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Wetting myself accidentally on purpose 🤫

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4 minutes ago, Ppgirl said:

I was home alone and decided to drink a lot of water... One thing led to another and I was extremely desperate to pee.

My plan was to pee in panties over the toilet, but this girl didn't make it... As soon as I got up i felt the strong urge and I ran towards the loo. Well, as I stepped over the threshold, a spurt came out. I quickly removed my pants and just went there and then. My pee was gushing extremely strongly and I was barely able to stop to climb up the toilet. 

I was extremely ambivalent about the experience. It was absolutely frightening as I was terrified of getting caught in my own house? And at the same time extremely hot being so wet and naughty. 

Wellp, enjoy my work of art as I had to clean up the mess asap


Thanks for posting.  It may not have gone as planned, but still sounds like a naughty pee!

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Wow! Sounds wonderful - I'm so glad you enjoyed the combined thrills of desperation and danger of discovery as well as the physical pleasures of course! And was the clean up worth it? I bet it was 😉  Thanks for sharing the story and the artistic photo ❤️

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