them blackmailing you, so you agree, but only if they pee where you suggest and only if you get to enjoy the view directly.  Maybe you could even offer a wiping service?  I'll not suggest too much as it is your story, but it would be a shame to think that the party was the end for ever.

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