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  1. Beautiful girl with nice dark hair and a beautiful vagina.
  2. A woman peeing in my face is the best thing ever. I love it especially since it's such a rare thing for me.
  3. I love when women pee on their pretty feet.
  4. I am soooo bored. People don't really communicate here. What a shame.

  5. She is everything I love about this. She has beautiful natural red hair and she pees on her pretty feet and likes it. What a dream woman.
  6. Oh my gosh, yes!!!!
  7. I miss the taste of a woman's warm pee filling my mouth and then swallowing it. I love that. It's been way too long.

  8. Beautiful mature breasts.
  9. She's the type of woman I would make sure is happy all the time. Unbelievably beautiful.
  10. Asian women are so beautiful.
  11. Looks like Courtney Love!
  12. She just looks very stern but still nice.
  13. My feelings exactly. Love to see the yellow but the lighter tastes better.
  14. What an exquisite woman.