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  1. Wow! How much did she pee?! This is some intense hyperpissing!
  2. I know it's been 3 years, but this remains one of my favorite stories on the site and piss stories in general! I know we all get busy. I write stories (albeit poorly) for Omorashi.org and Nyou Fiction. Out of curiosity, what will Amazon Mom's next location be? Or if you don't plan on continuing, what were the 2 remaining locations?
  3. I also would like to see the sequel posted here.
  4. Excellent job on both of your stories! I'm so glad you decided to start writing here!
  5. Ifeelmyself has a lot of amazing pee content although is not exclusively a pee site.
  6. Excellent story! I can't wait for the sequel to this and Amazon Mom!
  7. I absolutely LOVE your stories! Any idea when the sequel is coming?
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