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    • Yes, it is not looking good. Sad news indeed, as such news always is. A sad fact of life is that as we travel along it's path we have to say goodbye to so many good people along the way, until finally it is our turn to go and we are the ones wished a hopefully fond farewell.
    • Wetman and I for a time exchanged private communications and he was indeed a sensitive soul with a deep well of caring and compassion. I shall never forget how - when Kevin died - he put tremendous effort into ensuring that he wasn't just forgotten, and trawled the internet trying to find out as much as possible because he cared so deeply for his memory. He communicated with me often at that time about this. Wetman was genuinely troubled that there was no mention of Kevin's passing on any other sites he frequented, and he made sure that Kevin got a mention and was remembered here. I personally am deeply grateful for @2prnot2p, for doing the same thing for Wetman himself. Wetman also shared some personal stuff with me and I feel honoured to have been so trusted. Even with him gone, I will never betray his trust. Whatever he has told me privately remains private for ever more. Now I feel that it is incumbent upon me and upon all of us who in any way knew him, not to forget him and to carry his memory in our hearts.
    • Once I hadĀ done it a few times IĀ realisedĀ peeing down my legs under a dress feels like the natural way to pee. Being instantly rewarded with the warmth on my legs makes it feel so right. At first I would find a quiet corner somewhere out of sight to do it, but I soon realised that when I did it in front of my friends, even when wearing incredibly short skirts, they never noticed. Now I just make sure I am doing something to direct attention elsewhereĀ  - usually chatting or checking my phone - and no one expects me to be peeing! There is no need to hurry, feet together and just a gentle trickle is all that is required to enjoy the warmth. Ā  PP
    • I wrote these a long time ago. Stored on floppy disk for quite a while!
    • Thats what it is,the girls arent being sexual,or playing up,just normally going to the toilet.
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