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    straight male
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    Electrical engineering
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    I like playing music and fixing cars.

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    seeing women pee, mostly standing and in various positions, on various places. I like to pee in unusual places.
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    Once a girl and I became so close friends that we shared everything with each other. We were at the beginning of our teenage years and used to go for walks at the forest, near to our living area. So there were us and noone else and once the girl just said 'I have to go out' and just pulled down her pants and started peeing. It was a surprise but I took it naturally. Then everytime we were at places where noone was around we always waited till both of us had to go then we peed together. Ah, the good ol' days.

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  1. Hi there, I'm Levi. I've made my account almost a year ago but now it's time to make my introduction. (Yeah, I'm kinda shy) I mostly like peeing nonchalantly and outdoors in unusual places, but I don't really like wetting and drinking. I have a shy bladder but I'm trying to get over it slowly. As for watching others pee, I like different things, but my favorites are women who can pee while standing. I really like this site so far and I've already found lots of interesting content. I hope I'll find like-minded people here. 😄
  2. For me the best sound is when it doesn't have sound. When I stand close to a wall or when doing it underwater and hearing nothing, just feeling the stream going out.
  3. In my case it was on a beach, and was a nonchalant one actually. There was water all over me because I just got out from the lake and I was like who cares, they think that's just water. So I just walked back to get my towel while peeing. It was fun and since then I've done it multiple times.
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