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Helen is a young student aged only 18 and still living with her divorced mum. She looks sexy as hell, as you can see in this pic......

Image result for pretty 18yr old girls

But she has a secret thing, a kind of pervy kink if you like. She likes pissing. Anywhere and everywhere.

It started when she was still pretty young when - upon entering the bathroom she had a sudden urge - she didn't know why - to just squat and pee in the shower cubicle instead of using the toilet. And she enjoyed doing it. And so it became a regular thing. And not just that. In time she became more outrageous, revelling in the notion of being a dirty cow peeing in random places just for fun. When home alone she took to peeing on the bathroom and kitchen floors and stuff like that, mopping up the evidence afterwards. A couple of times she peed on the kitchen table.

She discovered internet porn, and particularly enjoyed erotic stories and videos featuring ladies pissing all over the place. She really started to envy those ladies in the videos who seemed to have so much fun pissing all around in hotel rooms - on the carpet, the bed, or the furniture.  

And it was this that motivated her to start peeing on her own bedroom carpet from time to time. The rush she felt just squatting in the corner or beside her bed, and deliberately pissing there on the carpet was the best buzz she'd ever had. Pissing on the carpet was so totally wrong that it was awesome fun to her, the ultimate pissing pleasure. Though she worried about her clean freak mum finding out, and went to some lengths with huge amounts of febreeze to mask the aroma.......


This is Anna, Helen's 40 year old mother, a professional psychologist, and something of a looker herself......

Related image

From a young age she had developed a thing about pissing too, but was unfortunate enough to have gotten caught red-handed, peeing on the carpet in the corner of her bedroom when her mum - Helen's gran - walked right in. And went right off on one, calling her a dirty bitch, berating her for her filthy habit, and so on. 

Anna felt acute embarrassment and shame as a consequence, made worse my her mum confiding to her friends what a dirty bitch of a daughter she had. The guilt and shame thus triggered got absorbed into her psyche. Whenever she felt a desire to be naughty thereafter she felt intense shame and guilt at the very idea of it. And repressed such desires, in time convincing herself that it was a childish thing that she'd grown out of. 

Except, as a young adult, after a few too many drinks she'd gotten a reputation for being a bit wild in a pissy kind of way, thinking nothing about peeing on the floor in pubs, or in public, or on the floor in the ladies'! Or the gents'!! Lol. Alcohol tended to diminish her psychological inhibitions, but it was easy enough to do as her friends did on her behalf, and convince herself that she only did this because she was drunk, not because she got a kick out of it.

This repression - and a resulting fascination with sexual peccadilloes which she told herself was wholly intellectual - drew her to a career in psychology. She married a university lecturer, had a daughter - Helen - whom she raised impeccably, ultimately got divorced after her husband got caught cheating with a colleague, and now lives alone with her daughter. Her husband had never really been sexually fulfilled with her due to her repressed sexuality and sex drive. Anna is now an established senior psychologist working in the field of mental health care, as well as doing good work for charities. A highly respectable woman, also into keeping her house spotlessly clean and tidy. She is a bit anal about that, which probably also has something to do with internalised guilt about having been "dirty". 

Well a few times lately she started noticing a faint but distinct pissy smell in Helen's room. This brought back unwelcome memories, half repressed, of youthful - and shamefully disgusting - carpet pissings. Memories she could not resist dwelling on like some dirty secret. But the fact that on some level a part of her found the memories arousing just made her feel bad. She had since grown up and grown out of it so with that thought she brushed the guilt and shame away. 

Besides, Helen was herself an adult now, so Anna's initial thoughts about similar carpet pissings surely could not be true. She dismissed it, and shunted the thought away, not wanting to dwell too much. Must be an innocent explanation. 

She was aware in her professional role that some people had interests in all kinds of strange fetishes, and she remembered the time at some party when someone showed her a video of two women peeing all over one of their living room carpets. She'd reacted in disgust, but deep down inside it had aroused her. Her reaction was fuelled more by disgust at herself, a disgust being displaced onto the actions of the two ladies in the video. As a psychologist she instinctively knew this but consciously chose not to join the dots.

But she was in for a shock.....


Helen strode into her bedroom upon arriving home to a silent house, desperate for a pee. She was in fact entirely unaware that her mother at that moment was in her own bedroom laying quietly on the bed whilst reading an interesting psychological study - purely of academic interest of course - about the supposed immaturity of some urophile fetishes, and their prevalence in the general population, with one or two interesting case studies. 

Helen closed her bedroom door. Anna heard the door close and realised that her daughter was home, and remembered that she wanted to talk to her about some careers advice she'd researched for her. She decided that she'd just finish reading the last couple of paragraphs before going to see her.......


Helen removed her shoes and socks, then stepped out of her jeans and panties, kicking them aside. Then she popped a squat right beside her bed, relishing the naughty thrill of what she was actually about to do. Not for the first time she was going to deliberately pee right there on the carpet!

Then the floodgates opened. With a loud hissing sound and a muffled splashing, her powerful golden-hued spray pattered onto the carpet. She looked down with a big grin at the growing puddle, her hot pee slowly soaking into the plush blue carpet. The splashing sound grew louder as the carpet became increasingly soaked.....


Anna had finished what she was reading and was approaching the door to Helen's bedroom, reaching for the door handle....


.....As the loud hissing and splashing filled the room, Helen looked up and closed her eyes with a look of ecstatic rapture on her face. Just pissing right there on the carpet was such a massive turn on. 

Her reverie was broken by the angry shout of her mother. "Helen! What the fuck do you think you are fucking doing!!"

Both a "fuck" and a "fucking" in the same sentence from a mother who almost never swore. This was going to be bad!

Helen immediately stopped pissing, grabbed her jeans and hastily started putting them on, trying forlornly to cover her modesty, the large puddle a testament to what she'd just been caught doing. Her mother was standing there, face flushed red as she ranted. "Dirty bitch!" "Disgusting cow!" "What the fuck are you playing at!" "Are you some sort of fucking animal?" "You're not a fucking kid anymore!" "You're a grown woman, for fuck sake!" Etc, etc.

Helen wanted to curl up and die right then. The nightmare had happened. Her clean freak mother had caught her pissing on the carpet. Could see her enjoying it. Her embarrassment was total. She could say or do nothing. She really felt that there was no coming back from this. Could she live with the knowledge of what her beloved mum now thought of her. She was too embarrassed for tears. At the very least she'd have to leave home. She could never face her mother again.......


As Helen ranted and raved, venting her anger and disgust, as much at the secret desires repressed within herself as at her daughter's actions, she suddenly became aware of her daughter's acute embarrassment and emotional anguish. And it triggered a memory of being made to feel the same way herself. She knew her daughter's embarrassment and pain. She could feel it. Because she'd been feeling it herself all these years. Now she was making her daughter feel that way. And she felt intense guilt, shame almost, no longer for anything either she herself had ever done or her daughter had done, but of the way she was now making Helen feel.

And this triggered a cascade of fresh thinking as at last this new situation allowed the barriers of inhibition and repression to be breached. She suddenly realised more clearly and consciously what she'd previously only instinctively understood without consciously addressing. That her repressed sexuality, lack of sexual drive, her divorce probably, and her lifelong feelings of internalised shame and guilt stemmed back to that moment in her past when her own mum did to her what she was now doing to her own daughter. And suddenly she felt - knew in her heart - that this was wrong. She could not ruin her daughter's life as hers had been ruined because she'd been caught expressing a kinky sexual urge that actually harmed no one. She knew as a professional that it was wrong to apply value judgements to the non-harmful fetish interests of others. It was her job to be understanding. And she acknowledged suddenly to herself that she'd had such an interest herself all along, and had merely repressed it and not grown out of it.  

She realised that preventing her daughter's life from being blighted by shame and guilt mattered more than anything. That making her NOT feel bad was more important than making her feel bad. She had to be understanding, which also involved a degree of self-analysis she'd never been capable of before. Yes, doing this was a sexual thrill. And where was the harm really? No one was being hurt. And no one else need ever know. So yeah, the carpet might not fare too well but it was just replaceable property. And in thinking this way, for the first time in her adult life she didn't feel intense shame and guilt anymore, and began to see that she was who she was, and to accept herself. And she saw the intense embarrassment and shame that was just beginning to start destroying her own daughter - and her own relationship with her daughter - right there and then. And she knew - more clearly than she'd ever known anything - that she had to stop it right there and then. And put it right.....


Helen was confused. For no apparent reason that she could see, her mother's rant began trailing off, as her mum seemingly and quite evidently started thinking deeply to herself. Her expressions changing, becoming almost quizzical, eyebrows visibly furrowing. Hesitating about what to say and do. Helen was concerned about what this portended. 

But her embarrassment and concern started to morph into astonishment and some measure of almost disbelief, as her mum became no longer angry and disgusted, but passive, conciliatory, and almost understanding. She apologised for going off on one. She'd just been taken by surprise. And was offloading. She said she'd been made to feel ashamed all her life because her own mother had caught her doing something similar as a kid and told all her friends about it. She didn't want Helen to feel such lifelong shame. Some people were into doing stuff like that. She knew that because it was her job to know about such things. And Helen need not feel bad about it around her anymore, because she knew what it felt like to be ashamed at being into such things, to be made to feel that way by others. It was harmless, a carpet was mere property, no one else need ever know, etc, etc. It was only the shock of seeing how bad she was making Helen feel - and remembering being made to feel that way herself - that had finally opened her eyes to how repressed she had been. She told Helen not to be repressed or to feel bad, merely to be cautious about what she did, where, and about who knew.  Anna even joked about how Helen could contribute to the cost of a new carpet when it was needed.

Helen was dumbfounded. She could not believe what she was hearing from her clean freak mum. This had to be some kind of trick, right....?


Anna was getting through to her daughter, she could tell, but clearly Helen was struggling to believe any of what she was being told, and was highly suspicious. It looked to Anna as if Helen suspected some sort of mean trick was afoot. It was clearly too much for her daughter to accept as real based on just words alone. It just did not align with the clean freak mum she'd known all her life. 

And Anna realised that amidst all the drama, she herself actually somewhat needed to pee. And with the walls of her inhibitions largely demolished for the first time, she acknowledged the fact that it would be tremendously good fun to pee on the carpet someplace. And revelled in the pleasure of such a thought. And clearly the carpet in that room had been peed on more than once already. So suddenly - incredibly -  in one of the most erotically charged moments of her life, she realised what she was going to do.....


Helen was stunned, which her mother clearly picked up on. Anna stopped reassuring and acknowledged that she could see Helen was struggling to believe what she was hearing. So Anna said something about proving it to her, because she needed to pee anyway. She strode over to the corner of the room with the beginnings of a smirk upon her face, turned, and started to unfasten her jeans. Flashing a grin at her daughter she asked, "Do you mind?" - obviously a rhetorical question as she began to lower her own jeans and panties right there anyway.

Helen's jaw dropped. She was speechless, almost unable to comprehend what she was seeing, as her mother  lowered herself into a squat, jeans and panties around her knees, side view of her naked buttocks. 

And then Anna started pissing! Right there on Helen's bedroom carpet!

For long moments there was only the sound of her hissing piss splashing down, an expression of gleeful pleasure upon her face. Clearly, her clean freak mum was - unbelievably - pissing right there on the carpet!

On purpose!

For fun!

Helen broke the silence eventually with an incredulous chuckle. "Mum, that's my fucking carpet you're pissing on!"

She laughed in response, " Well I paid for it! Besides, the damned carpet's been peed on already, so why not.....?"

"Mum, I can't believe you're doing that."

"I can't believe I'm doing it either. I haven't enjoyed peeing this much since, like, forever!"

Both women laughed at that as Anna continued peeing, the ice truly broken, all shame banished.

"Helen, feel free to finish your own pee. I really don't mind anymore."

"I can see that, mum. Hahaha."

So Helen unfastened the jeans she'd pulled back on, lowering herself into a squat over another patch of carpet beside her bed, and resumed peeing. 

When both were done, they stood and pulled their jeans back into place, admired the large puddles soaking into the carpet with grins upon their faces, and agreed how much fun that was. 

Job done, as far as Anna was concerned.

Well almost......


Because an awkwardness descended between them after that. 

Helen didn't really know how to speak to her mum anymore nor what to say, and Anna realised that her daughter was struggling to comprehend the reality of what had occurred. She instinctively realised that another "demonstration" might be best.

And so a few days later, as both women were sitting in their living room, Anna drew attention to what had occurred before and reiterated that there was no need for embarrassment. Really no need, she repeated - as she stood up from her armchair and began unfastening her jeans. 

And before long she was squatting in the middle of the living room, and enjoying a long piss right there on the carpet, creating a massive puddle.

And Helen was soon squatting and peeing on the carpet too,  in front of the sofa.

When done, Anna high fived her daughter like a teenager, before giving a motherly hug. And softly spoke about there being no need to be ashamed of peeing anywhere anymore.




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Wonderful story. I like how you explored the mother's motivation, while still keeping it hot. That is a talent.

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On ‎2‎/‎21‎/‎2018 at 9:11 PM, holyknight3 said:

Wonderful story. I like how you explored the mother's motivation, while still keeping it hot. That is a talent.


agree, it is really marvellous... and a thorough story, with pictures and all other stuff


can't say nothing but spectacular

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