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  1. Would like to see you Peeing

  2. I left you a message in answer to the one that you sent to me.

    I do hope that we can continue with the question that you asked of my.

  3. blushingblonde2

    Brazzers Porn Site Data Breach

    Its on the BBC website that there has been a data breach on Brazzers porn site which I gather is a forum. Does this worry anyone on here? I wonder what the security level is on this site?
  4. blushingblonde2

    clit stimulation while pissing

    What a fabulous idea!
  5. blushingblonde2

    peeing after sex

    Love it!
  6. blushingblonde2

    clit stimulation while pissing

    That's hot. I mostly just skim my clit a couple of times with finger and then cum and piss some more!
  7. blushingblonde2

    peeing after sex

    I love your gif. Is that wee or cum.
  8. I love wearing sexy panties or going without panties in a short skirt. I like it when men notice and catch a glimpse. I like it when the wind blows my skirt up and I like bending down. I also like sitting with my legs parted on a bus or train while a man is ogling me.
  9. blushingblonde2

    clit stimulation while pissing

    I usually have thighs slightly parted. I've never thought to keep my thighs pressed together. I'll try it
  10. blushingblonde2

    clit stimulation while pissing

    I was sat on the loo. I angled my hips forward and spread my legs wide. It occurred to me that if I'd have sat a bit more forward I would have pissed over the loo and onto the floor. I'll have to try that!
  11. blushingblonde2

    clit stimulation while pissing

    I tried something today. When I went for a wee instead of having my panties around my ankles I took them off. Then I spread my thighs as wide as they could go and started to wee. It felt like the wee was bubbling up and stimulating my clit. It felt amazing! Do any other females feel this sensation when their legs are spread wide open?
  12. blushingblonde2

    crotchless panty pissing

    Getting out of a car is always an interesting manoeuvre. It's amazing how many men become available to help me out!
  13. blushingblonde2

    crotchless panty pissing

    I must admit I do like to see a man ogling me up my skirt. It's a real thrill!
  14. blushingblonde2

    crotchless panty pissing

    Always a short skirt. There is always a breeze to blow it up and men can catch a glimpse up my skirt! Also when sitting down a man opposite can see up my skirt!