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  1. Ivy1989

    Ask away

    Why does your profile cartoon pic have a guy with a tiny cock?
  2. Ivy1989

    A Knight and Her Problems

    I love medieval but never occurred about combining the fetish, my insights are more open and diverse really well done
  3. Sure if this particular forum was advertised in personals I’m sure ppl would be a little curious especially ones with the fetish
  4. Ivy1989

    Lessons in magick

    Just play rock music, it's filled with sexual energy and spells
  5. Ivy1989


    So I like to mix in wetting and sex but what is it acceptable level of sexual content? Should I try to skip the sex and focus on the wetting if all possible?
  6. Ivy1989


    Thank you
  7. Ivy1989


    I'm not cold i just wasn't sure how appropriate it would be on a pee site lol
  8. I took a shower with the hubby and peed in the shower and it was hitting his foot he decided since we were in the shower to pee on my leg 😢

    men with penises think they can aim so much better 😭

    1. Ivy1989


      I’m kinda curious about golden showers especially when I get really really horny, maybe in the shower as it runs I’ll ask him to ?? Only in the shower it self, I’m curious, I dunno if I’d enjoy it or hate it, what if some gets in my mouth?? Bla

  9. gotta love music, the back masking and spiritual energies, and all that stuff that follows, Anyways!
  10. What song is that from
  11. Hubby used to watch Buffy back in the day, and Angel, so we watched the first time (4 me) I was jacking him everytime Buffy made the scene then I saw Darla in her skimpy school girl suit omg i have similar and I jacked him off till he came omg lol my poor hand lol 

    i was poking fun at him for being turned on hehe I’m bad and I changed into the school girl costume and cuddled , we watched a few more episodes then we played and I bit his neck and told him he can stick his stake in me 😍

  12. I love role play, you can have an adulterous affair on your husband with your husband, 

  13. Wore a purple dress with spaghetti straps, had an intensely full bladder , stuff on table fell on the floor 

    1. Ivy1989


      It was the first time I peed all week in a sexual way

    2. cheekyfe11a


      I bet you looked nice in the purple dress Ivy and nice to hear you had a full bladder ;*

  14. I sat in my hubby’s lap as he gamed and I was almost naughty, but I didn’t want to get the chair wet -

    1. Ivy1989


      I’d have to steam clean it, as for his clothes? Meh washing machine, thr steam cleaning part was the turn off

  15. Friend is in the hospital, won’t be on so much for a little while 

    1. Rich7


      OK, hope your friend gets better

    2. Ivy1989


      Me too

    3. Ivy1989


      She ate on her own which is progress 

  16. I had a blonde moment :o
  17. Difficulties in having children?
  18. Omg my hubby wanted to do a private film of what we just did omg , it was incredibly hot and wet, he picked out what he wanted me to wear , omg thinking about what just happened is turning me on but I don’t wanna pee myself again I showered and put a load in the wash and dressed for church, think clean thoughts >.<


  19. Ivy1989

    Dark fantasy

    Years ago I’d never think I’d enjoy the pee fetish, how fun and naughty it can be, and now I’ve figured out what my dark secret fantasy would be and hope to one day try it i want to be walking down town and dragged into an alley way, “scared” as I’m “forced” to suck off the rapist only to pee myself in fear, then being ravaged , multiple times then to be tied up and made to it again over a weekend, with lots of wetting, in the same clothes,
  20. Ivy1989

    Dreams that involve pee

    I Had a dream I couldn’t stop peeing it was messed up
  21. I love the climax of the instrumentals, it's powerful, i've always been a fan of this style of music, a few years ago I would listen to this song at least once every few weeks
  22. Ivy1989

    Girls' Night 2: Jennifer's Story

    I love a good pee related sex story <3
  23. Hey sweetie