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  1. I wish there were more stories like these!! This is my ultimate favourite style of story, it's great, hope to see more
  2. I quite enjoyed this story, loved the setting. Although I'm biased in that I love all kinds of story that involve borderline blasphemous stuff. I must admit I kind of wished she got a bit more naughty. Hope to see more stories like it!
  3. I've got a few naughty pee ideas, relating to graves/desecration/etc, if that might help get the stories flowing? No pun intended lol
  4. Just want to say, this taboo form of naughty pissing is my absolute favourite!! I've actually found this story too, and multiple other ones, along with a bunch of videos on Motherless of girls pissing on graves. I know some people are very against it, but thanks for writing this story, I hope you make more and possibly longer ones! (I read your other stories too, they were awesome)
  5. I just found a vid off a youtube channel I watch here and there (they're weird, but awesome), and in this clip one of the guys has his girlfriend, a hot, kinky, weird but in a cool way redheaded girlfriend, pee while vlogging. Like, serious dream girl material... damn! Even looks exactly like the girl I used to hang out with in high school that I had a massive crush on. Wish I was him :( Fellas, if ya'll know anyone like her, put a ring on it lol
  6. Oh man, if I could sit down on a nice cold day with a warm drink, i'd read all those stories! Maybe one day we'll get to see those 450 stories (for the last few years, i've always been wishing there were more of your stories I could read, you're simply the best in the field)
  7. Well, I apologise. I didn't realise the legend was here in disguise. Why the name change tho? Either way, Leaky_One... ... you're my hero! :D
  8. This isn't Lesley's story, it's one of Leaky_One's stories. Same with Susan's Naughty pee, which is just copy pasted from: " https://www.literotica.com/s/susans-naughty-pee "
  9. So I just looked at Leaky_one's literotica profile on the off chance something might be uploaded (i've checked just randomly in the last few years) and holy crap! They've posted a story!! https://www.literotica.com/s/susans-naughty-pee The last time they ever posted a story on literotica was in 2009, and 9 years later there's a new story :O Go check it out! Hoping to see more, Leaky_one is probably my favourite pee-writer of all time, and their stories are what got me into the erotic fiction side of the fetish
  10. I love this story! Vandalism is the best kind of watersport I reckon! Also working for an airline it's great because I can visualise all this and most of what you said is pretty realistic, creating a nice and immersive story Looking forward to more :D
  11. Hell yeah Nopjans! I remember when I first read the Piss empire years ago when I discovered my fetish, and now I get to read more! Keep up the great work :D
  12. I work for some airlines, and just clearing up that airlines won't let you use the toilets (that i'm aware of) during refuelling and will also tell you that you shouldn't have your seatbelts on and no smoking. This is because if there is any emergencies during the refuelling phase, all passengers need to be evacuated as soon as possible and if everyone was busy with unbuckling the seatbelts or in the toilets, etc, it would cause chaos trying to get everyone out. Side note: I'd find it really hard to pretend not to be aroused if one of our lady passengers just pissed on the floor of our p
  13. So, I spent a good while reading through all the previous posts and found ... quite a lot of interesting things about you it seems. Also lol my thing about graveyards and churches was literally posted by nopjans on the first page hahaha I read about witch piss and what not, the powers it has, some occult things and also the fact that you don't want to be identified by police and investigators through any evidence of your naughty deeds and activities via online websites, due to the very hefty fines associated with such misdemeanours. In that case I understand that a graveyard (other than
  14. Is this that magical place where one can fantasise where a lady could, or rather - should - pee? Coz if so I think it'd be pretty hot if you pissed somewhere others considered important to them. Kind of as a "fuck you, I piss where I want" kind of thing, but it's hard to find that kind of stuff. I think the most i've seen to that extent is sacrilegious, of girls pissing on graves and what not but i've never expressly said it because even on here people would probably judge me for it. Hell I don't know if I can even say it or if it's violating a rule or something I don't know about. Either way,
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