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Sunny pees around the house!

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When you are desperate you start running, like anyone would, but your destination is your carpeted pee spot and other naughty places, instead of the toilet.😍

That is just so naughty, I love it!

Please keep doing those fun pees and keep us up to date. 😊

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I love peeing in bed when I'm staying in hotels, especially when there's two beds in the room.  I'll wake up in the middle of the night with a throbbing piss boner, and just lay there until I soak myself.  It's so much fun falling asleep in my own piss.  On the next night, I switch over to the dry bed and soak it during the night.  Sometimes I'll drink extra water so I'll get the urge to pee several times in one night.  Sometimes the experience is so arousing that I'll ejaculate just from a slight bit of rubbing my wet cock against the sheets.  

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