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  1. Will reply later when I have more time. Had no phone the last ten days (robbed outside my local supermarket, life is just a ruddy bed of roses for me right now haha) but there's so much I have to say on this one. Long and short though I do note the orange one seems to no longer be planning a blanket ban on Muslims entering the US, to abolish Obamacare nor have Hilary imrisoned. Wonder how long until some of his more "passionate" supporters become upset. Politicians sometimes lie to get into office, we all know this. However it's one thing to promise to cut interest rates by 2% and then when you get in have to admit you can only manage a 1% cut but a whole different set of lies when you've promised to build a 1900 mile long wall, imprison a former First Lady and rebuild the countries health care system only to then distance yourself from the lot once the votes have been cast.
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    Site Issues

    I couldn't load the site at all around the same time and was just getting a blank screen. Like everyone else, I'm finding it's loading fine now most of the time.
  3. This is what I've been saying all along. I said on here when was officially nominated as the republican candidate that the keys to the White House were now Hilary's. Was talking today about Spitting Image (satirical political based comedy programme, ran in the U.K. For years) and even they couldn't have made up this situation. You just couldn't write it. I'm half convinced I'm going to wake up at some point and tell people about this weird dream I had where a bigoted, narcissistic, alleged perpetrator of a string of sexual assaults with a somewhat questionable state of mental health nearly became president of the United States.
  4. Yeah it's a total waste of time there now. Used to be worthwhile chatting in there but I've logged on once every couple of weeks over he last months and have logged out again pretty quickly because it's either idiots or nobody chatting.
  5. Pete2304

    CrissyP, please come back!

    I very nearly didn't come back for a variety of reasons but an email from Steve was genuinely appreciated and knowing that some of the issues aren't going re occur in afraid you're all stuck with me for the foreseable! Hopefully things can get back to how they were a while ago, ie people feel they are welcome and that no underhand silliness is going on behind the scenes or with certain users. I nailed my colours to the mast in terms of backing Steve when all the crap started and as I was pretty certain at the time, it turned out I had gotten the right impression about who was likely to come out of it looking like an idiot and who was going to be shown to be a decent person.
  6. My friend has Crohn's disease. It's caused her a few problems but to be honest hasn't really affected her day to day life. I had no idea and she wouldn't have told me were it not for the fact that she was there for me a lot while I was having chemotherapy a couple of years back and we got talking about everything that's happened to us over our lives and she mentioned that. Now I know it's caused her some pain at times, some discomfort and has once in a blue moon stopped her from going to work but other than that she leads a perfectly normal life. The girl works two jobs and works behind a bar 12 hours a night at weekend without a problem so it's not the end of the world. Good luck with whatever the end diagnosis is and just put your faith in the docs. I did and I'm bloody glad!!
  7. This did concern me up until about a couple of months back. Then there was the issue with the family of the American soldier, the comments about the second amendment people maybe being able to do something about Hilary. Then there was the amazingly poor performance in the first debate, the somewhat questionable sniffing (I make no accusations, just seems the man has difficulty in getting rid of his cold) and then of course the video not to mention the accusations that surfaced last night. I think he did have a lot of silent voters but did have is not the same as having come Election Day.
  8. It's over now. It's done, finished. Opinion polls typically are less accurate in the States than the UK but it matters not, it's gone too far. The first debate was utter car crash TV but that was long enough ago so will leave that where it is. The second one would have been OK for Trump had he not chosen to spend the night playing the random sentence generator game. Q: Donald have you ever kissed a woman without their consent? A: ISIS The oddest thing about this whole sorry scenario is the total lack of discussion about the details of the manifestos on the table. Frightening actually. That aside, I've been absent for a while but thought I'd give here another go again so hi (again) all and hope everyone is well and look forward to chatting more regularly.
  9. Ok, well then if I get working on some way to fix the lotto numbers and you start looking at ways to tunnel into a bank we can split the profits depending on who comes up with a good idea first!
  10. I've seen the bombardment in pee search and at times it was (and no doubt still is) ridiculous. I logged in (with a mods permission) under a female name and I've never seen anything like it. I enjoy the parts of here that are fetish based obviously, but it seems like there's a group of people here, albeit not huge in numbers but who on the who seem decent enough and we must have other things to chat about. Maybe it's just from a personal point of view but I keep daft hours and am now home alone at night and seems daft that if there's a group of people in we can't all say hello etc and just have a laugh even hopefully without the problems that arose on pee search with the PM's. It has also seemed at times as if arguments have been almost manufactured by certain people but I think that seems to have been noticed by more than just myself and has changed recently. I will stick around for a while longer and hopefully things just, well, cheer up a bit!! Finally cheers Scot Lover, don't know that I'm anything special when it comes to debating, think it was just a case of a couple of topics I feel strongly about, no doubt there's a million and one other things that could come up in conversation that I wouldn't be much use with but thanks anyway.
  11. I can't be the only one on here who has been on pool chat and I can't help but think can we maybe not either amalgamate or if not, those of us here who want to chat just agree to go there? There's a farcical, almost childish level of falling out that isn't helping anybody and since I received a Luke warm (at best) response toward my attempts to promote the chat here I figured maybe pool could be a better option. I'm not throwing my toys out of the pram and I'm sure I wouldn't be missed but with the greatest respect, I don't just come here to see pics of women peeing, they aren't exactly hard to find and what I thought was a friendly community is starting to show an ugly side more and more frequently. If it weren't for Steve and the other mods then there is potential for content way above and beyond what is acceptable to be posted. Certainly not saying that's been the case but there has to be mods, in any walk of life. As I say, I know I won't be missed but either people start, if nothing else, making an effort to be civil, or I'm done with here and I'm sure I won't be the only one. The alternative is, we all chat, say hi, have a laugh and the rest will naturally follow. Last moan I will have, whichever way it works out. I'm always happy to chat to anyone about anything at all, PM or in forum. I'm not desperate for friends but this is a different part of my life that my "normal" friends if you will, don't know about so I'm happy to chat to anyone and meet new people. Pete
  12. Pete2304

    mod comment

    Since this has resurfaced, I will again apologise for my comments on the issue. Whether or not I felt/feel that the thread as a whole wasn't without merit is irrelevant. Steve was simply doing what he was obliged to, as a mod, regardless of his feelings one way or another, which he quite rightly never expressed. I do stand by one of my points that maybe a little more rigorous registration system may help with some of the issues that come up but that seems to be a no go and I understand why. In some ways, it's a shame this situation even occurred.....if someone (and I'm not saying in this case) feels the need to masquerade as someone else, then deep down, that person would probably not really be getting any enjoyment from that I would guess. I could well be wrong (and frequently am). Maybe a more active chat as I've motioned before would help create a more open, relaxed atmosphere. This isn't life and death when all said and done. Rant over, again! Pete
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    Snog, marry, avoid......well, kind of.

    1) Leah Remini 2) Kate Winslet 3) Katie Price
  14. Last few weeks a few of you have been very kind to me with words of support and it's helped, I can assure you. That got me me thinking last night though that actually there must be people here with a wide variety of talents and knowledge so figured maybe a new thread could be started that anyone can ask for a helping hand for anything at all. Be it someone having a rough time or someone who has a broken lawnmower or boiler, whatever it may be but if you don't know how to fix it, chances are out of all the members on here somebody probably would. So if there's enough of a response and if mods agree I propose a new sticky thread in the off topic chat along the lines of "could do with a bit of advice" I'm not much use with mending or building things but then again If somebody here was looking to get into a media career I would be happy to give some time to share what I know (and what I've done wrong along the way). I've a fair few other skills that could be of use to people, I've a fair bit of legal knowledge when it comes to the right way to word a letter or email of significance and I know a fair amount about recruitment and how to give yourself a head start when it comes to job interviews because a horrible 12 months working in recruitment taught me a few tricks to get yourself in the door. That person may in turn be able to tell me how to re wire a plug socket or put a flat pack table and chairs together because I haven't got a sodding clue! There's been too much bickering on here lately so maybe might get us all chatting a bit more outside of the obvious common reason we all spend time on here, and maybe get to know people a bit better. Pete P.s I'm a miserable git by nature so I'm going out on a limb here to try and get the mood a little more positive!!
  15. I am going to chuck my two penneth in because I personally feel that the level of bickering is probably getting a bit much. This latest argument has come about because MPT has taken an issue with a post that was nothing more than an opinion. MPT has done me no harm and was in fact one of the people who commented on a recent thread I started. As some of you realised I was in need of support and reached out here and it has been a comfort to have some very genuine words and comfort. So, it shows that on the whole, there's a decent bunch here but this is an argument out of nothing. We are all grown ups and if you don't like someone don't speak to them unless you can grasp the concept of people having different opinions. This is a forum and surely the idea is that people chat and exchange differing opinions or else what's the point? As long as nobody has posted something unnaceptable or been insulting or abusive then as in any part of our daily lives be it here, work or sat talking in the pub you either join in the conversation amicably or say nothing. I have been here a relatively short time but I enjoy chatting here but again I feel compelled to say that the nit picking is making the place look rather uninviting. When your life is in the bloody bin it's pretty easy to spot things that aren't worth arguing about so come on people.