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  1. The Holiday Pt 2: The Walk

    Seconded, don't forget us @BeneathMyWillow !
  2. The 2017 Golden Piss Awards - Nominations

    I don't really venture out of fiction.... But for that category I nominate: @wetwulf Followed closely by: @Vassal
  3. The Holiday Pt 2: The Walk

    This is great, excited for the next episode.
  4. Girls' Night

    I don't suppose they have older daughters do they? Great story!
  5. A Paradise called Lavatria: Part 2

    This was so good though. I basically just come to this site to read from you guys.
  6. A Paradise called Lavatria: Part 2

    This is incredible. You are pushing my buttons perfectly. Very excited for part 3!
  7. The Holiday Pt 1: On the Beach

    This one is really doin it for me and I love the direction it's headed. Please write a part 2!
  8. A Paradise called Lavatria

    Yes, street cleaner. It's smelly, but someones gotta do it.
  9. A Paradise called Lavatria

    Oh, hot damn. This is great. Thank you very much.
  10. The Camp for Girls

    THAT WAS AWESOME! Love the amount of sex happening.
  11. Site Attack

    I don't think they're looking for an alternative, just a place to know whats going on over here. Just make a quick twitter account. It takes like 2 minutes.
  12. Site Attack

    Can you create a twitter to let us know whats going on when the site is down?
  13. Twins Part 4

    Glorious! Thank you!
  14. I really missed this place when it was down. Glad it's back.