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  1. Rich7

    I'd love some feedback

    So love 3 and 4 (extra one). Seeing you pee when hard, and peeing into a glass
  2. Oh dear !! Too horny to think
  3. Only me there from this site. Am disappointed, but I do understand how difficult it can be to get to a meeting place. May try again, but am rather busy in the near future
  4. Thanks for letting me know, and yes will do
  5. Will be there tomorrow, Thursday 5th April 2018, about 12.30 in the afternoon. Just let Judith (manager, usually at desk) know if you are from Pee Fans, and she will introduce us.
  6. Wish I could "catch" that
  7. Rich7


    Tripped once when desperate and on way to bathroom toilet, it just was too late, soaked myself sadly no way I had t chance to film it r take photos
  8. Rich7

    Ever drank urine?

    A few times, taste varies very much, always love the "naughtiness" of it. Do also drink my own sometimes, do others ?
  9. Thanks Sophie. For any women, or men, worried about things being done to them or being forced to do things they do not want, that is not going to happen. Judith who manages the club has strict rues on that, which are enforced. If we all (hopefully not just me !!) stay on the main floor, any problems shout out and she will hear and deal with them. But club is not like that, friendly, non threatening, people do as much or as little as they wish, all consensual
  10. It is open to all genders, but important to be honest with you, most going are men or trans, women now and again, but not many. I went today, pee play is encouraged and is done in the shower area. The manager, Judith can be asked about private arrangements with her, it is her speciality. But in life some things are not free if you get my gist. I do intend to be there about 12.30 on Thursday 5th, and will notify here if anything crops up to prevent me.
  11. Cost of entry, couples and single ladies free, single men £15. Who says there is no discrimination he he
  12. Hope you can make it. Ladies coming, I hope so, but all I can do is suggest meet up and then it is sort out of my hands really, worth checking on this thread I guess
  13. Rich7

    UK Pee Club

    Please anyone in UK in particular feel free to join above. There is a pissable meet up and it is a nice club. Hope this does not seem like an advert, just to get the club a bit more active. All free !!
  14. Am pretty sure i am going, there may be other pee lovers already there ?
  15. Rich7

    Washing machine

    Looks erotic too x