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Hi everybody,

I love to pee in Lost Places, have done this a few times yet, but never posted pictures or videos. Right now I am on holidays and have found a beautiful Lost Place while I was running this morning. Going inside the building, I found some toilets, both men (with urinals) and women. Unfortunately I had emptied my bladder just before in the forest. I will come back with a full bladder in the next days for shure.

Any suggestions from you folks what I should do in there?



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Posted (edited)

First pee on the doors of the stalls. On the floor just in the middle of the toilet. And on the door from the inside of this building. 

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Yes, an opportunity to piss all over a toilet without a care for whoever has to clean up after you. Or for being caught mid stream. I think I'd go for wall or floor ...

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Wow, looks like a cool place, and they didn’t lock it or board it up, is even more amazing.

Does it appear that others have used it the way you plan to?  Pee puddles, smell, etc.?

Since it has squat toilets, did the place ever have running water?  Actually it looks like there’s holes for plumbing but it was removed, or stolen.  I thought, if they were compost toilets and no-water urinals that the building might actually be “open” but not well maintained.



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The front door of both men and woman's toilets don't exist any more.

There are no signs that anyone peed there like I plan to do. No puddles, no smell. It is definitely no more in use, even if it looks really not abandoned from outside.

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I'm getting more and more excited to pee there. Thanks for your suggestions. I will try to follow as much as I can with one bladder filling 😊. I guess I will also go to the ladies' room and squat over the floor toilet to pee 😇. Any hints from you girls how to do it best?

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I have tried the squat toilet. I wonder if tje squat position is correct, with the back to the door. However the drain looks like one should squat in this position. Well, I also tried it the other way round 😁.





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On 5/26/2024 at 6:51 AM, Weatherman74 said:

I drank 1.5 liters before and I guess they like to come out 😊.

Here's my pee in the middle of the room. To be honest, all this is really exciting and starting to make me hard....

Well it was never stipulated that all of the ‘aftermath’ puddles had to be pee… 😉

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A couple of years ago I suddenly found myself owning a second house in a beautiful small town in southern Spain.  Nowhere on the tourist trail, at least for the UK definition of tourists. 

And just down the road, on the corner of the street was an unfinished, abandoned villa. It would have made an amazing house - on a hillside overlooking fields and the town.  With panoramic windows along one side.

Inside it had obviously reached a point of build, been abandoned for whatever reason and then vandalised.

Hence on a few occasions, after a few beers in town, even though it was only a 100m from my own front door it made the perfect place for a late night pee in the darkness.  Either a high arc splattering on the concrete floor or flowing down the cracked glazed sliding doors.

(And I have it on certain authority I wasn’t the only peefan to take advantage). 

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