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    • @peeingone yeah my penis is just about 5” when erect haha. Can look really small soft though. as for my bladder i can’t go more than about 2 hours sometimes 3 without having to pee.
    • Like Kirk Douglas said in Twenty Thosands Leagues under the Seas, "The fish which does escape you, was Always the biggest one" I understand you boy I know I know nobody would believe I lost chances to pee… yet sometimes, very rarely, I would have loved to piss places (or girls) I missed, only because I was mistakenly sure to have all the time in the world… and it ended up not being such
    • This closes today - but still a few hours left to enter if you haven't already. Thanks to everyone for participating. 
    • Ok first of all let me tell you that I Always love people that partecipates in politic debates on this forum, so fucking welcome, with all my heart   I have a subtle convincement that this leads people to see him as less aloof and more funny than other exceedingly serious leaders. Nobody takes him seriously when he threatens. Check the YouTube parody of Dinesy's Frozen "Do you wanna build a snowman" which features Trumps on "Do you wanna build a wall" THAT is the general opinion about him… and for what it concerns his bad jokes about telling those women to let me tell you this, I have helped so many angry people that I learnt one important thing: when somebody is angry for whatever reason and wants to offend you, he picks personal features. Not because you are racist but because you are immature and miss to see that such a thing can be considered a low blow. For example I have had problems with mafia from other ethnies but have never felt the instict to tell them to fuck off for being -insert enthny- But some people a bit more headlong, does Because it is human, more than racist. I consider Trump superficial, not racist. To be racisto you need a very deep problem with your inner instincts (racism comes from an unbalanced unconscious aggressiveness toward other tribes) and Trump is by no mean so deep   Yes, and this is because he doesn't play that "aloof" character, is more relatable. This is a point of strenght. I would just like that cared more for other things which don't work in the USA
    • Impressive contribution Thank you!!!
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