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    Only realy started getting into this by accident met a Croatian girl at a music festival in Ireland in the mountains as we were leaving she squatted for a pee In front of me and then undid my pants and started pulling me of and that was it came nearly instantly

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    Girls at festivals
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    First experience I mentioned earlier and also Emma the lesbian as she called herself another girl I met at a separate festival use to randomly ring me at night and pee down phone to me

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  1. http://redgifs.com/watch/wobblyillinformedrodent
  2. https://redgifs.com/watch/alienatedexoticdromaeosaur
  3. https://redgifs.com/watch/perfectjadedangora was in mood for both
  4. A quick one in the sink before bed
  5. Just say hello found this site by accident,a bit like how I found my interest in pee,apart from a few occasions at house party or festivals I’m literally a virgin when it comes to this ,never mentioned it to any girlfriend or asked them to do it would love to ,public pee in places you shouldn’t realy gets me .Any way just a hello and hopefully get to know everyone over time chatting on this
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