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Talkin' Pee With Platonic Friends of the Opposite Sex

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I find it easy as long as it comes up naturally and you don’t push it too far. Every so often I find a woman who openly talks about peeing and we discuss it from time to time. If you have a recurring conversation it’s important to pay attention to whether she brings the topic up on her own about as often as you do, otherwise it’s more likely she’s just humoring you and you might be warping the relationship in a weird direction. But it’s a great way to occasionally meet people who are into naughty peeing

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On 12/4/2023 at 10:47 PM, murshymaze said:

I've talked about pee with the opposite sex, but not in a kinky/fetish type of way. Like many on here, I try to hold back my excitement when talking about it as to not make others aware of how much it turns me on, but I've definitely had talks with a few women about it. I remember back in high school, my crush had basically no qualms about telling me about her bodily fluids. I remember one time we were in the library, she got up and said to me "I'm gonna go take the longest piss ever" which was funny and also hot. We also used to talk about our peeing habits at home and she told me she loved pissing with the door open when no one was home. She'd also post images on social media of her sitting on the toilet too.

Another woman (we've hooked up before, so not platonic) and I were having a convo recently online and it got to the topic of having to pee really badly, like at the movies for example. She told me one time a few years back she was bursting during a movie, but didn't want to get up to go. At the end, she went to the bathroom and "pissed for so long." I said to her, that piss must've been really loud too, she said it was. Also saying that she must've added a bunch more to the toilet water lol. She's also told me about how she's pissed outside before too. It's cool to have these convos with the opposite sex. Just gotta feel the vibe of the other person to see if they find it weird or not.

I forgot to add to this one, but there was also another girl from a while back that used to talk about this stuff online with me as well. She'd ask me how I'd use the urinal, if other guys peek or not, and would tell me her bathroom habits too. One time we were chatting, she told me she drinks a ton of water and how often it makes her pee, and that she has a 2 min pee at least once a day. I said something along the lines of "yea, it's funny because you're just kind of sitting there peeing forever" and she replied by saying "you sit? you're supposed to stand" which I do (no offense to any man who doesn't), I was just speaking in general terms, but I thought it was hot that she was encouraging me to stand to pee. Then she followed up by saying she had to piss so bad, and was messaging me while she was pissing, saying "oh, it's one of those 2 minute pee's." When she was done she told me she finished, and that she was just sitting there on the toilet on her phone lol. 

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Talking about this with a like minded person is very easy , they know what they want and feel no Ill about it , on the other hand ,no one here runs out side shouting ,, I LOVE PEE , no were keep oir mouths shut and enjoy each others likes , what we enjoy , If I do meet some one for a new encounter ,I,always think them out first , just let them talk and act the way they want , Its a book of knowledge , body language tells a lot , then slowly , very slowly start to start a conversation where she has to react in your favor .....one in fact  a get together with a bunck of people .  a woman I met for the first time was half in the bag , and yelled out in a crowd  ,,I Have TO PEEEEE , real loud  , We all laughed , I told her if she needs help ,I will be happy to help .,She said only if I fall down , I went with her to the wash room ans sat with her while she peed , holding her hand , ... We are together to this day 

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I thought I'd bump this since I have something else to add, which I totally forgot about. 

I've been friends with this one woman for years. We've always been a bit sexual with each other here and there, so I'm quite comfortable telling her about anything. One day a few years back I had a dream that she held my dick while I took a piss. The dream actually did happen, and I messaged her about it in detail and she thought it was quite funny and cool. She had seen my penis before, so it's not like this was out of the blue to tell her something like this. Anyway, in the dream she held my penis while I was peeing and aimed it all around which was quite fun.

In another instance, it was Christmas eve a few years back and we had both been drinking and texting. I was drunk and peeing a lot, and brought it up and she said she was peeing a lot too. I said my piss was really clear, and she said hers was too, which was hot. I asked her if she wanted to see me take a piss and she said sure, so I sent a video of me pissing a nice clear, hard stream into my toilet and she loved it, commenting on how long I pee'd for. She then sent me back a picture of her sitting on the toilet taking a piss as well, with her trimmed pussy and thighs showing. 

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On 2/7/2023 at 8:01 PM, Kirby23 said:

My wife does not share my kink, and is generally reluctant to discuss pee-related topics with me.

So in the past, I've occasionally tried to casually bring things up in discussion with my female friends... to hear their stories, pick their brains, etc. I obviously have to be careful - I don't want to creep them out, so I try to bring the topic up casually.

I have a few close female friends that I'm comfortable talking to like this, especially my friend "K", who I've discussed here in the past. We've talked about things like hot tub peeing, "making a warm spot" in the ocean, etc.

I'm not really in touch with my friend "M" anymore, but when we used to talk regularly, no topic was off-limits. We'd discuss peeing in the shower, peeing in front of significant other, etc.

A former coworker of mine, Amy, would occasionally say interesting things. One time she said "I've been so busy today I haven't peed since I took a shower this morning." She also talked about peeing behind the shed when swimming (instead of peeing in the pool). But we weren't really friends (she was kind of a bitch), so I never got particularly close with her.

Another time, I was having lunch with my coworker (Heather). She relayed to me a story about how she went to her boyfriend's house to surprise him when he got home from work. But she didn't have a key, and was getting desperate while waiting for him to get home. Eventually she had to pop a squat behind his garage. 

Who else has similar stories? 

How do you start a conversation like this without seeming like a creep?


I have have a cowworker  whos often talks about how much she needs to pee. That is so dame hot. One day I sae her of work, and we got drunk, and ended up having sex. Then she said that she needed to piss so badly and went to toilet. We where both drunk and naked, so I took the opportunity to visit her at the toilet after she had finished peeing to lick her pussy, just to see her reaction. But she told me she thought it was wierd, when shes just finished peeing. I hoped that she was turned on by it, but that was not the case 😕

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I work with a lot of women, it’s kind of the nature of the job that it’s mostly done by women. Quite a few of them announce to me all the time when they need a pee, with phrases like “I really need a wee”, “I’m bursting”, “I’m going to wet myself if I don’t go now”. The worst part is this really turns me on and I have to quickly distract myself before it becomes noticeable. I’m not sure why they are telling me, like do you want me to help? (Which BTW would be very difficult in a this workplace). Or maybe they are into the same as everyone on here? I had another female colleague at a different job and she used to be quite blatant telling me about her trekking holidays with no toilets and other things related to peeing (I may have missed an opportunity with that one).
Anyone else experience this and feel totally turned on but also frustrated that they can’t do or say anything?

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On 2/10/2024 at 2:36 PM, Likepeefun said:

Anyone else experience this and feel totally turned on but also frustrated that they can’t do or say anything?

Totally. Especially with my coworker/friend "M", who I mentioned earlier in this thread.

We would often talk about relationships, sex, etc., and it would often get me turned on, but of course I couldn't do anything about it. 

For a while she and I were talking about squirting. I was trying to get my wife to do it, and "M" was trying to learn how to do it as well. We called it "project towel," and we would give each other periodic updates.

One time she told me "I have an update," and proceeded to tell me that over the weekend, her boyfriend and she had been drinking, and were fooling around. She said "I tried to squirt, and I peed all over him, ha!"

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My platonic friends of the opposite sex are my friends and my friends know of my fetish.  Being friends I just come out and tell them.  For example, my friend P, I said since we are friends, I want to tell you I have a pee fetish and all my friends know.  She laughed and said she wasn’t going to pee on me but she did tell me how she’d pee in the garage at her parents house. 

My friend E, I told her while telling her something about my ex girlfriend.  She said, “That’s not bad, being we have to do it anyway”.  Wished I had asked what places she has used, but I didn’t.  I hope she brings it up to me one day. 

My friend A, I told her about it, she laughs about it.  Heard her story.  My friend from high school, S, I told her.  She told me all the places she’s peed. I wished I had asked more details.

An acquaintance of mine posted a social media story giving an opportunity to ask her or say something to her that we have been wanting to ask or say.  I asked about places she’s pissed.  She laughed and said she pisses at car meets where there are no bathrooms. I asked like where and she said where ever is convenient.  She had just pissed in her car a day or two prior. I assumed in a cup. 

My friend K knows of my fetish, just this morning she referred to me as Mr. Nasty.  I thanked her for the compliment and we laughed about it. 

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