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    In a het relationship. Have been into pissing my whole life but I wanna start experiencing piss play for myself. Im a college bio student/dog walker from the Dallas area. Im excited to be a part of this community so I can have more fun with my fetish and share my experiences with similar people. Feel free to reach out xx

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    Public pissing
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    Pissing all over my sisters bathroom while she was out of town. I spent all day in her room drinking water and spraying her floor and counters over and over again. I filmed it but have since deleted the videos💔

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  1. I have thought about doing all of these and I'd love to. My only concern is cameras- elevators and apartment buildings normally have them and I'm scared they'd identify me if I pissed in dressing rooms. Any tips on avoiding that?
  2. My favorite place to pee has been closed due to Covid. I used to pee in some outdoor bathrooms at a public park. The bathroom was all brick and concrete and there were no doors so it always felt so risky that someone could quietly approach the bathroom and catch me. I always left the bathroom with my piss all over the walls and floors, like it was obvious that someone had pissed everywhere. Leaving a mess, and pissing somewhere public that you really shouldn't is really important to me. I don't get off on pissing in a secluded outdoor area. So, does anyone have any favorite spots or suggestion
  3. Yes we took my car for the roadtrip and once they’d been dropped off I drove myself to the gas station:)
  4. The boundaries im referring to are between me and other community members to not disrespect my relationship. I would not want to do anything to disrespect my boyfriend but i want to explore my fetish more and share my experiences im very excited to try your suggestions. I think we will have drinks and i will let him see a desperation pee before making suggestions to him. Im also unsure how i feel about sharing my fetish with my partner. I might want to explore it a little more for myself
  5. Hi everyone, thanks to those of you who replied to my post last night. I feel like I owe it to you guys to share my experience. Yesterday I was in the car for 7 hours with my friends on our way home from a roadtrip. I had been drinking lots of water and lemonade the whole way, unintentionally filling myself up. I wasn’t planning on this at all but as my desperation grew I got more turned on. About 2 hours from home I started feeling extremely full. My vagina felt swollen and my shorts were tight, I felt like I was on the verge of an orgasm the rest of the way home. I was sat in the back seat a
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome. My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years and are living together. We have joked about piss play once or twice but I don’t think he took it seriously but he also was not repulsed by the idea. I have a feeling that he is into it too but am scared to actually propose the idea to him He (obviously) isnt aware that i am part of this community and I really want to establish boundaries. I am open to talking to like minded people as long as it doesnt cross into the territory of cheating.
  7. Definitely either outdoor public peeing or peeing indoor in naughty places!:) I also am a student and I spend a lot of time focusing on that. I really enjoy movies , especially horror so that’s normally what i do during my free time. As far as creative hobbies, I need to invest a little more into those interests. My partner and I have been growing mushrooms and I have just started making homemade soaps! Thanks for your questions I hope you’re having a great day
  8. Hi everyone I’m new to the community and wanted to meet some of you guys! Im an open book so ask me anything please.
  9. Any tips to remain stealthy in public places besides avoid cameras? Im dying to experience my first public piss but i want to be safe about it. Im open to many things, as I am not very shy. Much love from Texas💕
  10. That is my fear that cameras will see me in the halls and ill be held responsible for the mess i made
  11. Im a young female with a piss fetish💛. I wanna try pissing in public, but somewhere that doesn’t feel like a nature piss lol. I’ve thought about going to a public bathroom stall and spraying all over it but i have this fear that cameras will place me in the bathroom and I’ll be held responsible. Is this a rational fear? Any suggestions?
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