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    Owner of website Bound2Burst
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    I started Bound2Burst in October 2006 so it has been going for 12 years at the time of writing. It's how I make my living and it is the best job I've ever had. Working with beautiful women and watching them pee themselves is amazing. It's a long way from my youth when I could not tell anyone about my pee desperation fetish.

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    The desperate need to go.
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    So many I can't begin to recount. I have watched about 80 women peeing themselves a total of 1,600 times.

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  1. Yes, I think this is something I shall add to the "to do" list for Becca's next visit. I will do one video like this and see how well it sells.
  2. The membership site is still there for now, although I am taking away my bondage one. I only have 20 videos posted at a time in membership, but even that brings them out to about $1 per month each. It's fine for older material, but I'd never do that with new videos - financial suicide!
  3. Thanks guys. Becca drank four bottles of water (16 fluid ounces a piece, literally half a gallon) during the 90 minutes leading up to filming, and I believe she drank some more while the camera was running. It takes about an hour to really filter through, and that's generally when the urge to go kicks in. Despite her apparent calm in the early stages of the video, she already needed to pee pretty badly. She's not ostentatious when she starts to wiggle around, but her expression tells you everything you need to know about how desperate she is. Next time, I will actually do my Michael Caine impersonation, which, given my predisposition, should sound very authentic!
  4. I don't know if this is appropriate here, but about a month ago I set up a page for fans of particular models who wanted to send them extra money like a tip, basically a thank you, for doing what they do. It gives them a warm glow and makes them try a little harder to please. If it's something you want to do at any time, please visit the following page: https://www.bound2burst.net/movies/mbm/model_donations.html This is not a payment for any kind of custom, just a gift for the girl in question. I've got the minimum set at $20 at the moment, which may be a little high. I will drop it down to $10 sometime soon. All of the money goes to the model in question, and on her next visit she will acknowledge this fact in a brief, free video. She will call you by first name or user handle, whichever you would rather, and this way you can see that she really got the money. In addition, I pay the transaction fee of 12% so that the model loses nothing. More models will be added to the page in the future. Thanks, Dave.
  5. How interesting to find such an erudite debate here. I was a scientist in a past life and also read for a degree in astrophysics. As Carl Sagan put it, paraphrasing, if no other life exists, there's an awful lot of wasted real estate out there. I'll quote him from Pale Blue Dot because he sums it all up so neatly with a handful of words: "There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we've ever known."
  6. Hi Steve, Understood. I do try to cover a range of styles, so here and there you will get videos you like. Some of the girls prefer to do it this way so it's sure to happen again. There's also a group that likes to see pee running down legs rather than going straight to the floor, and since they are often in touch, I generally tend to favor them.
  7. Hi Love2seeherpee. Whether or not the vagina is shown is up to the model. Girls like Jasmine will never allow that. Some of the others, while happy to appear nude, don't do spreads. They agree to toilet scenes as long as they are not graphic. Others don't mind at all.
  8. Hi Steve, I don't do naughty peeing; it's a bit too dangerous for my tastes. I used to do some on-location filming, but the number of people who butt in is extraordinary. I've been run off by property owners, cautioned by mall police, and I started to get people with cellphones recording me. It was only a matter of time before real trouble descended on me. After all, public urination is an offense, and I can do without that kind of publicity. The theme of the website has always been primarily about accidental wetting when the girl doesn't want to, the desperation side of things. I film some deliberate wetting and it does sell moderately well, but nowhere near as much as the bladder capacity videos, for example. I only include a little bit of bondage in desperation vids, ever since I splintered off to create Beauties in Bondage. I mostly try to do what the majority wants, but occasionally self-indulge.
  9. They do get a bit damaged, and we have thought about replacing them, but then, the new ones would only get peed on as well. Better to leave well alone and just keep it sterile.
  10. She does those too. They are reasonably popular, but most people still want that desperate, semi-distressed reaction.
  11. This is definitely Becca. She is up there with Jayne and Rachael in the 1300+ ml range. The first time we measured Becca, the amount that came out of her was truly surprising. Add to this that she is such a cute and friendly girl, she's an absolute winner.
  12. The origin. Not a clear cut moment. It was in the back of my mind for a while. I set up the first version of Bound2Burst in March 2005 while working inside a government building. I'm sure they have a record of that somewhere. At first, it was just about publishing stories I'd written, and that grew into publishing stories by contributors. Along the way, a few people suggested turning some of these stories into videos. That seemed a bit of a hurdle, but I did commission a few voice artists to read some short stories. These got a somewhat lukewarm reception, even though the readers did an amazing job. Again, the spectre of making videos reared its head, so I talked to my wife about it since it would affect her life as much as it would mine. She was a bit leery at first, wondering if this was a way to get involved with other women. However, she has known me a long time and we trust each other, so she agreed. We also needed the money since we started buying our first house, then had to move because of a change in job, and somehow managed to get a mortgage for a second house. We were in over our heads really, but back then, banks were desperate to loan out money. The only real option was to risk starting a fetish business, which meant plunging ourselves deeper into debt buying a camera with a credit card, and then scraping up enough to pay for the first two shoots. These were both bondage/pee and could so easily have perished on the vine. Happily, they did not. They generated enough money to pay the next model and leave a bit over to help us pay that second mortgage until the first house could be sold. That took about 6 months. I kept hiring with the proceeds of what had been published, just a little better than breaking even for those early months. We discussed stopping after the other house was sold, but by then, the returns were a little better and it seemed foolish to discard a second income. Growth came slowly until, after three years, I quit my job and went full time. It's better than any job, even if the monthly income can vary all over the place. We've also met some truly nice people along the way. Privacy. Always a concern. Realizing the dangers, I purged all evidence of myself from the web so that it would be hard to find out about my background. That was a lot easier to do back then; these days, it would be a total nightmare. I was concerned about privacy because of the way those living near us might (almost certainly would) react, but there was a deeper concern. I didn't want too much information out there in case it enabled someone to locate and stalk one of the models and do her harm. As it turned out, one of the girls did end up quitting the business because she picked up a stalker. It wasn't because of her work with me, but through another outlet where she was just a little careless. She finally had to get a restraining order. That was years ago, but the guy has never truly gone away.
  13. A favourite scene! Oh my, there are so many. I will have to think about that for a while, and maybe trawl through my own publications Honestly, after producing so many, it gets hard to remember any specific one. I clean up the puddles. I've been offered help with that numerous times, but I can handle it.
  14. Probably nothing. My own inclination was to combine bondage and desperation because I have a fetish for both, but not everyone agreed with that. Nevertheless, it is what motivated me to get started.
  15. I am often told I don't interact enough on forums, to which I have to plead guilty. I do post on my own forum at Bound2Burst, but it has been years since I have been active elsewhere. So here I am. If you'd like to ask me questions, please feel free and I will try to answer them.
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