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  1. Was talking to some people in the live chat, while slowly drinking water and holding it. Drank roughly 100oz of water in 3hrs before I started feeling anything. Could have held it a bit more, but it started getting annoying...so, the result! Peed for a little over a minute straight then. Edit: Video is 4k, and almost 600mb. So...Definitely too big to post here.
  2. Old FWB would. Boy I wish she was into pee. Because from the sounds of things, she definitely could go!
  3. Couple places I have gone: • Movie theater (in a cup) • Under a picnic table at a park • The floor of a bathroom at the above park. • Multiple parking lots • Carpeted floor of someone's house. • Various pools/hot tubs (who hasn't though?) But as for a wishlist of where I'd like to go? • Movie theater seat • Thrift store • If cameras weren't an issue, something like a furniture store would be fun • Someone's car • Hotel
  4. I usually piss into something while in a car. I've nearly filled a 2liter bottle before while in a car. I try to avoid making a mess, so if I have to go and can't find a place outside. A bottle will do. No clean up then.
  5. Hi everyone! Long time stalker here, never been much for forums so haven't really posted. Thought I'd get on here and finally say hi though. Been into pee for as long as I can remember, and it's always been a favorite fetish. Over the years I've made several videos and taken pictures. I actually saw some of my content posted on here before, so figured why not jump in and say hi! I see people post Pornhub links, so here's mine as well: https://www.pornhub.com/model/wetoutside
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