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  1. Tumblr

    Public P Boy and chelsea storm, following both of your tumblr pages. Both Brilliant thanks Mine is https://www.tumblr.com/blog/rachelpee7 My name is Rich, but I am aka Rache Also happy to chat things pee with either or both of you Cheers and Thanks
  2. Top pee models of 2017

    TV Guy postings show some of the models ge works with. I like all genders pee wise, that is me, but here are some others TV Guy does not work with Linsey Karissa (with the smile) Pop Sllvie Autumn Kate Hill and Licky Lex (Licky on the left as you look)
  3. New from Nottingham UK

    Thanks, will do
  4. Peeing at the side of a railway as a high speed train goes by ?
  5. New from Nottingham UK

    Any pee loving people would like chat to me please from Nottingham or East Midlands UK ?
  6. For the ladies and because Tom has twisted my ar, or twisted something of mine !!
  7. Hi I am from MIdlands too, nice to sort of meet, well on here !!

  8. PJ Pee

    God that is so hot, Tom !!
  9. Was 2 hours into a hold when I watched a wonderful vid on here, kindly posted, about Becky. As she peed in a most personal way, I needed to join her, and was mega turned on. First just peed my pjs, then put my favourite pee mug over my pjs and continued to pee, went on for about 3 minutes or so. Hope you like my offering !!
  10. cock jewellery

    No jewellery, but in the spirit of this thread, and after holding long
  11. cock jewellery

    You 2 have me well buzzing XX
  12. Famous Babes

    I know a lady on line who has a massive crush in Britney. Also know 2 people who met her, one severely disabled, who met her, and she is kind and caring
  13. Pissblog

    Yes, very much so. As such it gives a pretty good update of things posted on quite a few popular websites, and links to the, sometimes film, other times pictures or stories