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  1. Most people think when urine comes out, it's very dirty and can kill us all. When will these people realise when pee comes straight out of you, it's very clean. Teachers teach us all the bad stuff about pee but none of the good stuff about it. My teacher back in school thought pee was one of the dirtiest fluids in the world until one of us told her what pee actually was.
  2. I notice that Irish ladies go to the loo more than everyone else. Having spoken to women from countries around the world, they do not pee as much as the Irishwomen. Yes I'm Irish and my female friends pee a lot too. I could nearly have them urinate in a filter to make drinking water! Or drink it as it is, sure it's clean when it comes out!
  3. I would say Shakira or Mila Kunis. But I Jess Glynne is probably a good piddler too!
  4. This is Vicky Pattison. Mostly known for her role in Geordie Shore.
  5. Vicky Pattison looked like she was holding in a pee last night on Extra Camp! Would love to see her doing that!
  6. I could imagine that warm pee Vicky Pattison had after drinking that cupful of whatever she was drinking tonight on Extra Camp tonight.
  7. These are toilets that have a part for liquids to go down so no need for flushing after peeing, just number 2s.
  8. When you describe urine a liquid.... When you describe the smell of urine... I'd use pee for describing the liquid. I'd use piss for describing the smell.
  9. Pee is not actually smelly when it comes out of us. A normal human's pee is clean.
  10. I hear from a lot of female friends on nights out they love how stimulating a wee can be when you spread your legs out!
  11. Basically we were brought up to learn that urine (pee, wee , piss, piddle etc) is a dirty waste product that our kidneys filter out. People think pee is full of germs and dangerous bacteria that can kill us, but why didn't we learn about the good things about pee? It's a clean fluid and the cleanest in your body that has plenty of good uses. It can tell us things about our health, women use it for pregnancy tests and people have drank it over the years. We basically swam around in our mother's pee before we born and we didn't get sick from it. I read somewhere that urine helped form some of th
  12. I have a friend who hates people talking about their wees and wee in general but when she gets alcohol into her on a night out, she can't stop talking about her wees! "Oh that was a long wee". We all secretly love our wee but a lot of us don't admit it :)
  13. I was on a boat yesterday and this young blonde lady with glasses went to the toilet 4 times during a 3 hour journey. When I was going for a pee once she was coming out of the ladies' as I was heading in and she smiled at me and I said "When you gotta go you gotta go" and she replied that she was bursting to go and that she loves the relief of her pees. Could you imagine listening to that hissing sound of her water coming out? Would be so nice!
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