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  1. Same day two separate opportunities 



    1. Ivy1989


      I need to stop acting out in naughty =[

      i think I’m compensating for tbt possible end to pee play, but if he’s into it, imagine the adventures I could share lol 

      he knows about the forum and is actually cool about it which is strange coming from mr holy and righteous (old nick name I gave him when I first met him)

  2. Cum on Clothing

    Only u would notice the penis kidding
  3. Cum on Clothing

    Men arnt sex machines??
  4. Cum on Clothing

    That was my profession since I was 12, I got paid tho but yes , don’t leave a man hanging :|
  5. Cum on Clothing

    I’m as open as open can get, well find out soon enough
  6. Cum on Clothing

    I’m partial to my fellow blondes though =}
  7. We're back! (Please Read)

    ITs a good forum to share things with ppl that’s into the same thing, makes the world feel bigger
  8. Cum on Clothing

    The lady in the pinkie sweater is my favourite
  9. Kelley clarkson - whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger
  10. Where did you find us?

    And the layout was similar so it was easy to use
  11. Where did you find us?

    I was looking for a new forum, the last one I was on, the ppl were kinda snubby
  12. this one will be the first one and this one i can add peeing, though i'm trying to move and swing as I pee without pausing, that part is hard, but i'm gonna wow my hubby to be , i have a pole in my room and lights, if he doesn't get into my fetish after, then i'll resign this forum and never pee again lol (myself)
  13. torn between this song or LEGS from the same artist, Legs I think i can strip too better wearing sexier attirement, I have another song i plan to strip too when I get married, being a stripper for years you can almost visiualize how to dance to any song, if it has that sexual energy
  14. gonna be played on my wetting Wedding
  15. Cum on Clothing

    I hope when I marry he’ll be open to cum on me, if he won’t do anal maybe he’d jizz on my butt? Lol something about having hot jizz shoot on your naked body is oddly weird lol, I’ve had cum showers b4 back in my wild days
  16. Hi!

    IM a bisexual female too, feel free to PM me
  17. Post number 666

    Holy crap 😵 and to think I’m new to the Christian aspect of spirituality, religion is confusing-.-
  18. Pointer sisters - I’m so excited
  19. Still holding 🤓

    but im extremely tempted to be extremely naughty, so naughty I could actually get in trouble 0.0

  20. My absence

    I did
  21. I can really feel the pressure build up =•

  22. I drink 1.5 litres of water min a day at work alone, that’s excluding coffee and tea, water helps keep the skin clear and to even sleep, it keeps your systems up to speed, most importantly it makes me pee, a lot, 

    i have lemon slices too added , helps detox the body :)

    and makes me pee, 

    i have a good feeling about my challenge, the more I hold and frequent the better, but slow , I started @ 3 hours now I can do 7-8 comfortably 

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    2. Ivy1989


      Oh she does, it’s hot to see the few times as her pants would quickly soak 

    3. fannywatcher


      If only could...i like it when girls expel very quickly.:11_blush:

    4. Ivy1989
  23. Dark fantasy

    Years ago I’d never think I’d enjoy the pee fetish, how fun and naughty it can be, and now I’ve figured out what my dark secret fantasy would be and hope to one day try it i want to be walking down town and dragged into an alley way, “scared” as I’m “forced” to suck off the rapist only to pee myself in fear, then being ravaged , multiple times then to be tied up and made to it again over a weekend, with lots of wetting, in the same clothes,
  24. Let's Beat Our Record

    True but as long as the over all average is higher then the previous year?
  25. Let's Beat Our Record

    Hey what’s the averages now??