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Addicted to bedwetting

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  • 8 months later...

How my!! I had so much enjoyment reading this thread! I peed in a bed only twice in my life (I mean in my adult life. on purpose) and both times were just pure pleasure! I agree with you all about the sensation it gives. Since then, I dream about the moment I'll be able to do it again. My actual family situation doesnt allow me to do it... but I am searching for a solution or opportunity... I can't wait to drink lots and lie in bed with underwears on and just soak the whole thing around me ...

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2 hours ago, NaughtyLena said:

It's really addicting

I started about 1 year ago when I pissed in bed once a month but now I empty my bladder in the mattress 3 times a week.
My mattress also has no protection because I find that uncomfortable. Fortunately, my parents don't forbid me to do it.

I don't know if I can ever stop doing it.
It's so practical, comfortable and awesome to feel. If you watch a series in the evening but don't want to get up and just piss in bed.
You could also piss off the bed on the carpet, which I do occasionally, but it's such a nice feeling in bed, warm and moist.
If I peed in bed in the evening before falling asleep, then I piss at night without noticing it. Therefore, because I drink so much, i piss a lot. 

But in the end I don't want to stop because it's so nice. My best friend knows I'll do it, but she has no problem with it, she even slept in my bed once and we both peed in there.

That is so hot  and your parents and friend are amazing too.   Do you ever wet yourself during the day.   Wetting and re-wetting is amazing ...

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As well as peeing in my own bed as described above, I have peed in a fair number of hotel beds.  If it is when I'm with my wife, then I tend to pee towards the very edge of the mattress so that she doesn't feel the wetness, however, when I have been on my own, I have been known to pee a decent amount in the bed and then sleep in it.   I've also been known to pee on one side of the bed and sleep on the other side of the bed.   If I am doing this, then I avoid doing it on the last night of a stay and I always make the bed in the morning and then put things onto the bed so that the cleaners don't touch it.  When I am in the room after the cleaners have been, I air the bed and hope it dries, which it usually does.

I did once get a bit carried away and peed far too much in a hotel bed.  The mattress was very wet and there was no hairdryer in the room to dry it.  I probably could have asked for a hairdryer at reception but it would look suss as I have very little hair and they knew I was alone.  I had to be inventive, so I went to Argos, bought a hairdryer, used it to dry the bed and then took it back for a refund the next day.


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Do you do anything about the smell? I have to be careful as I don't own my home and I would prefer things to smell aqua fresh no matter what I did anyway. Another thing is my pet would probably copy where I did and he's probably better trained than I would be then. I have to take my laundry elsewhere to do it. Latex sheets sound interesting if they make them? Thanks for being bold enough to share this.

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On 1/10/2022 at 11:49 AM, Alfresco said:

I have never wet beds to the levels that some of you here have done, but I can attest that it is a great feeling.

We had a bed with a mattress that was a few years old and had a quilted mattress topper.   It wasn't waterproof, but I figured I could get away with peeing a bit without soaking the mattress.   I quite often would let out a small amount. 

Usually it would be in the evening when I was reading before going to sleep.   I would be sat up in bed reading and getting more desperate because I always leave peeing until just before sleeping so that I didn't have to get up in the night.   I would read just one more chapter and then another and then I'd be thinking I really had to get up to pee, but I didn't want to stop reading, so I'd let just a little spurt out into the bed.  Then a couple of pages later it would be another spurt.   The bed would be getting wetter and I'd feel it warm around my bum.   Then I'd pee a bit more, but this time I'd hold my dick and lift it so I could spray it further down the bed rather than further soaking the same place.  Then I'd finally decide to go to sleep, so I would go to the toilet before bed, but before I got out of bed, I'd just give another contribution to the bed so that it wouldn't be cold when I got back.   I would then go to the toilet, come back and lie in the deliciously comforting wet patch and go to sleep.   

All the time when doing the above, my wife would be asleep next to me.  By morning the pee would have soaked into the mattress topper and the sheet would be damp, but not wet.   I worked at home, so I would put the quilt over the bed when I got up, then once my wife was out to work, I would fold back the quilt to let the bed air.  Other than that, the sheet just got washed as part of the normal routine.   I usually stripped the bed, so my wife didn't see that the mattress topper was getting a bit stained.   Once in a while, I'd wash the mattress topper whilst she was out.

Of course, the mattress topper wouldn't always contain everything and there were definite stains on the mattress as well, but as I was the one who generally washed the topper, my wife didn't realise.

Last summer, we bought a new bed and we sold the old bed, complete with mattress.   The mattress had some visible stains on it and we sold it to someone we know.   As quite a bit of the staining was from where I sat up, it was more where my upper torso would be whilst sleeping, rather than the usual place that you would expect to see stained from bed wetting.   I passed it off as sweat from getting hot at night and the new owner didn't seem to mind.  She has told me a couple of times that she is very pleased with the bed and finds the mattress very comfortable.

Since getting the new bed, I've been more restrained with my actions, but that's not to say I won't ever resume peeing in my own bed.



Good on you for not making your wife clean up your mess!

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  • 5 months later...
On 1/8/2022 at 10:14 AM, NaughtyLena said:

 My best friend knows I'll do it, but she has no problem with it, she even slept in my bed once and we both peed in there.

How did you tell your friend about your passion? Haven't you been scared of what she might think about it?

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When making love we would usually put towels down as Curls when she gets super excited in an orgasm will often pee. But have purchased a new bed, couple of weeks off delivery yet. So having fun destroying the old mattress. This morning, i rolled on top of her and was slowly making love and she said. Stop its sore i have to wee, my answer , well just wee, took a few minutes but she did, running out while still making love. That really got things moving.


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  • 2 months later...

IMG_20200822_070654705.thumb.jpg.7a54da51b640f60c602f439edb9bb127.jpg.83913a673ba1e495ac5c6c133035921d.jpgIMG_20200822_065756045.jpg.d94fdbe510bd27778f13cd0d2bd7fcad.thumb.jpg.3f4120060aab58968c42598d532f9035.jpgIMG_20200822_070845836.thumb.jpg.f372382fb2494d9ba6c4331fc92f7546.jpg.5796ab19df7c9dbf8df7af7b77652053.jpgIMG_20200822_070853298_MP.thumb.jpg.121f22ff8c790c28a74a9e39262c20ba.jpg.972bf764339f200e0df9a526ce1cd2c0.jpgMy new girlfriend knows i like pee she knew i peed. My bed cause she could smell it on my bed and my clothes as would soak my pajamas as well as my bed. I tease her about peeing on me she thinks its gross. Especially me sleeping in a piss soaked bed.  I miss wetting  my bed so much. I would do again again

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  • 1 month later...

Tonight, I managed to at least half-automatically pee my bed. Let me explain...

I usually wake up from needing to pee at night, so I can only pee my bed on purpose (which I frequently do). I always wanted to wake up in a wet bed, that was dry when I went to sleep, though.

Now this time, I went to bed with a 75% full bladder (or so) and I still remember thinking "I need to take a wee, but let's not go to the bathroom. It's cold outside the sheets." Anyways, I do not recall starting to piss. End of the story: I woke up in a pretty wet puddle this morning

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  • 2 months later...
On 10/24/2022 at 12:50 AM, Wetclotheslover said:

Once i discovered unprotected mattress peeing, that was the best.

It is. Not for those who like to sleep in a puddle or empty their whole bladder on the bed every night. But for some wetting and pee play it is far more convenient than a protective sheet, which can't breathe, never dries on its own and therefore always needs to be washed. If the blanket gets wet, hang it on a laundry rack over the day.


On 1/12/2022 at 8:22 AM, WetNightmare said:

Another thing is my pet would probably copy where I did and he's probably better trained than I would be then.

Man, am I happy I don't have pets. 🤔 They're just causing trouble and costs.

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  • 10 months later...

Over the past weeks, I experienced a rise in my "bedwetting addiction". At least, I randomly think about wetting the bed almost every night now. I don't know if this is a kind of phase now or if it is a mild, but literal addiction now 😅

Has anyone made a similar experience?

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8 hours ago, GenericUsername said:

Has anyone tried unprotected mattress wetting and then used a mattress protector when you don’t intend on peeing in bed? I tried bedwetting and loved it but I couldn’t sleep because of the wetness from the mattress protector. 

I could never sleep in a puddle so I never protect my bed. I just rely on will power which is hard.

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