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  1. It doesn’t matter to me. A new thread would show their is a continuation but also posting it in here as it would be a chapter 2, works the same
  2. Once again, you have produced magnificent work! I do wonder tho, will the son get a break from his room being used as a toilet? Or will it continue? Because if it isn’t cleaned some house the smell of it would be enough to make some one sick, even after what happened to his comics with the scat ( I prefer more of the piss and the destruction the girls cause )and his switch. Would the mom put her foot down and say no more. And only it being Clair that can? Or will she hire a cleaning service to clean the room or clean it her self? That or just leave it as is. I’m wondering if the kid will grow some balls and retaliate and mark their rooms? Or of anything would be safe? I do have a idea, why don’t we see what happens when Clair, vennessa and the girlfriend visit a party that has tons to drink keep up up the good work.
  3. Great story! I would have loved to have found out what happens next when they get into the car. Do the other girls find out jasmine pissed in the back seat ? Or does it remain a secret? Or does she do it again and get cought? I ask that you do please continue this part , even if it’s a small little add on story to answer what happens. Thanks for the awesome read!
  4. Warning, if you have anything against furrys, anthros, or Pokemon, TURN BACK NOW. this story was created by a good friend of mine called AntiqueSloth, the picture was created by another good friend named Raven. Terra, Starfire, winter, and Kira are different Ocs of mine. youve been warned, this story contains furry content. Terra couldn’t believe how many people were at the party. From wall to wall, the living room was packed. Most people were crowded around the center of the room, some dancing, others just drinking and socializing. The music wasn’t really Terra’s style, so she’d mainly been drinking and catching up with old friends, though it was hard to talk when the music was so loud that it shook the floor beneath her feet. She’d been hanging out in the living room since she’d arrived, but before the end of the night she had to make sure to regroup with Raven and the twins, Starfire and Winter, since the twin’s older brother was her ride home. But for the moment, the blue furred jex was content just to hang out and drink, and now that she’d finished her third drink, she was really starting to feel a buzz from the alcohol. She was dressed in a red skirt and a white jacket that matched nicely with the white lines on her fur. These glowed in the dim lighting, and had she chosen to dance, they would have dazzled any onlookers. Though she didn’t want to leave the living room, there was something else she needed to take care of. Terra started making her way through the crowd, holding her long bushy tail high to make sure it wouldn’t be stepped on. The drinks were beginning to work their way through her, and a considerable amount of pressure in her bladder told her that before long she needed to find a suitable place to relieve herself. That suitable place didn’t exclusively mean the bathroom. Terra often found it much more convenient to use a piece of furniture, or an area of the house that seemed unwatched, though her favorite thing to pee on was electronics. As long as she was discreet about it, which she always was, she could pee whenever she wanted without waiting in long lines for the bathroom. The bathroom was located at the start of a hallway that branched off from the living room, and it seemed to be the only one in the house. And as Terra walked past it, sure enough, there were at least six girls standing in line outside the door, all of them seemed to be fidgeting, and some were crossing their legs. Terra figured that the guys must have been stepping outside to pee in the bushes, since there were no males in the line. Frequent urination was an unfortunate side effect of alcohol consumption, but Terra knew she never had to worry about waiting in that line. She turned her head away from the bathroom to look for a private enough location to do her business. As she looked away, her ears perked up when she heard someone loudly declare, “Screw this, I can’t wait any longer.” She looked back and saw that a female Lycanroc had stepped out of line. She was wearing a silky black dress that would have made her hard to see if it weren’t for her red and white fur. Looking a bit closer, Terra noticed that she was bent over nearly double, both hands squeezing her crotch. The midnight Lycanroc was clearly at her limit, and Terra saw that as she exited the line that instead of heading towards the living room, she began running towards the hallway which lead to the bedrooms. Terra had a pretty good idea of what the Lycanroc was about to do. Terra slipped through the crowd, following the Lycanroc down the empty hallway until she disappeared around a corner. Then, carefully peeking her head around the corner, Terra saw the Lycanroc hastily shoving the bedroom door open with one hand. With her other hand, she was already hiking up her dress, exposing the black panties she wore underneath. As Terra watched, the Lycanroc rushed inside the bedroom, not even bothering to close the door behind her. Barely a foot inside the room, she pushed down her panties and dropped into a low squat over the white bedroom carpet, her round ass completely exposed. Before Terra’s eyes, the Lycanroc began to relieve herself. A powerful stream of bright yellow piss shot straight down into the carpet with a loud hiss. But there were other sounds, the Lycanroc seemed to be panting, overcome with relief after barely making it in time. Her urine was soaking into the carpet, creating a stain beneath her that was rapidly growing. Already it seemed to be completely saturated at the point where the stream struck it, and her piss splashed and began to form a puddle that had yet to be absorbed. Terra’s eyes widened as she saw just how much piss the Lycanroc’s bladder was able to pump out. The Lycanroc began to moan with relief as she continued to piss on the carpet, but at some point the massive puddle must have reached her feet, because Terra saw noticed that she widened her stance. The Lycanroc had been relieving herself for nearly a minute before the stream showed any signs of slowing down. Yet even when it looked like she was done, another jet of piss would spray out, followed by another soft sigh of relief. It seemed like even the Lycanroc was surprised at how much piss she could hold. Then, after one final burst of piss had soaked into the carpet, it seemed she was done. The Lycanroc shook off the last remaining drops, and as she got to her feet, Terra thought she could hear her giggling. Whether it was from enjoyment from what she’d done, or a symptom of embarrassment, Terra didn’t find out. It took some effort to pull herself away from the corner, but eventually she did it. She made her way back up the hallway towards the living room, but the entire time her mind was focused on that huge puddle the Lycanroc had left right on the bedroom carpet. Watching all of that piss come pouring out, the hissing sound it had made, and the Lycanroc’s moans of relief had all excited Terra, but also made her more aware of her own need. Even now she felt a more intense pressure in her bladder, but she would take care of that soon enough. It would be too obvious that she had been spying if she stood waiting in the hallway when the Lycanroc came out, but all she had to do was wait for her to leave and she could slip in to relieve herself as well. She had just reached the end of the hallway when she noticed a familiar purple-furred Braixen getting in line for the bathroom. “Hey Starfire!” Terra called to her friend, but it looked like Starfire hadn’t heard her over the loud music, so Terra tapped her on the shoulder instead. “Oh!” said Starfire, turning around quickly in surprise. Her round eyeglasses drooped down her nose, and she hastily pushed them back into place. She was always a bit jumpy, but she smiled when she saw that it was just Terra. Yet her smile seemed a bit weaker than usual, as if from some form of discomfort, and looking closely, Terra noticed that Starfire was squeezing her thighs together. “It’s you, I was wondering where you’d gotten to.” “Yeah, I was just catching up with some friends.” Terra found herself having to yell, even though she and Starfire were barely a foot apart. And even as they stood talking, they were bumped and jostled around by others trying to squeeze past. “Pretty crowded huh?” said Terra, “Hey, have you seen Raven?” “Yeah,” said Starfire, “She’s in the kitchen with my sister. I was just there, but I left to come use the restroom.” Terra noticed that as they stood talking, Starfire had begun to cross her legs, and her fidgeting was becoming more obvious. Also, she kept glancing over her shoulder at the bathroom door, which remained closed. “Please tell me this line moves fast,” said Starfire, indicating the line of five other girls standing ahead of her, each wore an equally desperate look on their face to match her own. “I really have to pee.” “Sorry, but it’s not moving at all,” responded Terra, and the look she saw on Starfire’s face was of utter distress. Terra noticed in the dim light that Starfire had one hand pressed against her crotch. She looked like she was on the verge of wetting herself, and if Terra didn’t help her out soon, she would ruin her jeans. It was then that Terra saw a familiar midnight Lycanroc coming up the hallway. As she hurried past the bathroom Terra could see that she was blushing. Terra immediately knew the solution to Starfire’s problem, all Starfire needed was a little convincing. She leaned in close and did her best to whisper in Starfire’s ear while still being audible over the incessant pounding of the music. “There’s a bedroom down the hall and around the corner. There’s nobody in there, you could squat over the carpet.” Starfire frowned. She didn’t have the same attitude as Terra in regards to urinating outside of the bathroom, and this wasn’t the first time Terra had tried to convince her to do something like that. Deep down, she had to admit that there was something exciting about the idea, not to mention the convenience, but the risk of being seen always seemed too daunting for her. Not this time though. Starfire had already reached her limit in the kitchen with Raven and Winter. Her bladder had been full for some time already, but she’d gotten so caught up in conversation that she didn’t realize she had to go until she was about to burst. She’d hoped to find the bathroom empty, or at least with a short line. She didn’t have time to wait for five other girls to have their turn, so for the first time, she began to consider Terra’s suggestion. “Are you… absolutely sure no one will see me?” She was pressing both hands to her crotch now. It seemed that the choice was between going in the bedroom, and going in her pants, and if she took too long her bladder would decide for her. “I’m sure,” said Terra, giving Starfire an encouraging smile, “Someone already went in there.” Starfire gasped. “Was it you?” “No,” said Terra, “It wasn’t me, but I’ll come with you if you want. I can stand guard if you need me to.” Starfire took one last glance at the bathroom door. Finally it had opened and one girl stepped out, only for the next to rush inside. Would she take as long as the previous girl? Starfire didn’t have time to find out. “Alright, I’ll do it,” she said, and Terra was surprised at her certainty, determining that Starfire must have really reached her limit if she was ready to go through with this. “Ok, this way,” said Terra. She took Starfire by the hand and started leading her towards the hallway. She hadn’t guided Starfire more than a few feet when she heard a loud yelp from behind. Starfire’s hand slipped from her grasp. She whirled around to see Starfire standing hunched over, with her legs crossed tightly together. A yellow-furred male was standing in front of her, he was laughing. Terra instantly recognized him as Kira, the twin’s older brother. “I just wanted to ask what time you and your friends want to leave,” he laughed, “Forgot you scared so easily...” His voice trailed off and his expression was replaced with shock as he looked closer at Starfire. From behind her, Terra could see a large, wet spot beginning to grow on her jeans. Within moments, the pee had soaked through and began dripping out onto the hardwood floor below. Starfire whimpered and fell to the floor, sitting in a growing puddle of her own urine, which still poured out into her jeans. At first there was nothing she could do to stop it, and she almost felt relieved, despite the circumstances. Though when the worst of the pressure was gone, all she felt was embarrassment. She managed to stop peeing, but the damage was already done, her jeans were ruined. She stared at the ground, and tears began to well in her eyes. “Kira!” Terra yelled, rounding on him, “What did you startle her like that for? Look what you did!” “What I did?” Kira bellowed back, defensively, “So it’s my fault that my sister pissed herself? I just needed to ask her something, I barely tapped her shoulder.” Now, all eyes were on them, and Starfire felt rooted to the floor by her own embarrassment. She was the one everyone was staring at. The girl who had just wet herself. Amidst all the commotion, another Braixen pushed her way through the crowd towards Terra, Kira, and Starfire. One look at her light blue fur and Terra knew it was Winter. Behind her was a black-furred Eevee with rainbow-striped hair, Raven. They both stopped in surprise when they saw Starfire. “Starfire! Are you alright?” said Raven, dropping to her knees and reaching out a hand to comfort Starfire. First she noticed the puddle, then the huge wet spot on Starfire’s jeans. Winter quickly rounded on her brother, she had a feeling he had something to do with this, based on Terra’s shouting. “What did you do, Kira?” “Nothing!” Kira said, louder than ever, and now more people were beginning to stare, “She pissed herself, how is that my fault?” “You shouldn't have startled her!” Terra shouted back, and now she looked really angry. Meanwhile, Raven had helped Starfire get back on her feet again, though she was still staring at the ground. She continued to whimper, too embarrassed to say anything. Raven turned to face Kira. “Look, we need to get her home so she can change.” “Oh I guess that's my job then,” said Kira, “Have to take my sister and her friends home because she still wets herself.” He was speaking loudly, as if he wanted the whole room to hear, which only made Starfire's embarrassment worse. “Just be quiet Kira,” said Winter calmly, though she had her arms crossed and looked as if she wanted to punch him. “Just take us home.” “Fine,” said Kira, “But this is the last time I'm driving you all. You can walk next time.” And with that he turned and walked away, heading out the front door and towards his car, parked on the side of the street. “It's ok Star,” said Winter, “We'll get you changed and wash these as soon as we get home. Don't worry.” Starfire sniffled, but nodded as the four of them walked out the door, and towards Kira's car. When they got there, Starfire opened the passenger side door and made to sit down. “Wait!” said Kira. He reached around along the floor of the car and pulled up a dirty old grocery bag. He placed it down on top of the passenger seat. “Sit on that, I don't want you getting piss on my seats.” “Fine,” said Starfire, and she took her seat. She proceeded to turn her head and stare out the window, refusing to look at her brother. Meanwhile, Terra, Raven, and Winter piled into the back. With Terra on the left, Winter on the right, and Raven in the middle. Once they were all in, Kira began driving. Winter and Kira argued for most of the way. Meanwhile, Starfire would only repeat that she just wanted to get home and change. At one point it seemed Kira had gotten tired of being scolded by his sister, so he turned up the radio to drown her out. Raven shifted in her seat. She’d wanted to use the bathroom after Starfire, but obviously that hadn’t happened. For the moment she tried to think of something else to distract herself Amidst the fighting of Kira and Winter, Raven and Terra didn't say much, choosing to stay quiet while the siblings argued. That was until Terra leaned over and whispered in Raven's ear. “I think someone should teach Kira a lesson.” “Oh yeah?” Raven whispered back, “What do you have in mind?” Though she already had a pretty good idea of what Terra was about to say. It was obvious for anyone who’d spent a lot of time around Terra. “He doesn't want pee in his car,” said Terra, “So I'm going to pee in his car.” She flashed Raven a mischievous grin and quietly unbuckled her seatbelt. Then, shifting forward in her seat, she flipped her skirt up and took aim at the floor. Since she was sitting directly behind the driver’s seat, she was completely hidden from Kira, but Raven and Winter got a full view as Terra began to pee. At first, it was only a faint trickle of pale-yellow urine, dripping down onto the black carpet at her feet. But in a few seconds she was spraying a powerful stream of piss that hissed as it gushed out of her. Possessing an unusually large bladder, Terra was able to hold a lot of pee, which meant that when she finally did release, it rushed out of her like the stream of a garden hose. It thundered against the carpet, which began absorbing the fresh piss immediately. Terra sighed with relief, and even though she was making quite a bit of noise, it was covered by the sound of the radio. Though Kira couldn’t hear Terra pissing, her scent rapidly began to fill the car. “Wow, Starfire,” he said, after sniffing at the air, thinking that the smell was coming from Starfire’s soaked jeans, “You reek of piss.” Meanwhile in the backseat, Terra continued to shower the carpet. Raven found it impossible to look away, even though looking seemed to make her own bladder hurt more. The stream raining down, and the look of relief on Terra’s face excited her. The way Terra’s piss just kept spraying from her slit, Raven couldn’t resist the desire to reach out and touch it. As Terra showed no signs of slowing down, Raven reached her hand over, placing it on Terra’s thighs and sliding her fingers up towards her slit. “Watch this,” she whispered, “I’ll help you aim.” And with that she used her fingers to spread Terra’s folds, and pulled them upwards. This had the effect of aiming Terra’s stream higher, causing it to strike the back of the driver’s seat, where it dripped down to join the already massive puddle on the floor. Terra let out a soft moan as she felt Raven’s gentle touch, placing her hand on top of Raven’s, guiding her fingers. Winter was watching from the seat on the right, though she was constantly glancing back at Kira to make sure he hadn’t noticed anything. She was amazed at Terra’s boldness. The sheer naughtiness of it was exhilarating, and she felt the desire to join in. After all, she had to go pretty badly herself. Though right as she was considering how best to do it discreetly, Kira was pulling into the driveway. Raven quickly retracted her hand and Terra cut off her stream, sliding back into her seat and putting her skirt back into place. She turned and casually looked out the window, as if nothing had happened, though her legs were still spread far apart to avoid soaking her feet in the puddle that now sat soaking into the carpet. Once Kira parked the car, all four girls got out, but he stayed in his seat. “I’m going back,” he said, “Not going to have my night ruined because my sister wet herself.” He sniffed the air again and was greeted with the powerful scent of Terra’s piss. “Damn, it still stinks in here, thanks a lot Starfire.” And with that he reversed out of the driveway and drove off. Winter unlocked the front door, and the girls stepped inside the house. Now, they turned their attention to Starfire. “Alright Star,” said Winter, “Why don’t you go to the laundry room and toss your clothes in the wash? I’ll go get some fresh ones for you.” Starfire nodded. There were no longer any tears in her eyes, in fact, now she looked angry. Irritated at the way Kira had spoken to her. All she wanted to do now as get out of the soaked jeans, so she made her way down the hallway and into the laundry room, pulling the door closed behind her. “Wow, he didn’t have to be such a jerk about it,” Starfire muttered to herself as she began stripping off her urine-soaked jeans. Her panties were completely ruined, and she pulled them off as well, cringing at the cold, damp feeling against her fur as they slid down her thighs. She picked up her wet clothes and walked over to the washing machine. However, when she lifted the lid, she found it was already full of clothes. There were pants, gym clothes, and boxers, clearly belonging to Kira. She groaned, opening the dryer door so she could move them. Yet when she did, she found that it too was full of her brother’s clothes. A few random shirts were even scattered on top of the dryer, no way to tell if they were clean or dirty without smelling them, which she wasn’t in the mood for. Starfire was quickly starting to get annoyed. “Fine!” she muttered, “I’ll just throw my clothes in with his stuff and he can sort them out.” In front of the washing machine was a laundry basket filled with white clothes, mostly socks and t-shirts, seemingly already washed. Next to it was another basket that was full of dirty clothes. On top of the pile was a bottle of Tide laundry detergent. Starfire picked it up, and then immediately noticed it was too light. She shook it. Empty. Seemingly, he’d used the last of it on his own clothes. Starfire was pissed, what was she supposed to do now? Then, almost as if it had been brought on by her frustration, she felt a familiar pressure in her bladder. She still needed to pee. She’d wet herself at the party, but there was still plenty more left in her bladder. Either that, or it had refilled since the incident, probably due to the all the drinks she’d had. That’s when she got an idea for how to get back at her brother. She turned around and hopped up onto the open washing machine. Sitting on the edge, she shifted backwards to balance herself just right. Positioning herself over the washing machine’s tub as if it were a toilet. She was ready to add her own special detergent to her brothers clothes, and teach him a lesson. She took a deep breath, as it took a bit of courage for her to start peeing anywhere that wasn’t the toilet. Her stream started as only a few golden drops, but it quickly began to grow. Her piss rained down onto her brother’s clothes, which silently absorbed the liquid. It felt good to let it out, and she sighed as her stream grew steadily more powerful, now pattering against the side of the tub with a series of metallic splashing sounds. Just as she was really starting to feel relieved, the door opened. She gasped, trying to cover herself up. The sudden shock caused an increase in the strength of her stream. It sprayed out of her faster than ever, making it impossible to stop. It splattered loudly against the clothes below as Winter poked her head in. “Star, I’ve got your clothes…” She trailed off, her eyes going wide as she saw the scene unfolding before her. “Star!” she exclaimed, “What are you doing?!” Starfire finally managed to cut off her stream, but not quickly enough. Her sister had seen everything. “I uhh, well…” she stammered. “You’re... why are you peeing on the laundry?!” “Kira’s laundry,” Starfire corrected, with a slight blush. She had the feeling that there was no other option than to come clean. “Oh, are you getting back at him?” said Winter, and she began to grin. “Well don’t stop because of me. Maybe I can help out. Actually, I think Raven and Terra can too.” Winter beckoned to Raven and Terra from where they were waiting outside the laundry room, and they stepped inside. Raven was surprised to see Starfire in such a compromising position, but as she noticed the laundry basket full of Kira’s clothes, she figured out what was going on. “Oh, are we getting back at Kira?” she said, “Well allow me to help, I’m absolutely bursting.” And with that she strode over to the clean laundry basket and stood over it, her bladder threatening to burst at any second. She lifted her plaid skirt and quickly lowered her underwear down to her knees. She dropped into a low squat over the pile of clean clothes in the basket. Lifting her tail up to keep it from getting wet, she began to pee. Raven’s stream immediately sprayed out at full force, it seemed she wasn’t lying about how badly she needed to go. A clean white t-shirt positioned at the top of the pile took the brunt of the torrent, quickly becoming stained with Raven’s yellow urine. Raven couldn’t help but sigh with relief. She even closed her eyes, holding onto the sides of the basket for support as she let her body relax, her piss flooding the basket, staining everything it touched. Seeing Raven drenching Kira’s clean clothes with her piss was enough to encourage Winter to act. She looked over at the dryer, where the door was still hanging open. She walked over to it, and In one swift movement, she hiked her leg up onto the dryer. Reaching beneath her skirt, she pulled her panties out of the way and let loose. Immediately, a light, golden trickle of piss began to spray from her slit. The first few drops fell to the floor tiles below, splattering and pooling, but in no time at all the stream built up to full strength, shooting straight into the dryer. Some of Kira’s freshly dried underwear was taking the full blast of Winter’s pee, which soaked into the fabric, staining it before trickling down to soak the other clothing beneath. She swayed her hips back and forth, causing her stream to spray from side to side to soak as much clothing as possible. It felt good, both to let it all out, and to be getting back at Kira. She locked eyes with her sister, who was watching the events play out in front of her in awe. “Don’t be embarrassed, Starfire, let it all out, you’ll feel much better after getting a bit of revenge on Kira.” “Yeah” said Raven, in-between moans of relief, “Ahhhhh, it feels so good.” Then, she looked down at the laundry basket she was peeing into, and seeing that it was thoroughly soaked, she cut off her stream, only to move to the other basket. There, she assumed a half-squatting position and released once again. Even with the other’s encouragement, it was quite difficult for Starfire to start her stream up again with so many people in the room. She felt a bit pee shy, but as she listened to the hissing sounds of both Starfire and Raven’s streams being absorbed by fabric, she felt the urge building inside her again. Closing her eyes to concentrate on the sound, she started to pee again. The first few drops were quietly absorbed by the clothing in the washing machine beneath her, but as the stream built up strength, it made a hissing and splattering sound to rival the others, echoing inside the tub of the machine. Now, the only one who wasn’t peeing on Kira’s clothing was Terra. To be fair, the Jex had already left her mark on something of his, but she didn’t want to be left out of this act of naughty peeing. Unfortunately, all the good spots seemed to be taken, so she’d have to get creative. Scanning around the laundry room, she soon found a suitable receptacle. She approached the basket where Raven was still showering all the dirty clothes with a seemingly endless downpour of piss. Terra reached around Raven and grabbed the bottle of Tide laundry detergent sitting in the basket. Fortunately, it seemed to be the only thing that wasn’t completely covered in Raven’s pee. As she reached for it she made sure to brush her hand against Raven’s ass, which was so perfectly exposed due to her half-squatting position. This had the effect of causing Raven to gasp and blush as she realized that Terra was reciprocating the touch that she’d given her in the car. As Terra brought her hand back up, she allowed the back of her hand to lightly graze along Raven’s thigh, to which Raven responded with a soft moan. As Terra lifted the bottle, she immediately noticed how light it was. Empty, well that would certainly make things easier. She removed the cap of the bottle, setting it atop the washing machine next to Starfire’s thigh. She stood with her legs spread apart, and moved the bottle underneath her skirt. Then once she was sure it was in position she began to release. The first few drops fell straight to the bottom, pattering against the plastic. Terra carefully controlled her stream, making sure not to spill a single drop as she began to fill the bottle with her piss. Starfire was the first to finish, since she’d had a head-start compared to the others. The last few drops trickled out and she hopped down from the washing machine. Then, another problem presented itself. “Does anyone have a tissue?” she asked. She didn’t want to walk through the house while still dripping. Fortunately Winter had the solution. With her leg still hiked up on the dryer, a waning stream of piss spraying straight through the door, she used her free hand to lift one of the shirts laying on top of the machine and handed it to her sister. “Here take this,” she said, “He’s going to have to wash everything again anyway after we’re done.” Starfire accepted the improvised tissue, wiping her pussy with it. She dropped it into the washing machine and turned her attention towards Winter’s stream, forgetting for the moment that she was standing there naked from the waist down. Winter’s stream had weakened so much at this point that she practically had to thrust her hips up against the dryer to get the last of it inside. When her stream finished, she reached for a shirt to wipe herself with, but Starfire grabbed it first. “Allow me,” said Starfire, in a sudden act of boldness as she used the shirt as a tissue to wipe her sister. Once she’d wiped away all the pee, she tossed the shirt into the dryer and brushed her bare hand against her sister’s folds. Starfire gasped, but then began to shiver with anticipation. The twins had a history of being intimate with each other, and relief seemed to have brought about arousal in both of them. It was at this point that Terra finished, since her bladder hadn’t been as full as the others. With the Tide bottle nearly full, her bladder was empty. She put the cap back on and set the bottle back into the basket. She shook the remaining drops off onto the formerly-clean basket. Raven’s stream was still surprisingly powerful. The second basket was now just as soaked as the first. Her piss dripping down to be absorbed by the clothes at the very bottom. She looked around at the others, and then blushed, seeing that they were already done. “I really needed to go.” she said, with a bit of a shy smile as her stream finally started to taper off. A few more spurts of piss, and she was empty. As she stood, Terra approached her. Seemingly inspired by Starfire and Winter, she used one of Kira’s shirts to wipe Raven’s slit. She dropped the shirt into the basket and began stroking Raven’s lower lips with her bare hand instead, and Raven felt arousal coursing through her body in response to Terra’s delicate touch. The room smelled heavily of urine. A combination of four distinct scents wafted through the air as Winter temporarily broke away from Starfire’s touch to survey the damage. In the washer, dryer, and two laundry baskets, Kira’s clothes were drenched and stained with piss. The clothes that had absorbed a lot of pee would almost certainly take more than one washing to remove the scent of whichever girl had marked it. And even then, when he tried to wash the clothes, he’d only be pouring Terra’s fresh urine all over them. She laughed, picking up the bottle that now contained Terra’s pee, and upon seeing its label she couldn’t resist cracking a joke. “Hey, look,” she said, “It’s a Tide ad!”
  5. For your first story posted here, I think you did a wonderful job, a few places that can be improved, but I’m not that good at writing my self. One tip I can give ( just an opinion) is when it comes down to the peeing parts, ( and sexual parts) you could add a bit more detail to it. Depending on how much detail could make your story extreamly sexually hot, to entertaining for the readers. The thought of a school that allows its students and staff to wee wherever they want freely is very enlightening to me. I cannot wait for the next chapter to see what happens! And I hope to see you grow and adapt your own unique writing style!
  6. I am patiently awaiting the next chapter of your fine work. :)
  7. You, you have cought my attention. and have a intent reader. This is the part of the watersports fetish that i thrive for. i enjoy roleplays where items are marked and claimed by the individual by their scent of piss. having electronics like a xbox one, a computer, ect ruined by the golden honey liquid. You... you have created a master piece. I await for your next chapter!!!
  8. any idea how i can goabout saving the videos? my video converter only sees one video out of the multiple on there
  9. I personally enjoyed the Video gallery. there where plenty of videos i would want to keep for my own collection on there. Im sad to see it gone.
  10. I wonder if this story arch will ever be continued. I've enjoyed it since chapter one when I read it on omorashi.
  11. I honestly think you should do a part 2, maybe a 3rd. This is some of your best work by far. The girls all got a taste of serving just dessert ( catch the drift?) that I'm sure it won't just stop here. The girls might indulge in some lesbian action after seeing each others pussys? This story has opened a whole new world.
  12. Hey buddy, just finished reading the story. And I must say, I think you took a lot of my advice and utilized it well in here in two scenes, that I noticed at least. This story would be a 4 1/2 stars in my opinion, as it shows just what can happen in a bathroom with a ton of drunk girls. I feel your pain about cleaning bathrooms, I did it for a few years at a grocery store, it wasn't fun at all. I've seen what your talking about, but even had to clean up their mess in the isles that magically appeared some how. The scat part wasn't overly done, it was played just right to skim over for those who don't like it, same for the tampon part. Your work has improved since the revenge story you did, and I can tell. Keep writing what comes to your mind, as some scenes won't be every ones cup of piss, but that's how you appeal to every type of audience. I've seen a few story's that had a disclaimer before a scene saying what was in the scene and to skip ahead if they didn't like what that topic, and that scene wasn't a key scene to the story either, just a scene for erotic pleasure. Might be and idea to implement? Any ways keep up the good work.
  13. Revenge pissing, territorial markings, heck, even some wettings are major turn one for me. Your story has some major potential to be great. A 5 out of 5 stars. But I sadly would give it a 3. Here is why. The story felt a bit rushed, especially when it came down to some of the peeing parts. A few more scentences here n there would have helped fix that. The peeing scenes needed to be a bit more detailed in my opinion. It needs a bit more to make it a 5 star reading to me. When it came down to the orgasom scene over the ashes, that was one of the hottest parts, but once again, the peeing felt rushed to wrap up the story. I could keep giving feedback about it, but I feel I have sadly aggitated some fans of yours with this critique of your work. Don't get me wrong. I liked the story, and can't wait to see what elts you have composed, and soon to create. I'm also sure that the Amy's payback will be a masterpiece if it has stuff that this story had in it too. :)
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