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Pee While Showering With Partner

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Peeing in the shower is becoming very normal, and not really seen as taboo anymore. There are threads every day on Reddit about it, and it seems to be becoming generally accepted practice - it's convenient, saves water, saves toilet paper, etc. 

In fact, often times on Reddit (and other discussion boards, such as Quora), people will often ask "Do you pee in the shower, while showering with a partner?"

Answers to this tend to be more mixed. A lot of times people will say "Yes, but there's nothing sexual about it, it's just easier than getting out." Or they might say, "Yes, but I try to pee before (partner) gets in." or a lot of times they even say "Yes, I pee ON my partner, to mark my territory!"

So let me pose this question to all of you. Do you pee in the shower, while showering with a partner?

Is it just once in a while, or part of your normal routine? Is it sexy? Playful? Mundane? 

I'd love to hear not just your feedback, but stories.


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I have just a few experiences to share. I did it a few times with my ex-wife, and once or twice with my (current) wife. 

After the first time my ex and I had sex, we took a shower together, and I asked if she had to pee. She said "a little," and I asked if I could watch. She said ok, and I squatted down to get a closer look. While standing, she released a little yellow trickle not far from my face.

Another time, while showering with my ex, she held my penis while I peed. She had fun with it, shooting it all around, like a firehose. I don't remember how that got initiated, but I remember us both laughing while doing it.

Finally, with my (current) wife, one time early in our relationship, we had sex in the shower, while showering together, and after I finished, she peed standing. I remember being impressed because it shot forward more than running down her legs. I even asked her about it, and she said she'd had to go.

We din't really shower together anymore, unfortunately. 

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I always have, shower or bath, I cannot help it. I replied on another thread regarding a similar thing.

However, I never warn the person I am in there with. Oh, and I check if they pee themselves so I can enjoy it. Obviously if the person I am with is into peesex then I will happily pee on them and I love being peed on myself. 

I think I have had only one person who didn't like me peeing in with them. He told me it was unclean, which just made me pee more, not that I could help it anyway.

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Whenever my wife and I shower together I make a point of peeing on her aiming on her breasts and down to her pussy.  She will then either grab me to aim where she wants to feel more heat or turn around and ask me to spray her back and bum as well.  I will ask her if she has some for me then and sometimes will get a shower as well.  

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I have a new experience to add to this. It doesn't involve showering with a partner, but does involve peeing in the shower, so I figured it was better to post it here than to start a new topic.

This past Sunday morning my wife and I spent the whole morning doing work around the house, and cleaning. We had both been drinking coffee. Around 11:00 we were finished, and both headed upstairs to shower. 

I asked her "Do you want to go first, or do you want me to?" She said "I don't care, but I have to pee really bad, so either let me jump in the shower first, or otherwise I'll just use the toilet, and you can shower."

Of course I always prefer when she pees in the shower, so that was my answer. I asked "Can I watch?" She doesn't usually let me watch. She definitely doesn't understand my fascination, and is often reluctant to indulge me. But this time I think she had to go just bad enough that she didn't really care. She got the water going and ripped her clothes off, and jumped in pretty much as quickly as she could. I'm not even sure that the water was fully hot yet. I poked my head through the opening at the side of the curtain opposite the showerhead. She positioned herself with her back to the shower head, and her front facing me. Her legs were together.

As she began rinsing her hair, a flow of light yellow liquid began emerging and trickling down the inside front of her thighs. Within a few seconds the trickle picked up steam and started to flow slightly forward. Then the floodgates fully opened, and the stream broke free from her thighs and protruded in a slightly forward arc. It was spluttery and a slightly ragged spray along the sides, rather than a tight stream. After a few seconds it started to wane. I asked "Can you open your legs?" She said "Sorry, show's over."

It was probably only 15-20 seconds in all, but it was definitely intense, as if she had pushed it out rather than allowing a natural flow. I was very aroused, but she was none the wiser as she continued her shower. I sat and we talked about mundane things for the 5 or so minutes that she showered. 

My wife doesn't often allow me to watch, but when she does it's a rare treat, so I enjoy it all the more!

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