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  1. I have had it happen - my GF Carla and I were propping up the bar and I stepped into the mens room - next thing I knew Carla walked in and grabbed my cock and started using it like a hose - It was awesome!
  2. i think Wrexham is my new favourite team😀
  3. it would have been a once in a lifetime moment
  4. I think we can all close our eyes and see that in our minds eye - lucky lads
  5. we have a nude campground in colorado - i love spending time there and peeing in the pool
  6. nice post - when my office basically went to working from home i used to go in and check mail etc. After a while i had the need to pee and didnt want to go to the bathroom - i just went to the breakroom sink and let it all out The next time i went in i went to the upper level and peed in the corner and on the carpet - it felt reeeeaaaaaly good
  7. i loved doing it on the floor in front of another guy in the locker room
  8. I started at about 11 i would lie in the bath and stick my cock in the air and let it all go so it sprayed my face and chest - been enjoying ever since
  9. to me when i finally release its like a mini orgasm
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