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Which of these would you most like to see at PeeFans...?

Which of these would you most like to see next...?  

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  1. 1. Which of these would you most like to see next...?

    • More members chatting on the forum, and more stories/experiences posted
    • More categorised pictures in the club galleries
    • More videos added to the new free amateur video gallery
    • A return of the original paid video gallery with 1000's of searchable pee videos
    • A new 'Pee Movie List'

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Please comment below on why and ideally even your ranking of the 5 options. 

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I voted the first one because I would like it and also because other ones are not that important to me

never forget I have been a lurker for years, the forum works fine for me the way it is, it's impossible to make it better in my opinion, we don't need pointless enhancement, we are already under the hands of some among the best organizators/moderators on the web

holy shit, how many times do we find a forum that though being so big needs so LITTLE moderation? it's because mods and admins do not PUNISH us, they TEACH us with their exemple of politeness

we are superior to any other forum clans because we are intelligent and well mannered, the forum is already FULL of stuff to go out of mind about!

My pussy is so destroyed by all of my fingering that Alex has to fuck me up my ass because it is the last place my fingers didn't still exploited🤣 (by the way I also finger my ass from time to time)

I don't feel the need of any other improvement, really they are not needed, I don't even think they could be possible



I would just like to find a way to co-opt in a non-pushy way people's attention


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All of the above would be welcome! I voted for a new Pee Movie List, as I miss the one from Patches Place, and think our little fetish is more widespread than people are willing to admit, and enjoy when it emerges in mainstream places like Hollywood movies and TV shows.

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I voted for the first one too, everything else is fine. The Pee Movie list needs a new home, and I can't think of a better place than this one. 

I can't comment on either of the 2 video options, it would be a valuable option for other members, just not workable for me due to my location.

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I voted for the first one ( @Scot_Lover your name isn't appearing in the list) because I feel like a community is the most important thing for this site. We're not like your average porn site where people stream a video, blow a load and then move onto something else. So I feel like more members chatting would benefit the site the most. It makes the whole site more active and interesting, and will help us grow more.

The rest are great of course, but I feel like that's the best choice for the long term. 

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