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    • I believe I have mentioned before that when I see ladies staffing burger vans and such like in lay-bys I often wonder what they do about peeing.  Today I found out about at least one. Well today, I had to go somewhere and on the way I passed three lay-bys with stands selling cherries.  The first was a lady selling them from a converted horse box, the second was a younger lady sat by a gazebo but with no vehicle and the third was a guy wit a gazebo and a pickup truck.  Again my mind wandered to what the ladies might do about peeing.   I decided I might take a chance and try and find out. I guessed that the lady in the horse box might be able to shut the hatch and pee inside, but the other lady had no vehicle, so I thought I would try my luck chatting to her. So on the way back, I pulled into her lay-by and stopped short o her stand.   She was sat behind the stand but with her chair facing along the lay-by so she could see potential customers arriving.  I got out of the car and headed towards her, making eye contact. She was watching something on her phone but when she saw me approaching she stood up and said hello.  She was about 25 years old, blond hair about shoulder length and wearing light grey jogging pants and a white T-shirt, she smiled happily.  She was slightly shorter than average and a slim build. We had a conversation about prices for cherries and strawberries and I agreed to buy some.  Whilst she was weighing them out into a bag, I commented on it being a nice day for sitting there.  She agreed and said it wasn’t a bad job apart from the road noise.  I asked her how long she worked there in a day and she said she was there until 5:30.  It was currently 11:00.   My mind was thinking “So you definitely need to pee at some point in your shift”.   I commented that I hoped she had plenty food and drink if she was there all day.   She confirmed this. I took the goods and then I asked her “Would it offend you greatly if I just nipped into the woods here for a pee before I get back on the road?”.  She responded, “No not at all, it’s fine”.  I then said “Thanks - I didn’t think you’d mind as I am sure you must have to do the same if you are stuck here all day.”   Then what I really was hoping to hear - she confirmed that she does exactly that “Yes, when circumstances require it, I do.” Were the words she used.  I replied “That’s, cool, thank you” and headed back to the car. I put the cherries and strawberries in the car and walked back towards her, turning into a little gap between the bushes just before her stand.  She was sat back in her seat looking at her phone but looked up and smiled at me as I went into the bushes.  I went just far enough to be decent, but she could probably see my back through the fairly thin foliage.   I peed onto the ground and turned around as I zipped up.  I came back out and smiled at her and said “Thanks”. She smiled back and said “No problem”.   I returned to my car and carried on, but many times today I have imagined her sliding down her jogging pants and squatting just into that path where she could keep an eye on her stand.
    • It was on a warm summer night during an outdoor concert in front about 300 people. At one part during the show, the singer invited a lady from the audience to join him on stage as it was her birthday. After a few jokes he had the girl to chug a glass of beer and then another.  We could see the girl was a bit tipsy as she was laughing to the guy's joke really loudly. She had a very special way of laughing it. Special in a way that would get the entire audience to laugh with her. Then the singer cracks a very naughty joke and the girl started to laugh so hard it got her peeing in front everyone. Her beige skirt was totally soaked and we could see her pee run on her legs, also soaking her sandals and the stage.  Most people probably found the incident very funny, but for my part i found it very erotic. I did masturbate to that scene several times hoping I was the one wetting myself in stage...
    • I would just like to let it be known that over the years all my prolific posting of pics was becoming ever more of a chore, with categorizations and all sorts taking me hours. In real life I am struggling financially, and working long hours, so will be posting far fewer pics from now on because that is feeling a bit like too much more work on top. It was getting to be a bit too much like more work when I just need to chill in my free time. I will no doubt still post some pics in the correct categories when I have the time but probably far fewer.
    • Dude I have been following you for a while! great stuff you got in your erome account 🙂
    • It never gets old. A sensual, sexy classic. RIP Chrissy Amphlett. 
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