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Umbrella Piss

By Leaky_One

Turning the umbrella upside down Suzanne lowered it down to her waiting pussy. Within seconds she had started to do her wee allowing her young vagina lips to open up and let her clear shooting stream of hot piss to come squirting out. Her strongly gushing spray of pee sprayed away form her fanny and formed a short arch downwards to where it started to impact over the yellow surface of the umbrella.

Suzanne gasped with the deep thrill she was getting watching herself squrit her pee stream out of her little pussy and all over the inside of the umbrella. Still peeing strongly out of her cunt, Suzanne aimed her piss stream further up the side of the umbrella watching as clear shooting stream of hot wee, traced its way up the side of the plastic sending running rivulets of piss down the wall to the centre where a growing pool of her spent pee was growing.

From the base of Suzanne’s body, her clear stream of fanny wee continued to fountain out of her slits and rain downwards into the umbrella. Whilst she continuing peeing into the umbrella Suzanne listened to the gentle patter her pee made as she weed all over it.

Her pee stream was still gushing strongly from out of her vagina lips and she had no intention of stopping now. Lowering the umbrella slowly to the flow whilst still pissing strongly into its opening, Suzanne then stood up and aimed her spraying piss fountain directly towards the metal pillar in the centre enjoying the sight of her wee washing over the stem and running downwards into the now large pee puddle at the base.

Suzanne could feel that her supply of piss was quickly running out. Wanting to enjoy her naughty toilet as much as possible, she quickly closed her pussy lips shutting off her flowing pee stream. Now she lowered her crotch down towards the yellow plastic handle which was sticking up the air. Caressing her pussy lips around the warm moulded surface, Suzanne started to allow her pee to slowly escape her slits. Weeing all over the umbrella handle was gorgeous fun and Suzanne revelled in the sensation of brushing her lips up and down over the contours of the plastic whilst still slowly allowing her remaining pee to seep out of her pussy and wash the plastic with her warm piss. The only sound was now the soft drip, drip of her wee as it fell off the plastic handle after leaving her pussy lips where she was still doing her pee.


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By Leaky_One

“You said you wanted me to do something naughty for you, so I’m going to take a piss into this vase”, Angela said to her friend Tina. “No you’re not”, giggled her friend. “Don’t believe me?”, asked Angela moving over to the tall ornament stand, showing off her pert bum inside her tight blue jeans. Turning around she undid the fastener on her pants and pulled back the top exposing a section of creamy white flesh underneath.

“Now do you believe me?”, she asked she a big wide smile. Her friend simply shook her head vigorously. Turning around Angela slowly slid down her jeans to expose her large, wide bum cheeks and also the fact she didn’t believe in wearing any knickers. Her friend giggled but continued to shake her head in denial. “How about now?”, Angela asked turning around to show off her fanny to her friend. Between Angela’s legs was a small vertical stripe of hair covering her pussy lips. “No, no, no….”, giggled her friend who was enjoying every second of Angela’s disrobing. She loved seeing her friend’s private parts. Angela had such a lovely bum and such a gorgeous little pussy.

“OK then watch this”, said Angela now determined to go through with pissing into the vase. Putting one leg up on the edge of the cabinet she then used her hands to spread her legs and to give her a fanny a clear aim into the vase. Barely a second later Angela started to piss!

Angela’s pussy lips instantly parted, allowing a long golden stream of hot golden pee to start shooting downwards which instantly hit the side wall of the vase. Her golden pee stream then started to flow downwards to the vase bottom where it collected in a growing pool as Angela continued to squirt her piss into the bowl.

Her friend gasped in shock with the sight of Angela cocking her leg up the ornamental bowl and taking a piss into it’s innards. The golden fountain of piss leaving Angels’ pussy looked fantastic as it twisted in the air between her fanny lips and the edge of the bowl where it sprayed over the ceramic surface.

Standing up, her friend crossed over to where Angela was busy taking a pee. Reaching down with one hand she allowed her fingers to enter the golden stream of pee leaving Angela’s pussy, feeling the warmth of the piss as it flowed across her flesh. Moving her hand upwards through the flow of piss still flowing out of Angela’s cunt, Tina reached her friend’s pussy flaps. Placing her little finger up to Angela’s pee hole she caused the flowing stream of piss to suddenly squirt off into two different directions. Angela giggled, enjoying having her friend playing with her pussy whilst she was doing a piss into the table vase.

Angela’s pee fountain was now washing all over the cabinet as well as into the bowl causing little streams of pee to flow off the polish wood and drip down to the floor. Still peeing strongly Angela watched her piss sprayed all over the place as Tina moved her fingers gently up and down her slits where her piss stream was flowing. Peeing over Tina’s hand was an even bigger turn on than simply just pissing into the vase and Angela forced herself to piss even harder watching as her golden stream grew in strength. “That looks so much fun that I want a go when you have finished”, Tina whispered removing her hands from Angela’s shooting flow of piss. Then whilst Angela continued to use the vase as a toilet, Tina started to disrobe.

As soon as Angela had finished her piss into the vase, she removed her leg from the side of the cabinet and moved to pick up the piss filled pot. Gingerly she then lowered the pot down to Tina’s uncovered vagina and waited whilst her friend got ready to pee. Just then Tina’s pussy lips parted and a strong squirting flow of golden yellow piss started to shower downwards into the already piss stained pot. Not taking her eyes of Tina’s pissing pussy, Angela marvelled at the sight of her friend peeing into the same bowl she had just finished using herself for her own piss. She could feel tiny splashes of piss landing on her hands and the impact of Tina’s piss stream into the piss pool at the bottom of the vase caused little droplets to spray upwards. Tina must have been as desperate to piss as Angela had been judging by the thick stream of piss gushing out of Tina’s blond haired pussy. Giggling again Angela realised that she had a little bit of pee left as well so without wasting a second she moved her own pussy up to the pot Tina was still busily relieving herself into, before starting to take another pee. Tina gasped out loud as Angela’s spray of piss started to shoot into the vase. Now two streams of fanny piss were busily spraying into the bowl which was now almost full of hot golden pee. Angela’s piss stopped almost as quickly as it started and she waited whilst Tina finished off using the bowl for her own pee before placing the piss filled bowl on the floor.


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Pissing at the Local Gym, Chapter 3?


By Leaky_One

It was almost time to go home and Zoe was collecting her stuff from her locker in the ladies changing room. She was bursting for a pee and thought it best if she had a leak before she left for home. Putting down her bag on the bench she made her way over to the toilets. She entered one of the cubicles and was just about to pull down her pants when she suddenly had a naughty thought. She was now the only girl left in the gym which meant that nobody was likely to come in and catch her if she went and did her pee in the showers. This was such an exciting idea that Zoe quickly grabbed some toilet paper before quickly running out of the toilets and into the shower area. Selecting the middle cubicle she gingerly pushed only the door and stared at the floor. Sure enough this was the cubicle with the drainage hole inside. Turning around Zoe wasted no more time and started to remove her tight black pants. Sliding them down her creamy thin legs revealed her white briefs stretched tight around her pussy and buttocks. Once her pants were around her knees, Zoe reached back up and slid down her panties as well, exposing her blond triangular muff and pert bum cheeks in the process. Once her underwear was around her knees as well, Zoe took a quick peek behind her to make sure she was in position before squatting down over the cubicle floor. Now her bare bum was perched only inches away from the tiled shower floor which within seconds was about to receie a golden shower from her pussy.

Parting her legs to give her pussy a claim aim at the floor below, Zoe looked straight ahead and concentrated on letting out the urge in her bladder. Squatting over a shower cubicle floor getting ready to take a piss was giving her butterflies in her stomach and it took Zoe several moments before she could relax enough to start her pee. Suddenly an intense feeling relief began to form as a warm sensation began to form around her thighs as from her blond muff started to shoot a thick golden stream of hot piss. Instantly Zoe’s pee stream started to spray the tiles between her legs. Gazing down with a growing thrill, Zoe watched whilst she peed over the cubicle floor. Whilst she peed, her fanny lips were open wide to allow out a golden torrent of hot pee which twisted and turned in the short distance between her cunt and the floor. As she peed over the tiles, a small puddle of piss began to grow stretching outwards her shoes. However, as her piss puddle grew as the golden stream of wee continued to leave her blond haired vagina, it started to flow backwards towards the black drainage hole and within seconds the first of Zoe’s pee was flowing down into the drains.

This was great fun, Zoe thought as she squatted in the shower cubicle, busily taking a piss all over the floor. The naughty sensation of having her pants around her knees whilst she squatted down and urinated over the tiles was awesome. Zoe was enjoying second of her naughty piss. The freedom of being able to pee in the showers when nobody was around was fantastic and she wondered why she had never done it before. Sure enough she would have a pee in the shower after training, just like a lot of the other girls, but this was completely different. Actually making a conscious decision to come and pee over the floor in the showers rather than use a loo was what made it for her. Between her legs her golden stream of honey coloured pee was still flowing out of her fanny hole and raining down to cover the tiles with her piss. Normally, she would simply stand with her feet apart whilst the shower water ran over her back before starting to pee. Then her golden pee stream would issue out of her fanny and mingle with the shower water before washing away by her feet. It was almost the most fun to pee in an end cubicle, because that way you knew that your pee was flowing into somebody else’s cubicle before reaching the drain. She had once passed a girl who had started to take a pee whilst standing in the shower door. The girl had simply spread her legs and aimed her pussy in through the open door before starting to send a shower of yellow pee into the cubicle. Zoe had taken in the sight of the girls wide womanly bum and the image of the long shooting stream of piss leaving the woman’s crotch and spraying into the shower. The same day, Zoe had actually done her own pee in the shower, all over the cubicle wall, watching as she pissed her golden streaming pee all over the plastic partition.

Coming back to the here and now, Zoe’s current toilet was coming to an end. The golden flow coming out of vagina was beginning to droop as she exhausted her bladders supply of pee. Once she was done peeing she reached down between her legs with the toilet paper and dried her slits before standing up. Looking down at the floor whilst she pulled her pants back on, Zoe marvelled at the fact her pee puddle was already vanishing from sight down the drain. ‘That was fun’, she thought. Then it struck her that she was on late shift all week which meant she could have a last minute pee in the changing rooms each night. She would now spend the next day wondering where the next place would be, when she would squat her bum over the floor before starting to take a pee.

Second Night:

Zoe had spent all day desperately waiting for home time to come so she could use the changing rooms to do another naughty pee in. As soon as the last woman had left, Zoe rushed inside, dropped her pants and knickers before moving her uncovered muff up to one of the waiting lockers. Opening the door, she stuck her pussy inside and within seconds she was having a pee.

From the base of Zoe’s blond pubic triangle nestled between her thighs, started to shoot a long golden stream of hot urinal piss. Her yellow pee stream shot past the locker door and proceeded to spray inside the metal cupboard with a loud pattering sound. After several seconds of urinating into the locker, Zoe closed her pussy lips. Moving her muff away from the open door, she peeked inside to see the mess she had made. Sure enough, the locker walls were covered in piss stains where her golden shower had just squirted across them. That had been so much fun, that Zoe immediately positioned herself in front of the next open locker before proceeding to take a piss inside it. Hot yellow pee stream out of her pussy hole as she squirted her piss into the locker. From inside resounded the noise of her piss landing on the metal walls. Zoe stood there with her muff inside the open door and her golden pee streaming out of her pussy for several more seconds. As soon as she ended her leak into the locker she stood back. Running over to the waist bin, she quickly lowered the open mouth down to her waiting muff. As soon as her pussy lips were aimed inside, Zoe started to pee. Instantly her golden stream of hot piss started to leave her cunt lips and proceeded to rain into the bin. Standing half nude, her bum cheeks facing the lockers and her pussy inside the bin, Zoe continued to urinate. Gazing down at her muff she marvelled at the sight of her honey coloured pee stream as it turned and twisted in it’s jetting spray of piss, escaping her pussy hole and decorating the inside of the bin with her piss. After urinating in the bin for several seconds, Zoe closed her pussy lips cutting off her shooting golden fanny shower. Running into the toilet area, she wasted no time by hoisting herself up and sliding her bum cheeks out over a waiting sink bowl. Within moments Zoe was peeing again, this time doing her piss into the sink bowl.

Golden pee rained over the bowl as Zoe pissed over the ceramic walls with her golden stream of pee streaming out of her fanny hole. After several more moments of relieving herself into the bowl, Zoe edged forwards so that her pee hole cleared the edge of the sink and allowed her to start sending her golden pee stream over the floor of the toilets. Zoe watched on entranced by the long gushing stream of pee leaving her pussy and falling to the floor where it was making an ever growing puddle on the tiles. Stopping her pee for a split second, Zoe hopped off the sink and squatted over a fresh spot on the tiles before resuming her piss. Now, her golden pee shower left her pussy and sprayed directly over the floor beneath her.


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Amanda Peeing in Her Knickers

By Leaky_One

Slowly Amanda started to wee. The feeling of relief started in her stomach and traced its way to her waiting pussy lips and within seconds she was doing it; actually having a pee into her tight white pants. Immediately a warm damp feeling started to grow around her fanny lips as the first of her wee started to leave her pee hole and soaked its way into the cotton material around her crotch. Gazing down at herself, Amanda watched as her pants started to turn yellow as she continued to pee into them. The warmth of her piss stained knickers was a fantastic sensation and Amanda continued to relieve herself into the white pants. The damp stain had now reached the edge of her crotch and a thin yellow stream of hot pee was now slowly leaking out of the side and running down her legs. Her bare bum cheeks were now also becoming covered in pee as the damp stain caused by her urinating continued to grow.

Amanda could clearly see her fanny lips through the thin material and she could also see the bulge where her pee was leaving her slits and flowing into her knickers. Wanting to be even naughtier with her peeing, Amanda started to pull down her pants. She uncovered more and more bare skin until with one last quick pull, her knickers cleared her pussy. Now there was nothing between her uncovered vagina and the open air, and instantly her golden pee stream started to squirt down towards the floor. Amanda gasped with a thrill as she watched her yellow stream impact over the tiled floor as she stood there doing her pee out of her young vagina. From her bare slits, continued to flow a copious flow of golden yellow pee as stood there sending her piss stream squirting out of her cunt before splashing down over the floor. Between her legs, a golden puddle was growing on the floor as she stood there pissing. Her golden shower flowing out of her pussy lips was beginning to thin now as she neared the end of her toilet. Stopping her wee for a split second, Amanda strained hard before managing to send a quick, long squirt of pee from her vagina into the air in front of her. Her golden stream shot out of her pussy and into the open air before descending downwards to cause a fresh stain on the tiles.

Giggling Amanda turned around showing off her bare buttocks. From in front of her body came an unmistakable hissing sound as Amanda started to do the last of her pee all over the chair seat. A little warm yellow spray of pee left her fanny lips before decorated the wooden chair in a wash of her hot piss. After peeing over the chair for several seconds Amanda finished her wee. As her fanny lips closed she took a step back to admire her handiwork. Sure enough the chair was covered with little yellow splotches of her pee and on the floor was a large cooling puddle of piss that had just come out of her pussy. Between her ankles, her once white knickers were also a yellow sodden mess, stained heavily with her spent pee.


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Lisa - short extract

By Leaky_One

Lisa had stripped all her clothes and had come back into the front place with every intention of taking a piss by the side of the fire place. Squatting down over the tiles Lisa stared down past the sight of her large exposed breasts and her pointed nipples, and instead took in the view of her delicious pussy posed over the flag stones. She was dying to piss and it took almost no conscious effort to start her pee. Suddenly her piss lips parted and a hot thick squirt of golden urine started to erupt from her cunt and spray downwards. Barely a second later her piss stream was spraying over the tiles between her legs making a soft hissing sound as it impacted the tiles. Lisa was enjoying her piss by the fireplace. The sensation of pissing over the floor like this was electric. Wanting to enjoy her toilet even more Lisa started to squeeze harder watching as her yellow piss stream widened in size as it showered over the floor. Looking around quickly Lisa found another item that she could urinate into. Picking up the empty fruit bowl by the side of her, she guided it down between her legs and into her shooting piss stream that was still issuing out of her cunt. As the rim of the bowl passed through the arching stream of piss gushing out of her fanny, her golden shower instantly started to patter into the glass containing. Lisa watched with glee as the fruit bowl started to fill with her hot golden pee. Pissing into the bowl was even more fun than simply squatting over the files and urinating over the tiles. The bowl was now half full of piss and Lisa was nearing the end of her piss. Wanting to finish her pee in one last place she quickly stopped her squirting golden spray. As soon as her fanny lips had closed she stood up and turned to the fire place. Taking a few steps she positioned herself so her hairy muff was as near to the fire opening as possible before she started to take another pee. Instantly her cunt lips parted again to allow another squirting stream of hot golden pee to come gushing out, this time raining in a wavering arch into the fire place and over the coals inside. Lisa stood in her pissing position for several more moments whilst she finished peeing into the fire place. Anyone entering the room at that time would have been rewarded by the sight of Lisa’s wide womanly bum cheeks facing them and the sight of a spraying golden steam of piss issuing from her muff as she used the fire place as a receptacle for her toilet.


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Last one from me.


By Leaky_One

Whilst still gazing at me reflection in the mirror she reached down with both hands to her waistline and slowly drew up her underwear, uncovering her wide curved bum cheeks and the triangular mass of hairs that made up her pussy. Without taking her eyes off her mirror image, Jennie released the hold on her urgent bladder need and let the feeling rush down her body to her waiting pussy lips. Barely a second later a soft pattering sound started to come from the carpet between her feet as a long shooting jet of golden piss erupted from Jennie’s cunt and start to rain down over the floor. Ignoring the sound of her piss spraying over the carpet, Jennie concentrated on how pretty she looked. From between her tanned Asian legs, her golden stream of hot pee continued to spray out of her fleshy fanny lips and fall in a continuing shower over the dark red carpet. Still pissing over the carpet, Jennie started to swap her hips from side to side causing her spraying jet of yellow pee to waver in a trail over the carpet. Suddenly she giggled and finally looked down at her fanny to see what a mess she was making. Sure enough, the carpet was now covered in a damp stain where her piss stream had washed over it. Wanting to enjoy her pee even more, Jeri took a step closer to the mirror, moving her black haired cunt up to the dresser. As she had not stopped pissing, her golden jet of hot pee instantly started to wash over the wood. Pulling off her underwear her gazed into the mirror and took in the sight of her self pissing over the drawer. Sure enough her little jet of golden gushing wee was still squirting out of her pussy as she relieved herself over the wood. The table top was now covered with a growing puddle of cooling pee, which was still being added to by Jeri’s squirting stream of piss. She was reaching the end of her pee now and she knew she only had a few seconds of piss left. Quickly she reached down to the dresser and pulled open the top right hand drawer. Then without wasting a second she directly her squirting stream of piss away from the dresser top and finished off her pee by doing it into the open drawer watching as her golden rain pattered down around the make up items inside. It was great disappointment when her pee slowly began to wane and then vanish as she exhausted her supply of pee. Not wanting her toilet to finish so soon, she continued to stand with her pussy lips aimed into the piss sodden drawer desperately trying to have another pee into its innards. After several seconds of straining Jennie’s body responded and her pussy lips parted one more time to allow a quick squirt of yellow pee to come shooting out of her crotch and spray into the waiting drawer.


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Ive read some of the leaky_one stories before, but some of them are now posted here, I have never seen before.

Thanks a lot for this awesome stories, leaky_one is the institution when it comes to naughty peeing.

Very,very good !!!

Thanks a lot again !

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  • 1 year later...
37 minutes ago, lesley said:

For those that might be interested, I have returned, my personal pee story collection now in excess of 450. I am posting on this site and others so hopefully you can stock up. As always, my heartfelt thanks to those who have been so positive in their feedback. Best wishes, L. 

Oh man, if I could sit down on a nice cold day with a warm drink, i'd read all those stories! Maybe one day we'll get to see those 450 stories (for the last few years, i've always been wishing there were more of your stories I could read, you're simply the best in the field)

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  • 3 months later...
  • 4 years later...

I forgot about some of these great stories, and think that after all this time this thread deserves bumping.

I hope Leaky_One herself, who has since then joined this forum under the username @lesley and posted more great stories more recently, doesn't mind

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2 hours ago, lesley said:

I'm glad that others appreciate my little tales of wet michief. I just wish that I didn't have to work so hard to make ends meet in these terrible times and could find the time to write some more...


Holy damn you are actually here? Feeling kinda starstruck lol, these stories have always been the holy grail of pee erotica to me. And good luck with the tought times btw, hopefully everything will turn out for the better in the end 😉


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On 10/5/2023 at 3:36 AM, lesley said:

I'm glad that others appreciate my little tales of wet michief. I just wish that I didn't have to work so hard to make ends meet in these terrible times and could find the time to write some more...


I'm sure you'd sell a bulk collection of your stories. I know you still have several you never posted / published online. Plenty of people'd pay a couple to 10 bucks to get a whole collection.

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