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    I'm so happy to have found this site. Everyone seems very kind and understanding. I love everything about pee and love the stories and I finally feel at home and comfortable to talk about it for the first time. I hope to share some good stories and pics.

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    The taste and smell, and the feel of it draining out of my cock
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    My ex used to empty her sweet piss in my mouth during 69 and I loved to gulp in down.

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  1. I am ready to piss my pants. Holding for hours. Really, really. IT's hurting now. love it
  2. Thank you all! I also became a Gold member (honestly wanted to see the videos -which are awesome). I know so many here have been long time members and I am very respectful of that! I want to learn and contribute. I love seeing the freedom that the ladies have taken to pee where they want. It is so freakin hot.
  3. I LOVE drinking my partner's pee. Mine on occasion (when I am super horny) I'm getting hard thinking about it. I love peeing on myself too. But a ladies piss is a gourmet treat to be enjoyed
  4. What a hot and gorgeous introduction for me, a newbie here. I just love your pictures. I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I was nearly "instantly" excited and now have to piss to clear it.
  5. I never knew until I found this site that there were so many fellow pee fans -I thought I was the only one 💛 This is such a great community - I hope I can contribute. Love seeing so many people open about their pee kinks. I'm from the US and enjoy all the stories and beautiful piss pictures.
  6. My first friend here😍 Love your smile and beautiful pee
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