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Leaky_One's stories

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This is a thread designed exclusively for the posting of Leaky_One's stories, and any comments about them. Anyone who posts one of her stories here, please make clear that it is her work to ensure that she is given due credit...I will post the first one....

Girls peeing in the office.

Setting: It has been the night of the office Christmas party. All the staff members have had a fantastic time and have enjoyed both the free drink and each other. After the party, Lesley, the office manager has persuaded a group of the girls to head back to the office for one last drink from a secret stash she has hidden away. A number of the girls agree and soon they are sitting in the warm upper office, drinking free wine and telling sex stories. It is only when Lesley reveals that she likes to pee in the Ladies sink rather than use the toilet that the stories turn to a wetter subject. It isn't long before Jen then admits to having had a sneaky pee in the conference room. This confession spurs on Lindsey to reveal her own dark secret about peeing in the filing cabinets one night when she was accidentally locked in. The girls are all so drunk by now that it takes little persuasion on Lesley's behalf to get the girls to all agree to have a naughty piss somewhere in the office. With the Christmas holidays upon them, any wet stains will soon dry over the coming holidays. One by one the girls set about finding themselves a suitable location before making a start.

Lindsey was sat in her chair, naked from the waist downwards. Underneath her desk, the attractive raven haired beauty had her legs spread wide. Her trimmed black triangle of pubic hairs tapered down between her thighs to her fleshy pussy lips that guarded her pee hole from normal view. Not so now for as she sat at her desk, she was busily taking a hot squirting piss all over the carpeted floor below. Her golden rain fell between her slender legs in a continuing downpour as she enjoyed the delicious sensation of relief as her bladder emptied. Lindsey's fun was all the more complete for having her toilet at her desk. How she wished she could do this everyday. What a joy it would be to simply part her legs and take a piss all over the floor when ever she wanted.

The soft hiss and patter of Lindsey's toilet landing on the carpet under her desk could just be heard by her friend Emma, who was busily pulling down her tan pants and white thong before getting ready for a naughty piss of her own. As soon as her underwear had landed on the ground, she bent down for a sneak peak under Lindsey's desk. Sure enough she could quite clearly see Lindsey's pee shower as it fell down onto a growing damp stain on the carpet. Emma really wanted to witness the sight of Lindsey's pussy piss as it squirted from her gorgeous lower lips. It had been some time since the two of them had fucked each other after pissing over the carpet together at a party. The memory of their girl on girl action seemed like a life time away. It was sheer torture to know that Lindsey's pee flaps were open now and yet not being able to witness her friend's pussy in action.

Unfortunately Emma badly needed to pee. The flood of memories that seeing Lindsey having a pee under the desk had caused, was making Emma ready to start pissing at any second. Quickly she grabbed her office chair and pulled it out from its recess under the desk. Placing her large and naked bum cheeks down in the course brown material she leant back and aimed her pussy upwards. It was then that she let loose on the desperate urge in her bladder. The feeling of her pee rushing through her body on its way to her shaven pee slit filled Emma's mind. Her hot urine reached its point of exit and jetted its way into the waiting world. Immediately a thick, fast flowing torrent of piss squirted away from Emma's pee hole and formed a twisting arc in the air above her desk. Gravity caught her shooting pee shower and brought it downwards bringing to bear upon her desk top and her computer keyboard. Emma gasped in delight at the sight of her pee shower vandalised the IT equipment and desperately squirted harder in an attempt to reach her monitor with her piss downpour. At this point Lindsey looked up and away from the squirting fountain of pee she was sending under her desk. Immediately she was captivated by the sight of her friend pissing in such an incredible naughty and incredible manner.

Lindsey was not the only person who was entranced by Emma's display of golden relief over her desk. Jen had been on her way past when she had witnessed Emma bending down to take a peek at Lindsey's pee shower under the desk. As Emma had stood up, Jen had been rewarded with a fantastic view of her cleavage down Emma's top. The only thing that hadn't been revealed in this wonderful voyeuristic moment was Emma's no doubt gorgeously formed nipples still hidden in her slim bra. Jen's attention was immediately redirected as Emma's naked lower body and hairless pussy slit came into view. Emma didn't notice Jen's watchful gaze or the hand that Jen had slipped between her legs as she visualised tasting Emma's pussy lips.

Once Emma had actually started to pee, it had been simply too much for Jen to bear. Rushing down the office she reached the area of desks where she and her team were situated. Grabbing her boss's large coffee mug she slammed it down on the desk in front of her. With fumbling fingers she muddled with the fastener to her black cotton pants. Seconds later and her white panties were sliding down her legs allowing her auburn haired pussy and wide bum cheeks to come into view. Jen only just managed to position herself correctly when the need to pee overcame her and her muff lips parted to allow her golden piss to come squirting out. Her hot urine flowed from her open hole and sprayed into the mug she had placed on the desk. She cupped her bare bum cheeks with her hands to help her stand upright whilst continuing her toilet. Her buttocks felt lovely and warm but this was nothing to the sensation of being able to pee into her boss's coffee mug whilst surrounded by a room of women carrying out a similar naughty deed.

On her way to her desk and her much needed slash into Bob's coffee mug, Jen had passed the form of Julie, the new office temp. The petite blond had removed her panties and placed them in the open drawer of a nearby filing cabinet. Once free of her underwear, Julie had squatted down by the side of the photocopier and started to have a pee of her own over the floor. Between her feet was already a substantial piss puddle which was continuing to grow as her hot urine splashed down on the tiled area around the photocopier. She had originally intended to try having her pee on the open lid of the copier whilst it scanned her in full flow. It was only as Natasha, another office raven haired beauty, with short cropped hair, had guessed her intentions, and had warned her not to try.

Natasha for her own part was enjoying a piss of her own. Between her parted legs, a thick stream of squirting urine was currently jetting down over a pile of paperwork on her shared desk area. Already the papers were curling and turning yellow as Natasha's pee shower rained all over them. Natasha had a wonderful figure, her firm bum cheeks a constant distraction for the men in the office. Now those wonderfully pert toned buttocks were hovering only inches away from the desk she was busily enjoying pissing over. Small running streams of urine were trickling away from the paper stack Natasha was currently relieving herself over. One such stream had already reached the desk edge and was now dripping down to the floor below. Natasha's peeing caused a steady hiss and patter as her golden rain continued to spray over the stacked paper pile. This only served to excite her more and she squeezed even harder as a result. Her hot jetting piss fountain wavered in the area before moving on to spray a fresh are with her yellow flowing urine.

A fit of giggling had erupted from the far end of the office. For a moment Natasha looked up from watching her squirting pee shower. Unable to see the culprits but recognising Dionne's naughty laughter, she resumed watching her golden fun. Dionne was in fact, out of sight, sitting on her bare buttocks on the carpeted floor. Directly in front and above her on the Quality manager's desk was the completely naked form of Hayleigh, the latest member to join the Sales team. Her clothes were discarded in a pile by the waste bin muddled in amongst Dionne's clothes. Hayleigh was staring down her body through the grove between her large breasts ignoring the sight of her hardened nipples surround by their red welts. She was more interested in the sight of her hairy blond muff now posed over Dionne's naked body. Another giggle signalled the start of a new bout of pissing from Hayleigh's pussy. A long curving arc of flowing piss flew through the air on its way downwards to cover Dionne's nude tits in a deluge of hot pee. Hayleigh's golden shower didn't let up this time unlike the first couple of squirts she had pissed over Dionne's bare flesh. Now her piss was in full flow; a fat squirting stream of body warmed pee, splashing down to rain over the other girl's ample bosom. The carpet around Dionne's body was covered in splashes and spots of Hayleigh's spent pee. Meanwhile her main golden stream continued to wash over Dionne's chest sending rivulets of spent piss running in trails over the girl's warm flesh.

Fran, one of the office supervisors, a pretty brunette with sparkling brown eyes, had her own history of peeing around the office in naughty locations. As such she initially struggled to find a new place to have a piss that she hadn't already tried. In the end, she cheated. Opening the upper story door that led down a flight of metal stairs into the factory, Fran started to disrobe. Once her pants and black thong were resting around her ankles, she used the metal stair railing to pull herself upwards. Once up and on the metal with its cold chill emanating through her bare buttocks, she slowly pulled herself backwards to allow her pussy a clear aim at the factory floor below. Steadying herself with her hands she waited a moment for her relief to build. With a signal to her bladder Fran allowed her hot waiting pee to run through her body on its way to her waiting pussy hole. A second later and she moved into full flow. Under her body a hot squirting pussy shower was now falling to the ground some distance below. Fran reckoned she had been peeing for a good couple of seconds before a loud pattering sound from below signalled the arrival of her piss on the factory floor. The sound echoed in the large space of the deserted building. This was an even bigger turn on for Fran who hadn't done something like this since she had filmed herself peeing through a crack in the attic wall. Still peeing for all she was worth, Fran recalled the film footage of her squirting yellow shower as it had shot from the gap in the wall before proceeding to rain downwards and splattering over the factory floor, three stories below. The warmth of her squirting piss shower coming from under her bum was a stark contrast to the metal she was holding and perching upon. Having a pee like this was simply awesome fun and she wished Lesley had thought of her idea sooner.

The one remaining female in the upstairs office was Paula. This extremely attractive brunette was a little too prim and proper to enjoy the show Hayleigh and Dionne were putting on. Instead she had found herself a quite corner and had removed her white panties from around her pubic area. Now her skirt was lifted out of harms way whilst she busied herself with the act of pissing from a standing pose straight into one of the tall paper recycling bins. A thin stream of clear urine was squirting from her parted lower lips as her pee hole opened wide. From behind, it was just possible to make out the naked curves of her perfect bum cheeks as they peeked from under her raised skirt. From the front it was a different matter. Paula's short mass of curly pubic hairs that formed a triangle around her pussy slit were a perfect contrast for the squirting stream of pee leaving her muff. From inside the paper bin was issuing the unmistakable sound of a woman having a piss. The sound gentle pattering sound was a wonderful accompaniment to the feeling of relief slowly building in her bladder as Paula continued her pee. This feeling was also being joined with another sensation; one of excitement. She had never expected that peeing in such a naughty manner could be so much fun.

All around the office the various females were now coming to the end of their respective toilets. Some wore embarrassed expressions whilst others such as Dionne and Hayleigh were too busy enjoying themselves to care. Finally Lesley the office manager emerged from the upstairs attic where she had been enjoying the thrill of urinating into various storage boxes and containers. Several cardboard containers were now so drenched in Lesley's piss that they had broken their sides and spilt yellow, pee stained papers to the floor. Taking charge Lesley urged the girls to gather their clothing. One by one, the office staff donned their panties and thongs, trousers and skirts, before assembling by the exit door. Lesley made sure to point out that the activities of the night were to be a strict secret amongst them and not to be spoken about outside of work. When she had finally seen them all out into the darkness of the early morning, she quickly locked the outside door. Once back upstairs she removed all her clothes and drunk several full cups worth of water from the dispensing machine. Whilst waiting for her bladder to fill again, Lesley wandered around the office enjoying the various wet stains that the girls had left behind.

The wet desk where Natasha had enjoyed her pee still glistened in the overhead lights. By the photocopier was a large piss satin on the carpet similar to the one lying under Lindsey's desk where the office favourite had squirted her pee shower. Emma's keyboard was lying in a cooling golden puddle made when the auburn haired girl had pissed all over it. She nearly missed the pee filled cup on Jen's desk but stopped as it caught her eye. Experimentally she moved the lip of the cup down to her own pussy and for several seconds allowed a little squirt of pee to escape her own lower lips. Bob was definitely in for a surprise if nobody emptied this cup after the holidays!

Pissing into the mug which was already holding Jen's piss was quite a turn on for Lesley and after she had finished her own little pee into its mouth, she fingered herself for several wonderful moments. Regaining her composure she resumed her slow survey of the piss stained office. Next up was the damp piss marks on the carpet where Hayleigh had showered Dionne's body with her golden rain. One very large stain growing outwards from its base revealed quite clearly that Dionne had peed over the carpet either during her yellow piss shower or afterwards. With a secret smile Lesley started to move on. She knew quite well that the girls had gone home together and where probably already now busily fucking one another. Lesley stopped for a moment and turned back to the desk. It only took a moment to place her bare bum cheeks against the cold wood of the desk where Hayleigh had been squatting earlier. It then took little effort to allow a quick squirt of her golden pee to rain downwards to join the piss patch on the floor made by the girls earlier. Once again Lesley's fingers found her love hole and she closed her eyes for a second whilst her fingers worked their magic. In her eyes she could easily imagine Hayleigh and Dionne in each others arms, their bare tits pushing up against each other as their pussies sought release from questing fingers.

Lesley was very tempted to bring herself off their and then. At almost the last moment she withdrew her fingers from her moist love hole and steadied her panting form against the desk. Before she left to try and find Paula's pee spot, Lesley took one more quick piss over the stained floor. A hot shower of raining yellow pee shot earthwards as Lesley stood with parted legs and her hot toilet shower squirting from her pussy hole.

It took a substantial effort to find Paula's pee spot and Lesley was on the verge of convincing herself that Paula had chickened out from the nights' activities. Suddenly she got a wonderful buzz when she spied the damp piss stained papers inside the recycling bin. Lesley couldn't resist and within seconds a new spray of hot pee was squirting in through the narrow mouth at the top of the bin. Lesley was so very tempted to enjoy a full pee into the bin but somehow managed to hold herself back. Now that she had the place to herself, there was one finally place she needed to go.

The door to the top of the stairs swung open without a sound. At the bottom of the stairwell was a window that looked onto the outside world. Blackness was the only thing it showed now. It took a minute for Lesley to position herself into a squat with her legs parted and her bush of pubic hairs aimed at the first step. It was with delicious relief when Lesley started to pee. There was no holding back this time and within moments, her squirting toilet shower had reached full strength. Now clear coloured pee was squirting out of the base of her muff at a prestigious rate, arching as it flew through the air. After momentarily pattering over the top step as she began her pee, her hot piss shower now hit the ground until the forth step, such was the force of her squirt.

The feeling was ecstasy, the thrill of finally being able to pee over the office stairs coupled with the reducing burning ache in her bladder. Between Lesley's legs her hot piss shower continued to flow through the empty air before descending in a pattering rain of her spent pee all over the carpeted stairwell. Spots and splashes of her urine had reached the walls adding to her thrill. Slowly she raised herself up not stopping her toilet for one second. Her piss fountain wandered uncertainly in the air before a twist of her naked hips brought the squirting stream issuing from the base of her legs, streaming over the one wall. Instantly her flowing piss shower started to run down the wall breaking momentarily at the skirting before reaching the already pee soaked carpet. Lesley was utter entranced by her act. Hot pee continued to jet from her uncovered muff vandalising both stairs and the wall with her delicious piss. Already her toilet shower was beginning to show signs of drooping. Desperately Lesley swung round to the opposite wall and peed over it for several long seconds before the shower of piss flowing from her pee hole waned and vanished.

Collapsing back on the top step, Lesley fingered herself to a thundering climax. She laid naked, spread across the floor by the stairway door, panting for breath as she waited for her reeling senses to return to normal. Finally sitting upright she admired the mess she had made with her pee and wished desperately that she could do it again. Unfortunately the morning hours were drawing on and Lesley knew it was time to leave. One by one, the lights in the office were extinguished until at last the one remaining switch was thrown and the office plunged into darkness. Locking the office door behind her, Lesley turned and walked the short distance to her waiting car. With one deep final sigh of fulfilment, Lesley ignited the vehicle's engine before driving through the open company gates and onto the side road that stretched the distance of the factory. As she hurried out of her car to seal the gates, her only hope was that next year the girls would once again agree to carry out another daring piss session in the company office.

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Another Leaky_One story....

Piss City Chapter One

The monorail wound its way through the neon lit city like a coiled serpent. Down in district 13 a lone carriage was making its way along the track. Inside its well lit interior were four occupants. The three college girls who sat on the back seat were well and truly intoxicated. An open bag beside them lay half filled with empty beer cans. They were giggling and laughing amongst themselves ignoring the sole remaining passenger who sat a safe distance away at the front of the carriage.

"I need a piss," suddenly whispered the first girl conspiratorially to the others. Her long red hair fell down her creamy back which was exposed by her low cut top which just hid her small but perfectly formed breasts from sight.

"Me too," said the second. She was a long legged blond with large silicon enhanced breasts which sat proudly underneath her half buttoned blouse.

"And me," continued the third girl. She was a short Latino with lightly browned skin and a body just built for sin. Her firm cleavage was on display, semi-hardened nipples poking out through the fabric of her white top.

"Lets piss here," suggested the red head.

"What about her?" enquired the Latino college girl, nodding in the direction of the woman sitting at the front.

"She'll not notice," said the blond, already lifting her wide bum cheeks off her seat. Questing fingers vanished up her skirt to emerge only seconds later with a slim white thong sliding down her legs. This only served to trigger another burst of giggling from the other girls who quickly mirrored her actions. Within mere moments all three college girls were naked underneath their short skirts.

The blond girl, who was obviously the leader of their trio, went first. Spreading her legs wide apart and sitting back on her seat, her delicious pussy slid into view. She was hairless; her pussy slit a deep groove in perfectly waxed skin, her little clit poking proudly out at the top. The Latino girl gasped in delight as immediately the blond started to piss. A strong squirting stream of clear coloured pee shot from the base of her vagina and flew through the air towards the back of the opposing seat. The strength of her piss was so great that her urine stream had only begun to form an arch in the air downwards, before it impacted messily over the plastic wall of the chair back.

Hot, wet piss streamed down the back of the chair as the blond girl continued her pee shower. Beside her the other two girls were getting ready to follow her lead. The pretty Latino had her own legs spread, her flesh touching the blond girl's outspread legs. This girl had shaved but had left a short fuzzy triangle of jet black hairs around her pussy slit. Suddenly from the base of her womanhood started to squirt a similar torrent of piss. Her pee stream was slightly more yellow in colour than the blonds' urine spray. It was also fatter and lacked the strength to reach the distance to the opposite chair wall. Instead, her hot pee arched downwards and began to patter noisily over the metal floor.

By now the red head had joined in. Her legs were spread, her full unshaved mass of bright red pubic hairs hiding her pussy lips from sight. This didn't however pose any obstacle to the jetting stream of piss which had now burst forth from her pee hole. She had deliberately leant back further in her chair aiming her pussy towards the ceiling. This meant that her fully golden piss shower was now squirting almost vertically upwards like in an impromptu water feature. Her pee stream rose upwards before forming a short flowing arch of urine and then crashing back down to land in a second piss puddle all over the metal floor of the carriage.

The noise of the three college girls relieving themselves at the back of the monorail was easily discernable to the carriages' other sole occupant. Naturally she was more than imitated by the three loud teenagers and their actions. She didn't dare turn round or give any indication that she was aware of their actions. However, listening to somebody else having a pee was having a somewhat adverse affect on her own bladder. She could feel the painful need inside her crying out for release. In her mind she was already fantasying about moving to the back of the carriage and asking if she could join in with a toilet of her own. She could already feel in her mind the cold carriage air against her bare skin as she slid down her tight jeans and white panties down her legs. She would then sit next to the three pissing girls and join in with her own flowing golden shower as she peed for all she was worth over the inviting carriage floor.

The woman's name was Lisa and she was a secretary by trade. Normally she was a very reserved person and the very fact she was having such outrageous thoughts was coming as quite a shock. Maybe it was the sheer lack of restraint the drunken college girls at the back were showing that was making her think this way? She could feel the butterflies dancing in her stomach as she changed her fantasy to that of one of sliding down her jeans and having a pee in her own seat. The press against her bladder was even worse now, her need to pee desperate. The girls at the back were obviously reaching the end of their own toilets. The pattering sound of their piss raining down on the metal floor was rapidly diminishing now.

Obviously if Lisa wanted a pee of her own over the floor then she was probably too late now. The sound her own piss stream would make as it hit the metal would alert the girls at the back to her actions. She dreaded the thought of them coming along and catching her with her pissing pussy on display. What was she going to do?

The answer to Lisa's dilemma arrived just then. Around her crotch suddenly formed a very warm and very wet sensation and she realised with horror that she had inadvertently lost control of her bladder. The warmness started to spread as the pressure in her bladder started to ease. By now Lisa had lost all control and sat in her seat with her hot piss squirting from her pussy lips and filling into her panties. The initial shock of realising she was pissing in her pants was now being replaced with a new feeling. She was actually enjoying the sensation going on around her crotch.

Her hot pee felt incredibly delicious as it flowed into her underwear which were now a sodden mess. Gazing down at the top of her jeans Lisa marvelled to the slowly spreading damp stain that was radiating outwards. Underneath its protective fabric she could clearly feel her pee as she squirted her piss out of her pussy hole. The inside of her thighs were now covered with hot pee as were her buttocks. The warmness continued to spread, absolutely wonderful as its magic touch crawled along more and more of her waiting flesh. Small trickles of spent urine were now running down her legs and escaping at her ankles. To her wonder she realised she now had a small pee puddle of her own sitting around her feet. She was in absolute heaven!

At the back of carriage with college girls had switched to a more traditional form of entertainment. The blond was locked in a passionate kiss with the red head. The Latino meanwhile had uncovered her perfect tits and was having them massage by the blonds' roaming hands whilst their owner carried out a suckling on the read head's exposed left nipple. The floor and opposing wall were covered in cooling piss which the girls had squirted out of their delicious pussies. It was these objects of passion which were now becoming the object of attention as the girls passions rose. Exploring fingers probed into the waiting warm wetness of another's vagina fuelling the desire of the girl in question. Before long fingers were replaced by long tongues seeking to explore every millimetre of their friends' womanhood. One thing led to another, every passing minute revealing more and supple skin as clothing came undone and was shed. Each girl was by now fully topples, their precious breasts on full display. Once again their legs were spread, their pussies exposed to the open world. This time however, it was not for pissing that they were parted.

Back at the front of the carriage, the attractive young secretary had finished her wonderful piss into her pants. The sounds coming from the back of the carriage as the college girls fucked one another were now enticing Lisa into another form of pleasure. Slowly she unzipped her jeans enjoying immensely the feel of the wet denim against her fingers. Staring down at the sight of her yellow soiled panties she pushed her right hand under their sealing elastic and probed downwards. Her fingers traced over her clit with playful attention before sliding onwards and into the incredibly warm wetness of her pussy hole. It felt so incredibly good, her emotions and sensations drowning her conscious mind as she fingered herself to a thundering climax.

In district 13, the monorail continued to slip through the neon parted darkness. The city for the most part, slept below. Inside the protective shell of the carriage now resided four deeply satisfied individuals, the stains of their spent pleasures now violating the once clean interior. Unrelenting, the monorail continued on its way, along its track and through the darkness.

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Steve, this might not be strictly legal - be careful

I checked with Admin and he said - publicly - that it should be ok. These stories are freely available on numerous freesites. If Admin says it's ok - and I did ask PUBLICLY, and he did respond and give the ok PUBLICLY - that's good enough for me.

I appreciate your concern, but I am doing the right thing and checking with those in charge first. If anyone owning an interest in these stories should raise with Admin any legal concerns I am sure he will delete this thread if necessary. Besides, I and at least one other person publicly posted Leaky_One stories on another forum - and it was ok there. And you know how much they worry about possible legal consequences.

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Another Leaky_One story...

Piss City Chapter 2

Piss City is a nameless place which could exist in so many different places. In the daytime it is a featureless grey concrete jungle home to the business man and woman. By night it is a teeming metropolis of gleaming neon lights and loose morality. From above falls the almost continual assault of the endless rain almost as if heaven is trying to wash away the many sins of the city. On that particular subject, this is a city of many sins and it is the night time when those who sin the most come out to play. On this particular evening we follow the events unfolding with several specific individuals with a particular fetish that needs exercising.

Natasha Wellingfield was a wealthy model who by her twenty third birthday had amassed a sizeable fortune of her own to compound the millions waiting in her trust fund when she turned twenty-five. Tall with a lithe although not skinny figure, she was an immediate eye catcher. Short cropped brunette hair, cut to the latest ultra extreme fashion highlighted her heart shaped face, petite nose and the green orbs of her hypnotic eyes. Naturally Natasha could have anybody she wanted with either her killer looks or endless supply of money. It was this ease of finding willing partners that bored her. There was no challenge, no thrill. Male, female, bi-sexual she had tried it all. What she wanted more than anything was the thrill of being naughty, like a schoolgirl all over again. Her youth had been a wonderful time when there had been so many taboos to break. One such particular thrill had been with her school mates when they would piss in all manner of naughty places. Since growing up, Natasha had forgotten the thrill of peeing where she shouldn't. That was at least until now.

The restaurant was an exclusive and very established place where only the very rich could wine and dine. No stranger to the establishment Natasha had reserved a table for herself that particular evening. Nobody questioned her desire to dine alone it being a privilege of those who needed privacy. A special table in one corner of the large room had been set aside for her needs. Imported exotic flowers created a partial barrier between Natasha's table and the rest of the large spacious dining area. Her chair was pulled back for her as she arrived and the waiter had enough sense to avert his eyes from the tempting display of her long slender legs as she sat down. The short skirt and lack of any panties didn't help but the waiter could only guess at the latter whilst admiring the former.

It took only a minute for Natasha to choose her meal selection and then was left in peace as the waiter departed. She had a few moments to herself before her expensive champagne was delivered. Settling down she allowed her legs to part under the table. The white tablecloth hung over on each side creating a nice border to help hide her planned activities. The carpet on the floor was as expensive as all the other decorations; plush and red. For Natasha this was perfect. What else could be better served to catch her golden pee as she sprinkled it all over the floor?

Natasha was still contemplating her coming toilet over the carpet when the waiter arrived. After placing the ice bucket in the centre of the large table he proceeded to pour Natasha a glass. She was extremely tempted to let out a little squirt of her golden shower as he did so, knowing full well that he would never be able to see her hidden pussy as her pee lips parted to let out her hot golden piss spray. It was an effort to resist but she really wanted to let her toilet out with full forth, revelling in the sensation as her piss hole opened to its fullest allowing her golden piss to squirt out at its maximum stream.

The waiter departed leaving Natasha alone with her naughty thoughts of peeing under the table. The air around her exposed shaved pussy made her feel so free and liberal. Over the gentle music from the piano being played near the entrance doors which was out of sight behind a set of potted ferns, Natasha could hear the quiet sounds of mixed conversations drifting in the air. It was a wonderful experience to be alone and yet in the company of others. It made was she was about to do even more pleasurable.

Picking up her champagne glass she examined its sparkling contents whilst testing the readiness of her bladder. She was definitely quite full which would certainly guarantee a fantastically long piss when she was ready to begin. The sparkling wine suddenly made her recall a champagne fountain she had seen performed at a recent party. How Natasha longed to have all those glasses stacked up beneath her bare pussy lips just waiting to be peed into. In her mind she visualised the sight and sensation that would accompany such a spectacle. She would of course be completely naked, her guests able to fantasise about fucking her even as she started to urinate. From her pussy lips would squirt a thick flowing stream of hot piss, jetting from her pee hole and immediately filling up the top glass. As her wonderful pee continued the volume of piss in the top glass would reach the rim before immediately running over and flowing into the two glasses below. Her golden stream would continue to squirt from her pussy lips entertaining her guests with a show like no other. In her mind Natasha imagined the applause and gasps of admiration at her skill in making her own pee filled glass fountain.

The arrival of her appetiser banished Natasha's thoughts of peeing in front of a crowd of her friends. She thanked the waitress who was a pretty young thing just out of her teenage years. The rich model watched the retreating form of the woman who had just served her with her thoughts and eyes focused on the extremely tight and well formed bum cheeks clearly visible in the tight cut of her black skirt. Now Natasha was horny as well as desperate to pee. It was all she could do to refrain from slipping one hand down past the elastic waistline of her own tight skirt to slip a finger into the moist wetness between her legs. Natasha decided there and then that after she had eaten and peed she would be inviting the waitress to accompany her back to her five star hotel room she kept permanently reserved in the centre of town for just such occasions.

That of course left Natasha with the task of getting on with her naughty toilet. She had waited long enough. Under the table she parted her legs even further apart. Her skirt was so extremely short cut that the bottom part of the fabric just reached the end of her bare posterior. This meant that her pussy lips had a completely unrestricted aim to the carpet she was about to soil with her pent up piss.

Closing her eyes Natasha focused on the need in her bladder. Slowly the burning urge started to move, tracing its way down her body to its waiting point of release at her pussy lips. The magical moment arrived. Sudden warmth between her thighs accompanied the start of her toilet. 'She was doing it, peeing under the table whilst sitting in one of the top eating establishments in town!' she told herself with the deepest of thrills. The feeling was ecstatic, that of desperate bladder relief coupled with the raw thrill of doing something so incredibly naughty and sexually liberating.

The softest of pattering sounds coming from the only table was her clue to the fact that her golden pussy shower was now raining over the expensive carpet and soaking into the thick material. In her mind she imagined the view under the table as her strong flowing piss stream sprayed downwards between her long legs. Still in the act of pissing over the restaurant floor, she picked up her fork and played with a piece of lettuce on her plate. The feeling of pissing like this was truly earth shattering! More than ever she just wanted to play with herself once her toilet was done.

Natasha's eyes settled on the ice bucket containing the champagne bottle. The naughtiest of ideas floated into her head. It was no longer enough to simply pee over the carpet, she wanted to urinate into the bucket as well. After a quick look around to see if anybody was on their way to her particular shielded part of the restaurant, Natasha reached over to the large silver bucket on the tablecloth. Between her legs her golden piss shower had already reduced itself to just a trickle in preparation for her next spot of relief.

The bucket moved off the table and downwards. Pushing her chair backwards Natasha gasped at the delicious sight of the dark stain on the plush red carpet where her hot shower of pee had landed. Her shaved pussy looked incredibly gorgeous as she lined it up to the ice bucket she was moving into the open air between her legs. It looked even better when she started to pee again. From the deep groove in her pussy started to spray a lightly coloured yellow stream of shooting urine as Natasha started to take a piss over the ice contained inside the bucket. The champagne bottle had stayed on the table as she had no desire just yet to dilute the expensive liquid with her pussy urine.

Staring at the sight of her toilet, she watched as her pee squirted over the rim of the bucket before pattering over the ice which was already beginning to melt as Natasha's hot urine raised its temperature. Wanting to get as big a thrill as possible Natasha allowed her squirting pee shower to wander over the rim of the bucket so she could witness herself pissing over the floor. Seeing the long flowing stream flowing downwards before pattering over a new spot on the carpet was almost too much! Natasha felt herself on the verge of an orgasm, so intense was the sexual arousal from her disgustingly naughty and perverse act. Stifling a groan of desire she focused on doing the remainder of her pee into the ice bucket before quickly replacing it on the table. Her toilet was now done but she was as horny as ever. Desperately she wanted to pee again. Part of her mind hungered with a burning desire. She was already fantasising about clambering up onto the table before squatting down so that her bare buttocks hovered over the tablecloth. Then she would subject it to a deluge of her pussy pee. Another part of her wanted to call back the pretty waitress and play piss games with her. How intoxicating it would be to squirt her toilet over the woman's waitress uniform and then pee into her open mouth as she knelt in submission to Natasha's every whim. With Natasha's extreme wealth she was pretty certain that she could get anybody to do anything for money!

In the end it was too much. After pushing her chair back under the table to try and hide the sight of the mess she had made, she fled to the toilets. Once in the privacy of one of the cubicles she wasted no time and quickly brought herself off with one probing digit in and out of her moist love tunnel. The sounds of her animalistic groaning threatened to draw the most unwelcome of attention but in the end she reached her climax without interruption. Afterwards she returned sheepishly to her table hoping against hope that none of the waiting staff had discovered her activities. Fortunately the damp stain on the carpet was hidden by the overhang of the tablecloth and it was unlikely that anybody had peered into the bucket to discover the telltale yellow coloured ice where Natasha's pee had flowed.

She enjoyed an exquisite meal, slowly filling her bladder with champagne ready to be peed out over the floor. By the time her desert had arrived Natasha was more than ready for another piss. This time she tried to hold back with the force of her pee as she released the hold on her bladder, allowing her hot yellow pee to leak slowly from her pussy crack. It was a lot harder to relieve her pee in this way but the wonderful sensation certainly lasted a lot longer. She was approaching the end of her latest piss over the restaurant carpet when she had a wonderful idea. The champagne had all been consumed during the course of the evening and her glass was now empty. As she slipped it between her legs so she could enjoy the sensation of pissing into it, she wondered if any of the staff would be tempted to drink from her glass after she had departed. After all if they believed she had left behind some of the extremely expensive vintage they just try a sip. Natasha smiled to herself as she formed a mental image of one of the waiters drinking from her glass only to discover that he was drinking Natasha's piss!

On the way out Natasha ensured she left a rather generous tip. If nothing else it would help pay for any lasting damage her two toilets had made to the carpet. Also as the rich model had suspected, the lovely young waitress was more than happy to quit her nightshift prematurely for a large wad of cash and the promise of a most enjoyable evening spent fucking in a five star hotel. Natasha hadn't mentioned her golden shower fetish but felt that it would pose little inhibition to her new found conquest once the drugs had put in an appearance!

So it goes! Another sinner goes off to sin some more corrupting another individual along the way. The details of the events that occurred in that hotel room are a tale for later. The night in Piss City is still young and there are many other individuals out there, satisfying their secret longings and desires. Contain your imagination with thoughts of golden relief and find out more in the next pending instalment...

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Originally by Leaky_One

Pissing at the Local Gym, Chapter One

Angela's workout session had been a long one and her toned body was covered in sweat as she headed into the changing rooms. She soon disrobed from her clinging gym wear and quickly walked across the cold floor tiles to where the rows of showers were hidden around a corner. Moments later and hot water was flowing over her naked body washing over her young, firm breasts before running down to cover her hard stomach. Alt the tender age of twenty two, Angela had a voluptuous figure, a fine testament to the hours she had been putting in at the gym since she had turned eighteen.

Having dressed again, she was in the finally moments of preparing to leave. Heading over to the long line of sinks in the small section of room separated for toilets and showers, she crossed the tiled floor to an empty bowl. Stood next to her another young woman was completely naked. Ignoring the woman on her left, Angela bent forwards over the sink to better see her reflection in the mirror allowing her to apply her lipstick. She was halfway through this task when something caught her eye. Glancing down to the adjacent sink bowl where a glimpse of movement had caught her attention she was shocked to see a thick flowing stream of golden urine flowing over the bowl surface and vanishing down the plug hole. Trying to hide her surprise she turned her head slightly to trace the flowing pee stream back to its source. Sure enough, the pussy lips of the woman beside her were parted allowing her pee hole to squirt a golden spray of piss into the sink basin. Trying to regain her composure, Angela continued applying her lipstick. However she couldn't take her gaze from the sight of this woman's pussy emptying her pee into the gym sink. Fortunately the naked woman was so focused on squirting her piss into the sink that she didn't notice Angela's wandering gaze.

The bright stream of urine flowing out of the woman's muff was beginning to wane now. Not wanting her voyeurism to be discovered, Angela took a quick glance upwards at the woman's reflection in the mirror. She was tall, attractive and a natural blonde with her rose bud nipples fully erect on her large ample breasts.

'Had the effect of peeing into the sink turned her on?' Angela wondered as she looked away. In her mind she wondered what it must be like to simply walk up to a sink before starting to relieve her bladder's supply of hot piss into its innards. Beside her, the nude woman was washing down the sink, hiding all traces of having taken her toilet into the bowl from sight. As the other woman turned and left without so much as a second glance in Angela's direction, Angela found herself unable to leave. She really wanted nothing more than to pull down her pants and take a piss of her own into the sink bowl, seeing in the process her own shower of golden pee flowing over the clean ceramic surface. Unfortunately Angel had peed in the shower and was completely empty now. Reluctantly she forced herself away from the sinks and headed back to her locker to collect the rest of her things.

Two days later, Angela was back at the gym. She had been training hard as usual and her lean, toned frame was covered in sweat. However, she had been careful to ensure she had lots to drink whilst she had been working out, in order to ensure a full bladder for the end of her session. Over the last few days she had relived the sight of the naked woman taking a piss in the sink bowl, over and over again. She had even masturbated in her bathroom, her gaze fixed on the sink bowl whilst her vibrator pulsed inside her pussy, bringing her to climax.

Today her mind was made up. If the blond woman could have a pee in the sink in the changing rooms then there should be no reason whilst she couldn't as well. A tight knot of excitement was starting to build as Angela entered the changing rooms. The area around the lockers was empty but several voices coming from the direction of the showers told her that she was not alone. The knot in her belly grew even more as she started to slide off her gym clothes, exposing her creamy bare skin. She stared intently at her crotch as she slowly pulled down her white panties, exposing the triangle of dark curly pubic hairs nestled between her thighs. As her pee slit came into view Angela realised just how desperate she was to piss. 'This was going to be a monster pee,' she told herself kicking off her clothing from around her ankles. Grabbing her large white towel, Angela headed towards the waiting sinks.

Moments later and she was in place. Her towel lay on the side next to the long slung sink, her black haired pussy triangle hovering over the rim of the bowl. It took very little effort for Angela to begin her toilet. One second her pussy flaps were closed, the next, a thick squirt of clear hot pussy piss was shooting out of her lower lips and into the sink. The sensation of pissing into the sink bowl was delicious and Angela savoured every second, watching the moments passed and her stream of piss continued to shoot into the bowl. As her urine arched downwards and impacted over the ceramic bowl surface, it formed a fast flowing stream of spent piss tracing its way into the waiting plug hole where it vanished into the drains with a soft gurgling sound. Angela was pissing as hard as she could determined to make a much mess as she could with her piss, vandalising the once clean sink with a sheen of her spent pee. How she wished that her piss was more golden in colour as to leave a more obvious stain on the ceramic, but the volume of filtered water she had drunk in the gym had purified her system. 'Not to worry, this is still an awesome thrill!' she thought, still happily urinating into the bowl.

Suddenly Angela realised she was not alone. It was with sheer horror when she looked up away from the sight of her flowing pee stream gushing out of her muff and into the sink bowl, to find that a much older woman had joined her at the sinks. Their eyes met their respective gazes both rising up from the sight of Angela's pee stream squirting into the sink bowl. From the frown on the woman's face it was obvious that Angela was going to be in trouble.

"Young lady," the older woman said. She was in her mid forties, a heavy set figure with greying hair worn in a bob.

"I've never struggled to find the toilets before now. I presume therefore that you shouldn't have any problem either? You do know that people use these sinks for washing in and not as a make shift latrine?"

'Oh god!' thought Angela. 'What should I say?' Between her thighs the flowing stream of piss emanating from her pussy had suddenly ceased to flow. She never got the chance to reply as the older woman simply turned and marched off vanishing from sight around the corner. A second later came the sound of the changing room door closing. Angela knew that this meant she was going to be in big trouble. Looking down at her exposed muff between her legs Angela realised she couldn't even risk finishing off her pee into the bowl. Grabbing her towel she rushed into the showers where she washed as quickly as possible. The remainder of her toilet was done squatting over the drain hole in the shower floor; her pee flowing out of her pussy lips and mingling with the shower water. Dressing afterwards was an urgent affair. As she headed down the stairs towards the exit by the reception desks she saw the woman from before pointing her out to the pretty gym trainer; Rachel.

As she reached the bottom of the stairs, Rachel came from around the reception desk and headed her off before she could reach the doors and escape.

"Can I have a quick word before you go?" Rachel said, giving Angela a quick diplomatic smile.

"Yes, sure," Angela found herself replying. This was it! She was going to get booted from the gym and probably publically disgraced as well.

Leading Angela into the small assessment room set aside from the gym floor, Rachel motioned towards the chair facing the small desk. As Angela sat down, Rachel took her own seat on the opposite side.

"Err, this is a bit awkward," Rachel began. "We've had a complaint from another gym member with regards to your activities in the changing rooms". She paused as she noticed Angela starting to go red.

"Apparently you were doing something in a sink that you shouldn't have been doing?" Rachel said, resuming the conversation.

"I don't know why I did it," Angela suddenly blurted it. "I was having a wash and suddenly it just started to happen."

"So you admit you took a pee in a sink bowl?" asked Rachel quietly.

Realising she had just admitted her own guilt Angela could do nothing but nod, her red blush deepening.

"Shall I let you into a little secret?" Rachel suddenly said, conspiratorially. Angela nodded incapable of saying anything for the moment. She was deeply embarrassed at having been reported to the gym staff and wondered as to what level her public shame would be when she was asked to leave the premises. What came next was a complete shock to her.

"Well", continued Rachel, "we all know about the fact that quite a few of the female gym members are relieving themselves in unusual locations in the changing room and it looks like you just happened to choose the wrong member to pee in front of."

"You're joking?" Rachel blurted out, not believing her ears.

"I've seen girls peeing in the changing rooms before now. I've even seen two girls having a contest to see which one could piss the longest distance. They were both naked and soaking wet from the showers and they just came and plonked their bums down on a bench, spread their legs and then started pissing. You wouldn't believe how far across the room they managed to reach."

"Were you not annoyed about the mess?" Angela asked quietly.

"No. We hose down the entire room every night anyway. Besides I like to have a bit of fun as well."

"You mean you pee in the sinks as well?" gasped Angela.

"Well no. I'm too short for using the sinks. I tend to go in a locker or in the waste bin or nip round into the showers and piss over the floor instead."

"What do you mean, go in a locker?" Angela giggled at the thought.

"It's easy. Take your clothes, stick your muff up to the open door and take a piss inside. It's great fun and makes a wicked sound; your pee raining down all over the metal insides!"

"Oh I'd love to try that," Angela said, in her mind imaging how much fun it would be to squirt her own pussy shower into an open metal locker. "But I'm afraid I'll get caught again and reported".

"Don't worry about that. Nobody else will know and I'll just tell the woman who complained that we gave you a hefty fine. If you want to try peeing in a locker, meet me after your session tonight. If we wait until everybody has gone home we'll have the place to ourselves."

"Wow! Are you sure?" gasped Angela not believing what she was hearing.

"You don't believe me, do you?" asked Rachel. "I tell you what..." and got up from her chair. Moving to the window she fiddled with the blind controller until the metal slits meshed together shutting off the sight of the gym beyond. Passing Angela, Rachel walked to the door and turned the lock.

"Normally we wouldn't do this so early in the evening but I don't think anybody else will be in here tonight".

Angela had turned in her seat to watch Rachel lock the door. Now as the gym girl moved back to the desk she rotated back again curious as to what this pretty young girl had in mind. What Rachel did next was certainly a surprise. With a deep breath Rachel reached up to her waist and with one deft motion drew down both her gym pants and her slim white thong. Angela watched with trepidation as Rachel sat her nude buttocks down on the very edge of the office chair, her legs parted to give Angela a perfect view of her shaved pussy. She tried not to gasp in amazement as Rachel then proceeded to take a piss. Immediately her pussy lips parting to allow a thin stream of golden urine to come squirting out of her hairless crotch and to form a flowing fountain of pee down to the office carpet below.

As Rachel's piss pattered down over the floor, a small growing damp stain started to form, growing by the second as Rachel continuing peeing.

"See, you're not the only girl who likes to pee where she shouldn't," Rachel giggled. Between her legs her golden fountain flowing out of her bare muff showed no sigh on abating.

"That looks fantastic" breathed Angela. In her wildest dreams she would never had imagined that this is what happened behind the scenes at the gym.

"I best stop," said Angela, the golden stream of piss leaving her pussy slit beginning to dwindle. As her pee stream vanished from sight, she continued "We daren't leave too big a stain on the floor in case it doesn't dry by morning."

Standing up, Rachel bent down to retrieve her lower garments. Pulling them up her well toned legs, she covered her muff from view again. Taking a step over the damp piss stain on the carpet, she motioned Angela towards the door.

"I'll see you later after closing and I'll let you have another go. Meet me in the changing rooms after 10pm. OK?"

Angela nodded in eager agreement. Going through the open door she headed back up the stairs and into the changing rooms. Her costume was cold and damp but she didn't care as she pulled it on over her skin. The next couple of hours would soon pass and then she was going to have some great fun with her new found friend.

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A Leaky_One story...

Pissing at the Local Gym, Chapter Two

Trying not to look too excited, Angela left the changing rooms with a tight knot of excitement in her belly. Not only had she escaped being reported for taking a piss in the changing room sinks, she had now been invited to go back and have another naughty pee. This time she wouldn't be alone. Instead she would be joined by the pretty blond Rachel; both of them half naked squirting their golden showers out of their pussies where ever they liked. The next two hours were the longest of Angela's life. She found she couldn't concentrate on her training, her mind too full of excitement at the upcoming event. She found herself drinking large quantities of water which she couldn't keep inside her. Every time she had to go back to the changing rooms to pee she felt cheated, so she drank even more when she came out.

She was desperate to have as much pee inside her as possible when 10pm finally arrived. On one such visit to the toilet Angela noticed an abandoned towel lying on a bench by an open locker. Looking around to ensure nobody noticed she quickly grabbed the towel and ran into the nearest cubicle. Once stripped out of her tight gym outfit, she squatted down on the toilet seat and jammed the towel between her legs. It was a delicious feeling to then start peeing and to feel her warm piss squirting out of her pussy lips before spraying into the towelling held between her thighs. As more and more hot pee flowed out of Angela's lower lips, the towel became more and more saturated with her pee until and several long moments of wonderful pissing, the towel began to drip spent urine into the towel bowl. This drip became a steady flow as Angela's flowing pee stream soaked into the towel and then back out again as the material released its captured piss. By the time Angela had finished her pee, the towel was one big urine stained mess. Moving it out of the space between her legs, Angela gave it a good squeeze to get rid of most of the urine still held inside the fabric. Warm pee ran through her fingers and fell into the toilet with a loud pattering sound. As soon as the towel was safe to transport without leaving a tell tale stream of piss over the tiled floor, Angela opened the cubicle door and made her way back to the gym, casually throwing the towel to the floor on her way. Once back on the treadmill Angela closed her eyes and relived the moment in her mind recalling how good it had felt to take a piss into towel belonging to somebody else and how easy it had been to get away with it.

Finally closing time arrived. As the last few women emptied out of the changing room door, Angela made a show of getting ready to leave. Just then the door swung open and Rachel walked in another girl behind her.

'Damn,' though Angela presuming that this meant she wouldn't be getting her chance to have a pee in one of the lockers.

"Hi! Angela. Meet Tiffany. She wants to join us tonight and I didn't think you'd mind?"

"Hello," Angela said blushing. The new girl had long red hair flowing down past her shoulders to mid way down her back. She was pretty with freckles and thin lips which formed a smile as she returned the greeting.

"Don't mind me," said Tiffany. "I'll be over there," nodding in the direction of the sink area.

"Do you want to choose a locker?" Rachel asked drawing Angela's attention away from the sway of Tiffany's bum cheeks as she crossed the room away from them.

"What, oh yes. How about this one?" Angela said pointing to the locker directly in front of her.

"Any will do," Rachel replied starting to pull down her pants revealing the white thong Angela had seen earlier. "Just save some of your pee as you'll need some for later."

Angela thought it best not to ask after this comment so instead she started to disrobe. She felt a bit strange as she positioned herself with her exposed pussy stuck up to the tall opening of the metal locker. She was completely nude where-as Rachel had left on her top garments hiding her small pert breasts from sight. Angela's own nipples were already hardened, the coming thrill exciting her more and more as she got ready to pee. Rachel had now come to stand by the side of her, sticking her own uncovered muff up to the opening of the next locker along.

"Ready?" Rachel asked.

For a brief moment Angela wondered what had happened to Tiffany before a loud pattering sound coming from the direction of Rachel's locker made her realise that the gym girl had not waited for her before starting to take a piss. Desperately Angela tried to relax enough to start her own pee. As her bladder was fit to bursting, this only took a couple of seconds before her own pussy lips parted and a wide gushing torrent of hot piss erupted out of her pee hole and start to arch downwards to the locker floor. A loud pattering noise announced the arrival of her piss stream hitting the metal bottom which gave Angela an even bigger turn on as she realised that it would be quite clear to Rachel that she was now peeing into the locker. She stole a quick glance to her side where Rachel was engrossed with her own piss. She was stood far enough back to allow Angela to get a good look at the stream of piss squirting out of her muff lips and into the metal locker in front of her.

Rachel was swaying her hips from side to side which in turn was causing her arching piss stream to splash and play over the metal walls and floor of the locker. Returning her attention to her own toilet, Angela cupped her hands around her wide bum cheeks and forcing her muff closer to the locker opening. From inside the metal cabinet, the sound of her piss washing over the walls and floor could still be clearly heard. This was fantastic fun as she stood there busily pissing into a gym locker with one of the gym girls doing exactly the same only next door. She was so entranced with squirting her pee into the wide metal opening that it took several seconds to realise that Rachel had stopped pissing and was now talking to her.

"Try and stop. There are some other places I want to show you," Rachel said. Angela nodded and tried to desperately to stop her piss. This proved to be quite difficult due to the fact that she still had so much pee inside her. Plus it was such a thrill to simply stand and do her pee into one of these lockers. Slowly the squirting stream emanating from her pee hole dwindled and vanished from sight as she forced her pussy slit shut. Taking a step back from the locker she admired her handiwork inside. The metal walls clearly showed a tell tale stain where her urine had flowed over them, whilst a large cooling puddle lay on the floor of the locker where all her pee had fallen. The next locker along had similar markings where Rachel's pee had landed as the gym girl had relieved herself.

With a look at Rachel, Angela flashed a conspiratorial grin. The reply was a big smile. Turning away from the urine stained lockers they headed over to the sink area. Angela had forgotten about the other girl but as they rounded the corner, she was rewarded with the sight of Tiffany busily taking a long shooting piss of her own. The red headed girl had stripped off her skirt and panties and had clambered onto the shelf where the sinks were located. Rather than simply squatting over a sink bowl and taking a piss into its innards, Tiffany had instead adopted a squatting stance with her legs spread wide and her bum cheeks hanging over a sink bowl. From her ginger pubic haired pussy was now shooting a thick yellow stream of hot vaginal pee; arcing away from her muff and spraying downwards into the open mouth of the nearby rubbish bin. Angela stopped moving, her jaw literally dropping as she took in the sight of Tiffany's toilet. She had never seen a girl pee over such a distance let alone with such accuracy.

Tiffany continued her piss completely unaware of her spectators. From her pussy lips, her golden stream continued to flow. Her piss fountain was squirting outwards in a flowing yellow arch as it left Tiffany's pussy. As it continued to fall downwards, her stream of pee passed over the edge of the plastic bin and vanished inside with a soft pattering sound. This peeing sound was only just audible from where Rachel and Angela were stood. Rachel coughed slightly causing Tiffany to whip her head up and stare in their direction.

"Do you like the show?" she called out, obviously intended for Angela's benefit.

"I wish I could pee like that," Angela replied coming closer. Her eyes were still focused on Tiffany's flowing pussy shower which was still spraying into the open bin. "Wait until later honey," Tiffany said moving her legs back together. Between her creamy thighs the torrents of piss leaving her muff started to droop. Within seconds, Tiffany's piss stream had traced its way across the floor tiles on its way back to the source of her uncovered pussy, before vanishing completely. Clambering down off her perch, in the process given Angela a great view of her wide naked bum cheeks, Tiffany came over to join them. Taking a good luck up and down Angela's naked form she turned to the half naked body of Rachel and asked "Ready?"

"Yes, let's go," Rachel replied.

"Where are we going?" Angela quickly asked.

"You'll see. Come on" said Tiffany and started off towards the door.

Angela followed meekly behind the two other girls her eyes taking in the swaying motion of the two uncovered bums. She stood hesitantly as the girls swung open the changing room door. "We can't go out there," she gasped.

"It's perfectly safe. We are the only ones left in the building. Come on. We have a great place for a sneaky pee," Rachel said with a quick look over her shoulder. Angela followed them out into the cold corridor. Tiffany had gone ahead and was swinging open the large door that led into the main storage cupboard where all the aerobics equipment was held. As the other two girls arrived she moved inside and flicked on the light. Rachel went next followed by Angela who was beginning to feel the chill. It was fine for the other two girls who still had their tops on, but Angela felt like she was going to loose control of her bladder at any moments and end up hosing down the floor with her remaining piss.

Inside Tiffany had thrown down two large mats on the floor and was motioning for Angela to sit down on them. With a quick shudder from the chill air Angela complied, parking her baked bum cheeks down on the cold material.

"We're going to play a little game," said Tiffany. "You need to close your eyes and guess where we are pissing. If you get it right, then you get to pee wherever you like and we have to guess."

"OK," said Angela wondering if she could hold back on the desperate ache in her bladder long enough for her turn. Closing her eyes she listened intently trying to guess the location of two girls and where they were moving to. However the soft fabric masked the sounds of their footfalls and Angela could hear nothing. What happened next was completely unexpected.

One second Angela was sat on the mat, her eyes closed. The next moment and a hot damp sensation suddenly appeared on the back of her hair. It took only seconds for Angela to realise that somebody was taking a piss over the back of her head and her eyes flickered open. This was just in time to catch the sight of Rachel's little pee hole opening up and a golden squirt of piss shooting its way straight towards her chest. Hot pee splashed down onto Angela's pert tits, running down the groove between them and down onto her stomach. Angela was horrified. Both gym girls were now using her for a toilet; spraying their golden showers all over her!

Immediately Angela made to stand up and escape the two torrents of piss wavering over her flesh from both front and behind. Before she could escape however, Tiffany's hands came down strongly on her shoulders forcing her back down. The stream of piss being done into her hair and the back of head increased in forced as Tiffany peed even harder. Rachel was laughing at this stage, the golden stream of piss still flowing out of her pussy slit and raining down over Angela's tits and stomach before trickling down between her legs and over the pubic hairs of her pussy triangle.

"Surprise honey!" she said twisting her hips to one side to big her piss stream directly over Angela's left tit. The feeling of humiliation began to fade as Angela realised that the girls were doing this because they enjoyed it and not because they wanted to subject her to a sense of shame. She decided that if she couldn't get up, then she might as well join in.

Shaking her head from side to side, sending splashes of urine cascading down to the floor in the process, Angela said "A little bit more over the top, if you please."

A giggle came from Tiffany as she willingly complied. The warm stream of pee flowing over her shoulders changed as the impact point of Tiffany's urine shower moved up over her head until it was splattering down on her crown.

"Enough!" suddenly said Rachel who was in the process of stopping her own slash. The golden stream issuing out of her vagina lips began to droop as she finished her pee over Angela. The second stream of piss coming from behind also suddenly vanished and the hands holding in place were removed.

"As you've been a good girl and let us pee all over you, we are now going to let you take a piss where ever you like in our gym," Tiffany whispered in her ear.

"What about you two," asked Angela?

"Oh, we will be here waiting for you," was the reply from behind.

Angela watched as Tiffany moved from around her back and crossed the room to join Rachel on a new aerobic mat she had placed on the floor.

Angela decided she would leave them to it. Exiting the small room, piss still dripping from her hair and off her chest, she wondered where in the large gym she should go for own pee. Squatting down at the top of the stairs she decided this would be as good a place as any to start. She immediately parted her pee flaps and proceeded to take a quick piss over the top step. Hot clear pee leapt from her muff and immediately started to spray over the carpeted step creating a growing damp stain. After hosing down the top of the stairs with her spraying pee shower, Angela closed her pee hole for a second. This gave her enough time to position her muff up to the gap in the stairwell banister. From the tiled floor in the lobby below suddenly came an unmistakeable pattering sound as Angela's pee started to rain down from on high. She giggled to herself as she witnessed the sight of her piss shooting out of her muff and flowing through the gap in the railing.

Peeking over the edge she was rewarded with the sight of her urine shower falling through the air until it finally impacted over the floor tiles. As her pee hit the ground it splashed back up again before pattering back down in a rapidly growing pee puddle. This gave Angela a new idea and she forced her piss flaps shut sealing off her rain of hot urine.

As soon as she reached the bottom of the stairs and the lobby, she climbed up onto the reception desk. Squatting down so that her bare bum cheeks were only inches from the edge of the desk, she parted her legs and began another pee. This time she sprayed her pussy shower onto the floor by the side of the entrance turnstile. 'It would be strange the next time she visited to walk over the floor she was now busily having a piss over,' she thought enjoying her latest pee immensely. Suddenly she had a really perverse idea. Stopping her toilet for a brief moment she turned on her perch to face the opposite side of the desk before resuming her piss. Immediately her shooting arc of pee began to patter over the desk belonging to the gym staff. 'This was adequate revenge,' she thought, playing her pussy fountain over the desk and computer keyboard. She watched as her urine stream washed over the keys soaking them with her deliciously warm urine. In fact this was so much fun that Angela continued peeing for several long seconds before she felt her bladder urge finally beginning to diminish. With great reluctance she finished taking her piss over the reception desk and forced her pussy flaps shut. Clambering off the desk and avoiding the pee puddle on the floor, she went back to the stairs and began to climb upwards.

At the top she gingerly approached the storage room. She could hear soft moans coming from within and it was no surprise to find the two gym girls locked in a tight embrace, lying on the mat and now both completely nude. The girls were too busy fucking one another to notice Angela approaching. She came to stand at the side of the writhing pair and stared down her own nude body, past her erect breasts and the mass of curly hairs between her legs, taking in the sight of the two girls enjoying their fuck.

It was almost too easy to start peeing again. From her triangular mass of pussy hairs suddenly started to squirt a flowing arch of clear hot piss. Her hot pee shot from out of her lower lips and flowed downwards through the air. Time seemed to slow as Angela watched her urine shower falling downwards landing first on Tiffany's back and then running into her hair. As Angela's piss shower increased in force the amount of pee over the two fucking girls increased. They seemed oblivious to the golden shower being sent their way as they continued in their embrace. Their mouths were locked, tongues busily flicking in and out. It was with bitter disappointment when Angela's latest pee came to an end. Both the gym girls were now covered with her spent piss. They were still too busy screwing one another to have noticed, unless of course they had and had simply pretended not to notice?

Angela made her way back to the changing room where she quickly showered. When she was dressed she exited onto the top level. Opposite, the storage room was still open but there was no sign of the two girls. Making her way down the stairs giggling at the sight of the piss stained top step, Angela walked across to the exit door. Pushing it she was surprise to find it open. The cold night air blew in her face as the door swung open. Maybe I'll find out where they went next time I visit, she thought to herself as she walked to her car. 'Better still, I wonder if they will let me join in with the fun?' Tiffany looks like she is a good shag and Rachel has great tits and a lovely pussy'. With these thoughts in her head Angela climbed into her car, started the engine before driving off into the night.

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Oh, you missed some instalments of Piss City... let me dig through my archives... (and by the way, you started off with one of her bests!)

Piss City, Chapter 3 (part 1) -- I do not know of any other parts

Piss City is a soiled metropolis, corrupt in every way. Those who inhabit its dark, stained streets are devoid of moralistic values a fact never better displayed by the occupants of its many bars and clubs. On the corner of Third and Main is a favourite dive of those who prefer female only companion, a drinking establishment that hides behind its glitter and pumping high rhythm beats to provide an environment where anything literally goes.

Becky Price; Quantum Printers latest sales lady was enjoying her first night out with the girls from work, an event that had already been far more liberal than anything she had ever expected. Along for the ride was Sandra (the thirty year old blond vixen currently acting as head of sales), Sam (a fake redhead) and Lara (another peroxide blonde wannabe) had gotten themselves intoxicated at the beginning at the evening and had been since working their way to complete alcoholic meltdown every since. Becky had known she could never match their suicidal pace and had held back enough to be shocked at the shear lack of respect that her colleagues possessed for either private or public property. In the first bar they had together visited the Ladies prior to departing into the rain slashed night time world, an event that had set the pace for the evening to follow.

Becky had then been shocked when Sandra and Lara had squatted over the sinks before taking a collective long hissing piss into the already stained bowls. This however had been of little comparison to Sam who had entered a cubicle and then closed the lid before placing her bare, wide round bum cheeks on the edge. With legs spread wide to reveal a perfectly shaved pussy she had started to send a long squirting stream of hot piss directly over the tiles. Becky had watched with disbelief as her new co-worker had used the floor for her toilet not caring in the slightest as to the mess she was making. Sam had a gorgeous looking pussy slit, even more so when it was sending a stream of piss out at force. Her urine shower was flowing with strength well past her knees before arching downwards to spray the tiled floor with a torrent of hot urine.

After closing her own cubicle door, Becky had found it impossible to pee into the disgusting toilet bowl believing what was good for her work mates was good enough for her. So it was that she found as she slid down her tight fitting black hugging pants that she was bending into a squat over the floor. As her white cotton panties reached her knees she was already beginning to pee. A loud splatter of splashing piss announced the commencement of her leak, a matter that was coupled with the incredible warmth issuing from her pussy, as her pee fountain squirting from her slit nestled at the base of her tight black triangle of pubic fur. It had been many years since she had been so disgusting, in fact something that she thought only school girls did as an act of youthful rebellion. To be a fully mature woman and to have a piss in such a manner was great fun and she found that she was enjoying her toilet far more than she had ever thought possible. Her puddle of pee was spreading quickly, radiating outwards from the continuing stream of urine jetting from her pussy lips. She didn’t care about the mess or the fact that her work colleagues could clearly tell what she was doing. She desperately wanted to one of the girls and so far it was turning out to be great fun.

In the end she was deeply disappointed when she exhausted her bladder’s supply of pee, the puddle over the floor glistening in the illumination of the overhead light strips. The women had then exited the piss covered Ladies and made their way into the night. Their skimpy attire had not shielded them from the cold damp that lingered in the air and they had not made it far when the call of nature had prompted another joint piss session.

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@[uSER=78]nopjans[/uSER]: no, unfortunately, as I noted just next to it this is the only addition I know of; and it seems to be only part of a story (much shorter than the others and was labelled "part 1" where I found it). We are all orphans since LeakyOne stopped posting her stories for free :/

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Another Leaky_One story....

Emma and Lindsey - Pee and Fuck Buddies

It had been quite a while since the party where they had both become completely wrecked. They had squatted down together behind the sofa in the main room. Whilst the party continued on around them, they had taken a joint piss all over the floor. By the time they had finished their much needed slash, there was a massive double puddle on the floor where their pee had soaked into the carpet. This naughty deed had been a massive turn-on for both girls. This coupled with their semi nudity in their pee squats had led onto something completely different. Five minutes later and they were in the master bedroom with a set of drawers blocking the door. They wanted nobody catching them in the nude let alone in the act of fucking one another.

Emma could still clearly remember the taste and the wonderful contours of Lindsey’s pussy flaps. They had assumed a ‘sixty-nine’ position as soon as their hot sweaty bodies had hit the bed. Emma could feel Lindsey’s tongue probing her love hole whilst she did the same to her friend. Emma’s large tits had pushed against Lindsey’s toned stomach whilst the raven haired beauty’s smaller, but wonderfully formed breasts had felt incredibly hot against her own belly. Their fuck session soon moved on to other things and it wasn’t long before Emma got to sample her friend’s nipples in her mouth. Lindsey had incredibly firm tits and whilst Emma sampled their delight she could feel her friend’s fingers exploring her already wet love palace. Moving upwards, Emma bent her back in ecstasy as she felt Lindsey’s mouth move to supple upon her left tit. This was even more incredible and Emma hungrily sought out her friend’s wetness between her legs. Thrusting fingers pumped away in two very wet and warm pussies as the two girls brought each other off. After they had finished fucking, they both needed to relieve their bursting bladder urges once again. Neither of them wanted to leave the bedroom at this stage. Not at least they had enjoyed each others body at least one more time. This, therefore, entailed another naughty session of peeing over the floor.

The two naked girls sat facing each other in a full squat position over the carpet. Emma started her piss first barely a second before Lindsey joined in with a pee of her own. Two fat squirting showers of hot yellow pee descended downwards to splatter over the bedroom carpet; jetting forth from the uncovered pussies of the naked lovers. Emma’s golden gush squirted strongly from her hairless pussy lips whilst Lindsey’s golden stream rained downwards in a fast flowing arc from her semi shaven muff. They had peed in silence for several seconds, both entranced with the act of watching the other pee. It was Emma who suddenly stopped her piss in mid flow. Leaping up from the dark damp stain she had made on the bedroom carpet, she ran lightly over to a nearby set of drawers. Yanking the top one open she stood on tip toes so that the base of her muff cleared the rim. It took Lindsey, who had also ceased peeing; no effort to image that Emma was now trying to have a piss into the open drawer. Suddenly the sight of a golden pee stream leaving Emma’s shaved pussy became clearly visible under the curve of Emma’s wide bare bum cheeks. Lindsey stayed in her pee squat, the floor between her legs a sodden testament to the toilet she had just been carrying out. She was entranced by the sight of Emma’s pee leaving her pussy crack and squirting into the open drawer. She couldn’t think of anything so incredibly daring as what Emma was now doing. The fact that Emma’s bum was so incredibly round and firm had some impact on her reluctance to move. Instead Lindsey continued to watch as her friend and recent fuck pal, emptied her pussy stream over the drawer’s contents.

The fat piss stream squirting out from Emma’s lower lips had started to thin and wane as the twenty-one year old finished her leak. It was at this stage that the burning need in Lindsey’ bladder prompted her with the urgent need to pee again. Resuming a piss over the carpet seemed a little tame after witnessing Emma pissing in the bedroom drawer, so Lindsey stood up and quickly scanned around for a place of her own. Her first instinct was to yank out a drawer of her own and place it on the floor so she could have a squatting piss all over it. However, her gaze caught the tall Yuka plant standing in the far corner. Within seconds Lindsey had reached the plant and was busily trying to get her pussy as close to the leaves as possible. She was now very aware of Emma’s gaze on her bare back and exposed buttocks as she stood trying to pee on the plant. Lindsey had never been very good at peeing whilst standing. Even now as she stood trying to squirt her golden rainfall over the Yuka in front of her she recalled the time as a girl when she had lost a certain dare. Evan, the bloke from next door had dared her to let him watch whilst she had a pee. He had gone first, spraying his fast flowing stream of urine out of his manhood and all over the garage door. Lindsey had been entranced by watching her neighbour’s cock in action. She had been so turned on that she failed miserably in her attempt to mirror the stain now covering the door of the garage they were hiding in. She had been so frustrated and focused on her task that she had been completely shocked when Evan slid his cock from behind into her wet love hole. He had fucked her completely and she had enjoyed every second of it. Afterwards, he’d asked her to pee over his now limp cock, a task which she had readily complied with. Even now she could still recall the wonderful sight of her golden piss fountain squirting out of her lower lips and spraying all over Evan’s dick and balls.

The memory of her encounter with her neighbour had spurred her on and within seconds Lindsey was peeing over the Yuka. Her fast squirting urine shower rained down over the green leaves with bounced and swayed under the impact. Droplets of piss went everywhere, including the bedroom walls. She was still enjoying her naughty slash in one corner when she felt Emma’s presence behind her. It was an incredible feeling when her friend suddenly pushed up close behind her and she could feel Emma’s large tits against her back. Suddenly Emma bent round to her right and placed one hand in Lindsey’s squirting piss stream.

“I love your pee!” Emma had whispered seductively in her one ear before giving it a tentative nibble. “When you next go, I want you to piss all over me.”

The very idea of pissing over Emma’s voluptuous form sent her hormones racing and she could feel her cheeks flushing. In response, the golden stream of piss leaving her pussy slit immediately began to wane before vanishing.

There second fuck that night was even more mind blowing than the first. Both of them carried the memory of seeing the other pee in their mind whilst they screwed. By the time they reached orgasm, both girls were literally knackered. It took an incredible amount of resolve to exit the bedroom and flee the party before they were discovered. They arrived at Lindsey’s home at 3am and collapsed, still fully clothed on the large king sized bed, before passing out. Lindsey had no desire to spray her own room with either her or Emma’s golden streams, so they instead waited until later the next day when they had both recovered from their hangovers.

Lindsey’s bath was a standard affair, long with tall silver bath taps at one end. Emma lowered herself into the tub before stretching her naked form out below the squatting form of Lindsey situated at the one end. Lindsey had started to pee almost immediately letting go of the countless glasses of water Emma had made her drink beforehand. Her squirting piss fountain shot from out of her black haired pussy and sprayed downwards before coming to land on Emma’s belly. Hot, clear urine ran it all directions away from the impact point of Lindsey’s pee stream on her friend’s nubile body. Squirting harder, Lindsey marvelled to the sight of her piss rain landing over Emma’s large and delicious tits. She found that the way in which her pee rain ran over her friend’s flesh was so intoxicating. As her pee shower started to wane, Emma sat up in the bath to bring her body closer to the dying source of piss that was still being sent over her bare flesh. Lindsey’s pee was incredibly warm and wonderfully intoxicating in its feel as it ran over her body. Between her own legs, she had started a piss of her own from her hairless pussy, adding more pee into the empty bathtub. She fought a loosing battle to hold back on her own pee, desperately wanting to save it for a piss of her own over Lindsey’s naked body. It was only as she sank her face into Lindsey’s waiting muff of black pubic hairs and started to lick her way at her friend’s crack, when her peeing stopped.

Lindsey had groaned in ecstasy as Emma sampled the delights of her wet pussy. She found it hard to believe that Emma would be so quick to lick out her crack after she had just finishing peeing. This didn’t seem to bother Emma in the slightest. She could taste the salty wetness of Lindsey’s spent pee upon her pussy hairs as she licked and caressed her friend’s inviting love hole. It was only when Lindsey reached orgasm and sprayed her love juice out of her crack, that Emma moved her head away. Then it was Emma’s turn to pee over Lindsey. The raven girl moved into position by the toilet allowing her long black strands to dangle into the bowl. The auburn haired Emma took up her squatting position on top of the toilet with her legs spread and her hairless pussy aimed at Lindsey’s lowered head. It was great delight when Emma started her pee. Immediately, Lindsey’s hair became subjected to a wonderfully hot jetting stream of Emma’s fast flowing urine. Emma shuddered with a momentarily rush of hormones as she squatted there, taking a pee into her friend’s hair. Lindsey’s raven strands were already a sodden mess as more and more of Emma’s golden relief squirted from the girl’s open pee hole. By the time Emma’s toilet was done, Lindsey’s back was also covered in several large piss stains. Rather than return the favour of licking out Emma’s crack, Lindsey instead took them into the bedroom. The curtains were still closed and several large towels had been placed on the floor. The girls wasted no time and using the conveniently placed double dildo on the floor, soon fucked each other to an incredible, mind blowing double orgasm.

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Another Leaky_One story....

Natalia and me

Natalia and I were naked in my bedroom, sorting through my clothes.

“I’m going in your cupboard for a pee” Natalia suddenly said, treating me to a nice view of her curved peach like bum cheeks. Vanishing into the dark interior there was silence for several seconds before a soft pattering sound started to emanate from the floor inside the wardrobe. I got up and strode over to the open cupboard door and peeked inside.

Sure enough Natalia was in the middle of having a pee. Between her legs a long golden stream of hot piss was shooting away from her shaved pussy triangle and was falling to land on the wooden floor below.

“Go away” she giggled from her perch on one of the cupboard’s wooden shelves.

”No” I replied, “I like watching you pee” and with that I continued to stand and watch the golden fountain of piss flowing out of her crotch.

”I’ll pee harder and finish sooner then” she giggled. True to her word she immediately started to squirt her piss even harder out of her shaved vagina. Between her parted legs, the yellow shooting stream of wee started to move further and further away from her body leaving a damp stain on the woodwork in the process. Within seconds her yellow fountain of shooting pee was raining down over a pair of white sandals. Still giggling Natalia lifted her bum cheeks off the shelf and stared to shake her midriff from side to side using her hands to support herself. This caused her still shooting stream of piss to wave back and forth covering even more of my sandals with her golden wee.

We both watched with disappointment as Natalia finished her toilet in the cupboard. Slowly the stream of piss leaving her fanny lips began to droop and trace its way back over the wood. Standing up fully Natalia grabbed a pair of my panties from one of the shelves and held it up to her pussy. For the barest moment her fanny lips parted and she did a quick squirt of pee into the material. Then having finished weeing, she used the panties to dry her fanny lips with before dropping the pee stained fabric down onto the damp pissed stained woodwork below.

We continued to work in the bedroom, sorting out clothes and stuff. It was half an hour later when Natalia decided she needed to relieve herself again. Once again she headed for the cupboard. Stepping inside she started to close the door and I thought she was doing this simply to stop me watching her whilst she pissed. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Sliding the doors together until then was only a small parting between them, Natalia positioned herself inside the wardrobe so that her bare muff was positioned directly inside the door parting. Then whilst I watched on with a mixture of shock and thrill, Natalia started peeing.

From out of the opening in the cupboard doors suddenly started to spray a long clear stream of flowing fanny piss, shooting into the open bedroom air before falling downwards in a continuing flowing arch to land on the carpet with a dull splattering sound.

“Natalia that is so gross” I shouted, still watching the stream of pee shooting out of the cupboard and raining down over my bedroom floor. Laughter started to come from inside the cupboard and the hissing shower of piss showed no sign of abating. Looking around the room I desperately wondered how I could get my own back. Suddenly I saw Natalia’s hand bag lying on the bed.

‘This will teach her’ I thought, grabbing it and yanking it open. Moving the bag down to my waiting pussy lips I strained with effort as I tried to start peeing into the bag. After several moments I suddenly felt the warm stream making its way down my belly to my waiting pussy lips. With a sudden hot squirt my piss started to shoot out of my pussy and instantly started to play over the contents of Natalia’s leather handbag. The feeling of relief and sheer naughtiness was overwhelming as I enjoyed every precious moment of my pee. Between my thighs I could feel the warm of my squirting stream of urine as it shot out of my pussy lips and rained down directly into Natalia’s hand bag. I didn’t even notice that the fountain of pee coming out of the wardrobe had abated. Suddenly a loud shout from the other side of the room caught my attention and I looked up from the sight of my pissing pussy to see a furious Natalia standing over a large cooling puddle of pee on the carpet.

“How dare you take a piss in my hand bag you dirty cow?” she demanded.

I realised that I was still pissing strongly into her bag and thought it might be a good idea to stop. However, I couldn’t help myself and just before stopping my pee a long quick squirt of piss escaped my pussy lips and sprayed down into the opening of the hand bag. This was the final insult to Natalia.

Screaming at me she dived in my direction. I managed to get out of my pissing position in time to avoid her lunge but in my haste I tripped over an item of clothing and fell backwards onto the bed. She was on top of my in moments, the hot warmth of her naked flesh pushing down against my body. We tumbled around for several moments, but she was much stronger than me and I got the feeling she was deliberately trying to force me into a certain position but couldn’t work out what she was trying to do. That was until the sight of her shaved pubic triangle came into view, her fleshy fanny lips only inches away from my face.

‘She wouldn’t dare’, I thought, albeit too late as just then Natalia took the opportunity to let a thick gush of her urine come shooting out of her muff and spray into my open mouth. Instantly the taste of hot salty pee filled my senses as Natalia’s wee flowed over my tongue and around my mouth.

I stopped resisting her, my senses overwhelmed by the experience of having another girl relieve herself in my mouth. The warmth of her clear piss stream was intoxicating as it sprayed over tongue and lips. Hot pee was now flowing down my chin as Natalia continued to piss strongly into my open mouth. I tried to say something but it came out as a gurgle, Natalia’s hot pee hitting the back of my throat. Suddenly I felt the force of her piss in my mouth diminishing. For a moment disappointment overwhelmed me but then I realised that Natalia was taking the opportunity to hose down the rest of my body with her hot fanny spray. The warm wet spray started to trace it’s way down over my neck and into my shoulder length hair before tracing it’s way down over my erect nipples. The force of pee being squirted over my bare flesh was reducing now as Natalia finally started to reach the end of her long pee. I realised at this stage that my eyes were firmly shut tight so I quickly opened them to witness the big smile on Natalia’s face only inches from mine. At that moment she finished peeing over me with two last quick squirts of piss into my belly button.

“Your turn” she whispered and rolled off me onto the piss stained bed sheets, presenting her creamy skinned back as a perfect target for my own pee. I wasted no time and instantly instructed my bladder to release its hold on my remaining pee. Within seconds a hot gushing fountain of piss was flowing out of my pussy and raining down to cover Natalia’s bare skin.

First off, I traced my flowing piss stream around her bum cheeks before working my piss stream up her bare back. I couldn’t care less about the bed sheets at this stage and continued pissing for all I was worth. Seconds later I was aiming my fanny fountain over the back of her head and neck, witnessing as my piss flowed into her long brown hair. I was almost spent now.

“Turn over” I managed to gasp.

Natalia did as she was instructed and with sheer joy I got my revenge. The last of my drooping pee started to squirt into Natalia’s mouth which she had purposely opened to catch my piss stream. I finished my leak with one last gush of piss into her mouth before I was spent.

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A story by Leaky_One....

Peeing fun

Emily and I were in her kitchen,having stripped naked for the sheer naughtiness of it. She then turned to me and asked “Do you want to see something really naughty?”

I gulped and nodded in return.

Quickly Emily squatted down over the tiled kitchen floor and spread her legs wide apart giving me a good look at her exposed pussy nestled between her thighs. I barely had time to wonder what she was going to do before Emily started to have a wee; right there and then in front of me and all over the kitchen floor!

I gasped in shock as I witnessed Emily squirting her piss out of her pussy and all over the floor tiles. From Emily’s fanny lips was spurting a thin stream of golden urine which jetted outwards into the space between her legs. Her yellow stream then arched downwards towards the floor where it landed with a soft pattering sound. I watched in fascination as the puddle of piss on the floor continued to grow, as more and more yellow pee squirted out of Emily’s vagina. She must have been bursting to go judging by the amount of pee she had already done over the floor. As I watched, the golden honey stream of her hot pee gushing out of her pussy increased in size, making her own golden rain shower in the air above the kitchen floor.

Emily didn’t say anything as she was obviously too busy enjoying her wee. The little yellow stream of hot urine leaving her vagina was still a flowing golden fountain out of her fanny as she continued peeing. On the floor between her legs a growing puddle of cooling piss was slowly making its way outwards and towards my own feet. I jumped back so as to avoid Emily’s pee puddle from touching my bare feet. The soft pattering sound being made by Emily’s flowing pee stream suddenly vanished as Emily closed her pee slits. Standing up from her toilet position over the floor she giggled and pointed downwards at the large piss puddle on the tiles. Then to my shock Emily started to wee again!

This time her golden piss shot out of her pussy and fell in a flowing stream straight down to cover even more of the floor with her wee. I watched mesmerised as Emily continued peeing. I had never seen another girl have a wee standing up. I wasn’t even sure I could manage it. Laughing out loud at the expression on my face, Emily started to wave her thighs from side to side which in turn caused her flowing piss stream to waver about in the air. Golden pee splattered all over the kitchen floor whilst Emily continued doing her toilet, her yellow pee still gushing out of her fanny lips.

“Would you like a wee over my kitchen floor as well?” Emily asked still, squirting her golden piss from her bare vagina.

“Can I really?” I asked shocked. Watching Emily have a wee over the floor had made me really desperate to go as well and I was pretty sure I could do my own wee now, whilst stood up.

“Go on” instructed Emily, the golden spray of piss leaving her pussy diminishing to a small trickle as she did so.

Taking a deep breath I looked downwards at my own muff. Unlike Emily's shaved pussy, mine was covered in a triangle of brown curly pubic hairs which hid my pee lips from sight. I strained and tried to start peeing but nothing would come.

“Hurry up”, urged Emily. At her feet the two puddles of cooling piss reminded me of Emily’s recent toilet. ‘How hard could it be’ I wondered, still straining to start peeing. Suddenly I felt the familiar sensation making its way down my body to my waiting pussy lips. ‘Oh god, it was too late to hold back now, I was going to start doing my own pee now, all over the floor just like Emily…..’

Then it happened! My pussy lips suddenly parted and a thick stream of clear piss started to spray out of my vagina. Within seconds my fountain of pee was splattering down over the tiles making a new piss puddle on the floor, this time between my feet instead. I gazed down at the sight of myself weeing over Emily’s kitchen floor. The clear fountain of piss squirting out of my cunt looked gorgeous as it twisted in the air on it’s way to cover the floor tiles with a growing pool of my spent wee. Small splotches of pee landed on my legs as my piss stream fell down to the floor. A warm trickle of warm wee was also running over my bum cheeks and onto my left thigh. This didn’t bother me in the slightest. In was simply such a thrill to go for a piss like this without having to run upstairs to the toilet.

Emily’s gaze was firmly fixed on the sight of my peeing over her floor.

“Are you enjoying your leak?” Emily asked with a broad grin.

“Oh yes”, I replied, still concentrating on doing my wee. I had to squirt really hard to stop my urine from simply trickling down my legs.

Slowly my supply of piss exhausted itself. I squatted down to do my last few drops of piss over the now large puddle of pee on the floor.

Later, after cleaning up, Emily said,“Quick, my step dad wants a cup of coffee. Come with me”, as she grabbed my hand and pulled me in the direction of the kitchen. As she pulled me along I wondered why she was in such a rush to comply with her step dad’s wishes considering how much she hated him. As soon as we entered the kitchen, Emily slammed the door shut behind us and picked up the kitchen stool and placed it under the door handle.

“What are you doing?” I asked fervently.

“Getting my step dad his coffee of course” she replied with a wicked grin. “Quick pick up the coffee percolator for me.

Turning around I complied with Emily’s request. When I turned around with the steaming jar of black coffee in my hands I found that Emily had hoisted up her skirt around her waist and was busily pulling down her white cotton panties to expose her bare pussy lips. I stood staring at my friend’s vagina not knowing what to think when Emily motioned for me to hold the coffee jug down at her crotch level.

As I held the jug steady Emily took a step forwards and brought her pussy lips up to the rim of the steaming jug. Then whilst I watched her do it, Emily started to hake a wee! Her little fanny lips parted to allow a little flowing stream of yellow fanny piss to escape her pussy lips and rain down into the jug and its contents of coffee. I watched on entranced at the sight of Emily busily relieving herself into her dad’s coffee. Yellow piss continued to spray out of her vagina whilst she pissed into the coffee jug held up to her little pussy. The thin stream of wee flowed copiously into the coffee jug topping up the level of fluid inside with her hot pee.

After several more seconds of Emily peeing, she promptly closed her pussy flaps shutting off her spray of piss. “Here we go” she said, taking the coffee and pee filled mug off my hands. “I wonder if my step dad will like the new taste?”.

After serving the coffee we both fled up the stairs. As soon as we reached Emily’s bedroom we collapsed on the floor in heaps of laughter at what Emily had just done.

“I still need to finish off peeing”, Emily said. “Help me find somewhere suitable to go in here.”

“OK” I giggled in reply and started looking around the room for a suitable place for Emily to resume weeing.

“Here” said Emily, standing by the large chest at the bottom of the bed. Taking the towel off the bed she opened the chest and put the towel inside. When I saw Emily pulling down her knickers from under her skirt I realised that she was intending to have her wee into the chest and over the towel. Emily proved me correct by seconds later squatting her lovely peach like bum over the edge of the chest. Then whilst supporting herself on the edge of the chest with her hands, she parted her legs showing off the sight of her bare pussy lips again. Within seconds Emily started to wee. Her fanny lips parted to allow her yellow piss to come gushing out of her cunt where it formed a flowing waterfall of urine into the chest and the towel under her bum.

Still busily peeing into the chest, Emily said “You must find a place as well for a wee. I want to watch though”.

Watching Emily wee was making me desperate to go as well, so as soon as she offered I was looking for a suitable receptacle to catch my own golden spray. Inspiration took me and I picked up Emily’s waste paper bin. Putting it down in front of the chest Emily was still using for a toilet, I yanked down my jeans and pink knickers. Squatting my bum cheeks over the edge of the bin I gazed down to make sure my pussy lips were safely inside. Now ready for my own pee, I looked back up at Emily. The golden fountain of pee leaving my friend’s fanny lips was beginning to droop as she approached the end of her wee. I waited until she had finished her toilet with one last squirt of piss into the chest before I released the urge on my own bladder.

The start of my toilet into the waste bin was accompanied by the loud pattering sound my pee made as it landed on the far wall of the bin, opposite my pussy lips. Looking down between my legs I marvelled at the sight of my golden pee stream squirting out of my pussy and spraying into the blue plastic bin. Emily laughed out loud and clambered off the chest where she had just taken her own leak. Coming over she stared down at my crotch and at the sight of my pee busily spraying out of my pussy and into her bin.

Later on Emily showed me her secret spot in the bedroom where she would go in the night when she needed a wee. Pulling back the rug over the carpet it was just possible to see the tell tale pee stains over the fabric which had been made by Emily’s numerous pees in the dark. As we both needed the toilet again Emily thought it would be a good idea if we both peed over the carpet together. Squatting our naked bums out over the floor, we did just that. Hot golden piss flowed over the floor as we started our toilets together. Emily’s golden pee stream leaving from her bare pussy lips whilst my own golden fountain of pee jetted out of the mass of curly hairs growing around my pussy. When we had finished we stood up and compared piss stains on the floor. Emily decided that my stain was bigger and before I could stop her she moved here vagina up to my naked legs and sent a quick squirt of hot piss across my thigh.

I screamed out loud at the shock of being peed on. I grabbed my laughing friend who obviously thought it was really funny. I pushed her to the bed and held her fast whilst I desperately tried to return the favour. After several seconds of straining I managed to let a little squirt of pee escape from my pussy which fell down over Emily’s belly button.

“There you go” I said shaking with the thrill of having just peed over my friend. “Now we are even”.

Emily agreed that it was only fair that I should pee on her after she had done it to me.

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A Leaky_One story....

Trista (part 1)

Reaching down to her white knickers Trista slowly drew them down her legs, enjoying in the process the sensation her nudity was giving her. Once her panties where safely kicked away from her parted legs, Trista moved her uncovered vagina up to the waiting sofa. She took a deep breath, then let it out whilst at the same time letting go of the desperate urge in her bladder. Then it happened! Trista’s fanny lips suddenly parted and a wide gushing stream of hot golden pee began to squirt away from her pussy as she commenced her piss over the sofa. Within moments her golden pee stream was impacting the cotton fabric, covering it with a soft sheen of piss whilst she continued to stand there squirting her pee all over the place.

Trista’s golden fountain of hot wee sprayed all over the sofa whilst she enjoyed every second of her toilet. The room was now filled with the soft hiss and patter of Trista’s relief pattering over the sofa. Between her legs and under the groove of her perfect, naked buttocks, Trista’s golden shower continued to flow out of her pussy lips. Twisting her hips to the left, Trista enjoyed a quick few seconds of peeing over the edge of the sofa, watching as her pee stream fell over the wooden table. A little bit more to the left and she was peeing directly over the floor, her golden pussy rain shooting away from her cunt and forming a flowing arch of golden pee down to the wooden floorboards. After several seconds of relieving herself over these floarboards, Trista twisted her hips back to the right and went back to simply peeing over the sofa again. Yellow pee was still flowing strongly out of her pussy and raining downwards to cover the sofa with even more of her fanny piss. After several more seconds of pissing Trista felt almost out of pee. Wanting to enjoy the last of her piss over the sofa, she moved her fanny up to a clean piece of fabric not yet covered by her piss, and then whilst only an inch away from the material, did the last few squirts of her wee all over it.

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Another Leaky_One story

Nicola (part 1)

Nicola has just turned sweet 18. Unable to get into college due to low grades she is stuck living at home under the watchful gaze of her over-protective parents. This however doesn't stop her from experimenting with her sexuality and exploring new means of getting her kicks.

Nicola was now bursting for a pee. She had been banished to her bedroom following on from an incident where her younger sister had revealed Nicola's activities the night before. It had been stupid of her to allow herself to be caught kissing her lesbian girlfriend at the gate at the back of the house, and even more so for not getting to Angela first before the young brat could spill the beans on her sister's sexual preferences. Needless to say, her parents had been less than thrilled to discover that their not-so-little girl was more infatuated with girls than with boys. Her punishment had yet to be thought up, her parents more than likely enjoying an endless stream of ideas of how to strip away her freedom whilst in the mean time she was to remain in her room.

She really needed to go to the bathroom now, an intense fire burning in her insides. Her parents however had been very strict about her bedroom door remaining closed until they were ready to see her again. This put Nicola in a very awkward situation. Should she risk her parent's wrath by visiting the bathroom or should she simply find a different alternative to relieve the intense need in her bladder?

Nicola surveyed her bedroom desperate for inspiration. There was nothing large enough to use as a make shift potty. Even her bedroom bin was constructed of woven wooden slats and as such completely unsuitable as a latrine. She gazed over at her bedroom window recalling a party she had been to where first the boys had started pissing out the upstairs windows before the girls joined in by hanging their bums out of the dinning room window and peeing into the bushes below. Nicola had been severely drunk by this stage and remembered little of the event apart from her own turn where she had quickly yanked down her panties and placed her thighs on the cold wooden window frame before sliding backwards to hang her bum cheeks out into the chilled night air. A lovely warm feeling had then started to spread between her legs as a fat gushing stream of her honey coloured pee shot from her pussy hole and started to patter noisily down onto the ground below.

Nicola walked over to her large bedroom window. It was a two pane affair with one quarter opening outwards. This would make it an easy affair to hold onto the edges whilst squatting with her bum over the lip and relieving her pent up piss over the brickwork side of the house. The idea was so tempting and Nicola could feel the butterflies starting to dance in her stomach as she slid open the window. A cool breeze wafted into the room from the dark night outside. The chill of the air caused Nicola to loose control of her bladder for a split moment and she suddenly felt a warm spot growing at the base of her panties as some of her pee escaped her pussy lips. The feeling of peeing in her panties was electric and for a split moment she was very tempted to continue the flow of piss into her underwear. The warm spot between her legs where the small amount of spent pee had been absorbed by her underwear felt so lovely that she longed to continue going to the toilet in her clothes. However, she was far too conscious that she could be summoned downstairs at a moment's notice and it might not aid her parent's foul mood to find their daughter wearing piss stained jeans.

Nicola peered out of the window. To her intense disappointment the light from the room down below was on, which meant that there was a very good chance that having a naughty pee out of her window would result in her golden rain falling to the earth below being seen by her irate parents. With immense reluctance Nicola closed the window. She could almost no longer stand the urge in her bladder and she realised that she was only moments away from involuntarily opening her pussy lips and starting to squirt her piss into her lower garments. Desperately she started to undo her jeans, her trembling fingers struggling with the top button before sliding down her fly. As the tight hugging denim slid from around her pert, well formed bum cheeks her white panties came into view. Her underwear was a matching set; virgin white in colour with a lace pattern of flowers sewn into the material. Within moments of her jeans leaving her ankles, her panties were following suit, allowing her curly mass of pubic pussy hairs to appear, nestled in a small triangular shape between her creamy thighs.

Now she was half naked, her lower garments discarded on the floor. The seconds were running out for Nicola. Here she was all ready to take a piss, half naked, her bum and hairy muff on open display, and yet nowhere to go. At the very last second Nicola acted. Dashing to the end of her bed she yanked open the large chest like Ottoman and immediately placed her bare butt cheeks down over the wooden rim. With an incredible sense of almost indescribable exhilaration Nicola started pissing. Instantly her pee hole nestled under her clit in her pussy opened wide, allowing a thick gushing torrent of body warmed urine to come jetting out of her cunt and spray over the contents of the Ottoman.

With a loud sigh of intense pleasure and relief, Nicola settled down to enjoy her piss. Parting her legs she gazed downwards with dancing butterflies in her belly whilst she observed the incredible mess she was making with her pee. Down past her erect breasts, her nipples visible as they poked through the thin fabric of her bra and blouse, her eyes wandered over her belly and to the exposed mass of flesh and pubic hairs on display below. Surely enough her golden pee stream was shooting out of her pussy with incredible force and to her horror she discovered that she was actually busily urinating all over her winter clothing. Her gushing squirt of piss emanating from her pussy hole was washing over two separate items of clothing; her white ski jacket which now had a growing yellow stain forming over the hood as she peed all over it, and a thick red jumper which was catching the offshoot of her piss as her urine stream bounced off the former and onto the latter. Nicola could barely believe what she had been reduced to doing. The jumper was easy to replace but the ski jacket was an expensive commodity and she could barely afford to be seen wearing a piss stained hood on the ski slopes!

Try as she might Nicola found she couldn't halt the stream of piss leaving her pussy. The urge in her bladder was still too strong, the need to continue peeing too intense. Between her legs her golden pee shower continued to flow out of her pussy hole before spraying her clothing with a hot wash of squirting piss. Desperately she reached down between her legs and grabbed hold of her ski jacket and pulled it out and clear of her shooting pee fountain. Warm spots of pee landed on her arm as droplets of urine bounced from the main impact point of Nicola's golden piss shower. Instead of being disgusted with having peed over herself, Nicola found the sensation to be rather nice. Staring back down at her pissing muff she marvelled at the thrill she was getting from taking her piss like this at the bottom of her bed. Her pussy fountain was now playing over a second jumper, this one a dark blue affair. It was already covered with a growing dark stain which spread by the second as her peeing continued. The way in which her piss flowed so easily out of her pussy in such a naughty place as this was an incredible turn on. She had never once imagined that she could get such a feeling from having a pee like this. The sheer naughtiness and exhilaration of squirting her pee in a location other than a toilet bowl was intoxicating. Her golden pee stream looked wonderful as it continued to flow from her pussy lips, the feeling of relief in her bladder growing along with another much darker sensation.

Slowly Nicola ran her one hand down her exposed belly below her blouse, moving lower and lower towards her pussy. Finally her fingers were running through the tangled mass of her curly pubic hairs before reachimg her clit. It was like a jolt of electricity running through every pleasure cell in her body as she fingered the little fleshy protuberance above her open pee hole. She couldn't hold back now and with complete abandonment Nicola let her fingers stray further. Instantly a warm wet sensation started to play over her fingers as her hand moved into her shooting pussy shower of hot piss. This was an incredibly gorgeous moment for the young woman and she savoured every second. Now with eyes shut in complete bliss and sexual arousal Nicola continued to happily play with herself. Between her legs her right hand moved up and down, changing every second or so from playing with her clit to entering her hot pee shower gushing from her pussy. As the moments passed the volume of pee leaving her slit began to wane, her desperate toilet coming to an end. By now Nicola was in such a state of sexual euphoria that she was barely aware of the fact. As soon as her pee hole closed, her probing fingers were sliding inside of her warm wet love hole sending her hormones into overdrive. For a split second Nicola's pussy lips parted to allow a new squirting jet of piss to shoot out over her winter clothing before closing again. In fact Nicola was so far lost in her own private world of ecstasy that she was completely oblivious to the sound of her father's footsteps ascending the stairs. Not even the turning of the door handle stirred Nicola from her intense finger fuck; her soft moans of intimate pleasure the only sound in her ears. Seconds later and the bedroom door started to open as her burly father entered the room....

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A Leaky_One story

Nicola (part 2)

How does any father handle his (not so) little girl's emerging sexual appetites?

There was a long embarrassed silence when Nicola's father stood at the threshold of the open door, taking in the sight of his daughter stripped naked and with her finger slipped up inside her pussy! The silence continued whilst Nicola panicked at the thought of the large piss stain beneath her bum. What would he do if he guessed that she had been pissing in her room? In the end the door was closed without a word being exchanged. Nicola quickly finished off and brought herself to a thundering climax. Nothing was ever said on the matter but there was a subsequent awkwardness which lingered between the two of them.

Several days after this event, Nicola was still mad at the way her parents had treated her. To Nicola it was a question of revenge. After all, she was eighteen years of age and she could fuck who she wanted, be it boy or a girl.

Sliding her track suit bottoms down the long run of her creamy legs she quickly moved back to her waistline so that her panties could follow suit. A second later and Nicola's perfectly formed rounded bum cheeks were being lowered towards the thickly woven carpet of her parent's bedroom floor. Wanting to pee in such a perverse and naughty manner was one thing but to actually go through with it was another. Staring down between her parted legs she admired the view of her pussy slit hovering over the floor she so desperately wanted to christen with her hot pee. The ache in her bladder was acute and dying for release so why could she not go?

Closing her eyes from the view of her pee squat Nicola thought back to the other naughty toilets she had performed over the years. One memory in particular came back in crystal clarity. It had been a while back but she and Verona Mitchell had found an unlocked garage door down by the houses near the cemetery. Butterflies had been dancing in Nicola's stomach as she slid open the unpainted doorway to reveal a dingy interior filled with old cardboard boxes and forgotten household items. Part of the roof was made from transparent plastic which although extremely grubby still provided enough light for the two girls to select suitable locations to squat and piss.

Nicola had found a perfect old wooden box which had been the same height as a toilet. A loud hissing sound coming from inside the container announced the start of Nicola's relief. The delicious feeling of peeing had washed through her body coupled with the incredible warmth coming from between her legs. Enjoying every second she had hosed down the interior of the box and its assorted objects with her pussy spray. It had been a really exciting piss heightened by the knowledge that she was peeing over somebody else's possessions. Verona on the other hand had discarded her tight fitting black pants which always showed off so well her fit bum cheeks, and had gone to squat bottomless on top of a rusting metal garden table. Nicola had been thoroughly enjoying her own leak into the box when a new sound announced the start of her friend's piss.

Startled by the wet sound of hot female piss landing on the dust covered floor Nicola had immediately looked up to witness the sight of Verona Mitchell pissing. Her friend didn't shave and had a thick triangle of auburn coloured pubic hairs nestled between her legs. From the base of her womanhood was shooting a thick clear stream of flowing piss, raining from the air before falling in a deluge of pussy pee to splatter noisily over the floor.

This event had been a cornerstone in Nicola's sexual preferences. Time and time again she thought back to that fateful day when she had witnessed her friend's golden shooting piss stream forming a flowing fountain to the garage floor. Peeing in a naughty location at the same time had been an even bigger thrill and she had wondered what Verona had thought of her choice of toilet. After they had finished their respective leaks, they had fled the garage. Verona had never gone back but Nicola had been drawn to the location. Despite the heightened chance of being caught, Nicola had gone back a week later. This time she had ignored her previous toilet spot although she did take a quick peek inside to admire the piss stain still visible on the cardboard where her previous pee had landed. This time however she wanted to be like Verona and piss from the table top.

It had not taken long for Nicola to slide out of her jeans and white panties. Naked from the waist downwards she had clambered onto the table before squatting down with her legs spread and her pussy in place ready for action. Several seconds later and the garage floor was being subjected to a shower of female piss. The long stream of squirting urine leaving Nicola's uncovered pussy was completely clear, having drunk nothing but water. In fact she had drunk so much that her squirting fountain of pee showed no sign of abating, a fact that just heightened her excitement. She had peed and peed, watching every moment of her hot piss splattering over the floor in a long deluge of spraying urine. In her mind she recalled how Verona had looked as she had done her pee; the hot yellow stream leaving her slit before arching downwards to the floor below. Nicola's puddle of pee was already so much bigger and yet she still had tons of piss left inside her. Perverseness had gotten the better of her and before she knew it she had moved her body around on the table whilst her pussy continued to relive her pee. The resulting action had seen her toilet start to spray over the grimy wall leaving a long telling tale of piss in its wake. This had been even more fun. Just before finishing she had hopped off her pee perch and returned to the box she had previously pissed into on her last visit. This time she stood like a boy and had a delicious short pee over its contents. Whatever was inside was once again covered with her piss!

It was when she was pulling back on her jeans that she had heard movement outside the garage. Somebody had heard her pissing and was no doubt wondering what was making the noise. She had only just made it to the door with her fly and button undone, when the main garage door had started to rise. She had run as fast as she could very conscious of how close she had come to being caught. Later on in life she had fucked Verona Mitchell at her birthday party. Her friend had asked what she wanted for her birthday and Nicola had whispered into her ear that she wanted a pee shower from her pussy. Verona had agreed and they had retired to Nicola's bedroom. A large towel on the bedroom floor provided an adequate place for their act. Nicola had stripped off before going to lie on the towels beneath Verona's waiting hairy muff. Her friend had been good to her word and had down came a deliciously hot pee all over Nicola's bare flesh, paying extra special attention to spraying her piss all over Nicola's erect nipples. Once the toilet was over they had fucked and Nicola had experienced the best orgasm of her entire life. Verona had only been too happy to let Nicola take a pee in her long brown hair afterwards. This had almost been as much fun as being the subject for somebody's toilet and Nicola had enjoyed the feeling immensely. After that they had been pee fuck pals for a short time before Verona had gotten serious with a girl from college. Nicola, feeling betrayed, had broken into her friend's flat and had sought revenge by pissing all over the place.

Getting caught seemed to be a feature in Nicola's life. Just thinking back to the garage and her near miss seemed to be doing the trick. Nicola starred down between her legs at the sight of her parent's bedroom carpet just waiting for her golden downpour. Seconds later and she was doing it! A hot fat squirting stream of piss leapt from her pussy lips and started to decorate the carpet in a deluge of hot female pee. The damp stain quickly grew as Nicola enjoyed every second of her revenge leak over her parent's bedroom floor. Of course it would have dried by the time they got home but Nicola would always know what she had done.

After making a suitable stain on the carpet Nicola halted her pee long enough to run over to her father's underwear drawer. Sliding it open she turned around and placed her wide bum cheeks down in amongst the soft fabrics of briefs and socks. Seconds later and a warm wet feeling between her thighs announced the resumption of her toilet. Hot pee squirted from her lower lips and soaked into the various garments situated in front of her pussy. This was ecstasy for Nicola. As soon as she had finished her incredibly naughty leak she rushed back to her bedroom to fuck herself silly with the aid of her favourite vibrator. Afterwards, sexually sated and recovering from her euphoria she started to worry about her actions. What would she say if her parents suspected what she had done?

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A Leaky_One story....

Peeing at the manor house

Juliette had her pants and knickers around her knees whilst squatting down over the plush red carpet in one of the guest rooms. Under her wide round buttocks, the carpet was beginning to darken as it started to absorb the hot golden shower of pee coming out of Juliette’s uncovered hairy fanny. A soft hissing sound accompanied Juliette’s peeing as she busily urinated over the floor between her creamy school girl legs. The golden stream issuing out of her pussy was forming an arching shower of yellow pee. As it left her thin pussy crack, her golden wee spurted into a thin stream away from her fanny before falling downwards where it sprayed into the plush carpet which continued to darken as it absorbed more and more of her piss. As usual Juliette was enjoying every second of her naughty piss. The feeling of relief in her bladder coupled with the sensation of sending her squirting pee all over the carpet was electric. Her gaze was firmly fixed on the sight of her yellow piss squirting out of her crotch, watching the way it showered all over the carpet; the way it splashed up in the air before falling back to the carpet. The way in which the dark stain on the carpet grew every second as she continued peeing all over it.

In fact she was so engrossed in squirting her pee over the floor that it took a second before the noise of the bedroom door being opened even registered. With a deep gasp of shock, Juliette looked up, the golden stream of pee leaving her fanny already beginning to vanish as the fear of discovery formed in her stomach. Coming through the door was the blond maid, Maria. Juliette waited in horror, still squatting half naked over the damp piss stain on the carpet beneath her where only seconds ago she had been hosing down her hot pee stream. There was no way Maria could not realize what she had been doing!

Slowly Maria turned to the squatting form of Juliette. Coughing quietly, Maria raised a hand to her mouth, one eyebrow raising at the sight of the school girl squatting over the damp stain on the carpet. The intervening seconds seemed to drag on for an eternity for Juliette. She was just about to splutter out some kind of weak excuse for having pissed over the carpet when Maria spoke; “If Miss does not object could I make a small suggestion?”.

Juliette nodded in mute acknowledgment, desperately aware of the fact that Maria could clearly see her exposed fanny nestled between her parted legs.

“Miss may want to take a bit more care in future in where she chooses to, err shall we say, leave her little puddles?”.

Juliette nodded again in acknowledgment, wondering if she dare stand up and pull her knickers back on.

“Would Miss like a demonstration on how to take precautions in future?”

Juliette’s mind raced as she tried to absorb what Maria was saying. In the end she once again nodded mutely in agreement. What happened next came as a complete shock to the young girl. With a quick smile at Juliette, Maria turned and closed the door. Then she reached down and placed the silver tray she was carrying down on the carpet and began to remove the tea set onto the floor. Juliette used this opportunity to quickly jump up and yank up her knickers and pants to cover her private parts from view.

Once Maria had finished clearing the tray, she stood up and took a wide step over the tray so that her feet were spread either side of it. Then she reached down and started to draw up her long black skirt revealing the sight of white tights, garter belt and finally the view of white knickers stretched across her muff. Juliette gasped out loud as Maria then pulled her knickers to one side revealing her blond hairy crotch underneath. Looking up at Juliette, the maid said “This seems the best way to demonstrate what I mean. Would Miss object if I use this tray for my toilet? Obviously there would be no stain on the carpet afterwards.”

“Yes, of course, no problem” Juliette stuttered, still stunned by Maria’s proposal coupled with the sight of of Maria her uncovered pussy.

“Good.”, replied Maria and with that started to squat down, spreading her legs wide and bringing her blond hairy fanny down to within inches of the silver tray. Several moments passed until suddenly Maria started to pee. Instantly her fanny lips nestled at the bottom of her blond cunt parted and a wide torrent of golden urine started to escape. As Maria pissed, her golden stream sprayed out of her cunt and shot downwards to land on the silver tray, where a growing puddle of piss began to grow, expanding outwards by the second as Maria continued to urinate onto it. Juliette watched with a deep thrill. She had never seen another woman take a pee before and to have her maid simply squat down and take a piss all over a tea tray was fantastic. She watched eagerly taking in the sight of Maria’s golden shower as it left her pussy lips, the way in which her yellow pee stream twisted and turned in the air and the way it sprayed over the silver tray sending small droplets of warm piss showering everywhere. The way in which Maria’s pee left her slits was so different to how her own pee stream looked when she peed. Maria had a much bigger crack, her pussy lips going much further up her cunt. The way in which her yellow pee escaped her slits looked gorgeous, lovely and wide. In comparison Juliette’s own yellow showers were much fatter and round when she pissed. The strong hissing sound coming from Maria’s fanny was coupled with a quieter pattering sound coming from the tray as Maria’s pee sprayed over it.

The yellow stream coming out of Maria’s cunt was beginning to diminish in size and Juliette watched with a growing disappointment as Maria finished her piss over the tray. Neither of them spoke until the last few drops of golden pee had escaped Maria’s lips.

“That was fantastic”, Juliette spurted out before she realized just how she sounded. Maria meanwhile was busy standing up having pulled back her knickers to cover her blond fanny. Pushing back down her skirt, Maria took a step back from the tray she had just been peeing onto. Juliette met Maria’s gaze and both of them looked downwards at the silver tray. A large puddle of yellow cooling pee now filled the tray, held back by the tray’s metal lip. The carpet around the tray was however devoid of any tell tale splashes of piss.

Picking up the tray Maria took another look at it’s golden yellow contents before looking back at Juliette and saying, “Was my example adequate Miss?”.

Nodding frantically, Juliette replied “Yes…. Sorry… I mean thank you very much. I’ll try and remember in future…. That is should I ever get caught short, I mean………”

An embarrassed silence followed by Maria saying, “Yes Miss. I presume that your sister taught you how to handle such emergencies?”.

“Sorry, I don’t understand. My sister…….?”

“Yes, she seems to have an unusual habit of visiting the bathroom and never flushing the toilet. In fact I have often discovered the toilet still clean after her visits. Maybe she just likes to powder her nose?”

“Yes…. I don’t know…….”, stuttered Juliette. “Errr, I kind of discovered how to handle my emergencies by myself. I had no idea that you would know what to do…..”

Giving a big smile, Maria replied “When you are serving staff my dear you don’t always have time to visit the bathroom so you have to improvise. Now, if Miss will excuse me I need to clear up this little mess. Would Miss like me to leave her the kettle behind to help her should she have any final emergency?”.

It took a moment for Juliette to absorb the offer before she realized what Maria meant. Going bright red in embarrassment she quickly said, “Yes please…. Just in case……. I think I’m done now but you never know…”

With a returning smile Maria picked up the metal kettle and passed it across.

“If Miss will excuse me I’ll leave you now in case you need the room to yourself”. Putting the rest of tea set back on the far end of the tray away from the yellow pee puddle, Maria turned and made her way to the door.

“One last thing Miss”, Maria said as she opened the door. “Naturally I would appreciate it if you did not mention my little demonstration to anyone”.

“Of course”, replied Juliette.

As the door closed, Juliette looked down at the metal kettle in her hands. What she had just witnessed had been a fantastic thrill. In truth she had only been half done when Maria had come through the door and she was still bursting for another pee. In had been quite clear that Maria had intended her to do a pee inside the kettle and she wondered now if she should really try it out. “Sod it”, she said out loud. Putting the kettle down on the bed she quickly stood up and yanked down her trousers and knickers again. Looking over her shoulder she slowly sat back down again, placing the edge of her naked bum cheeks firmly on the very edge of the bed. Gazing down at the brown curly haired mass of pubic hairs between her parted legs, Maria reached over to the kettle and removed it’s top. Taking the open container she then moved it down to her waiting crotch. Placing the kettle’s open mouth up to her cunt lips Juliette took a deep breath and then issued the signal to her bladder to release her pent up her piss. Several seconds passed whilst her bladder responded and then suddenly it happened. From the base of Juliette’s fanny where her pussy lips were located, suddenly started to spray an ever increasing torrent of hot golden pee. Her piss stream sprayed into the kettle’s open mouth and began to patter inside as it rained off the walls before falling to the bottom. Her pee began to collect as she continued to hold the kettle to her crotch whilst pissing into it.

Juliette’s new pee lasted ten more long seconds of intense enjoyment for the young girl. Sitting on the edge of a bed whilst holding a kettle up to her fanny which in turn she was busily pissing into, was an awesome turn on. As soon as the last spray of piss had emanated from her vagina, Juliette placed the kettle on the floor and moved her fingers to her waiting pussy hole. Plunging deep inside herself Juliette then rubbed herself to a fantastic orgasm using the images in her mind of herself pissing into a kettle and the sight of Maria peeing from her golden haired pussy, all over the silver tray.

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A Leaky_One story....

Peeing at the manor house - Part 2 - Charlene and the Bathroom Sink

Juliette had spent quite some time reflecting on her encounter with Maria the other day. Ever since that fateful day she had been very careful not to leave any telltale patches over the carpet during her daily trips to the bathroom in rooms around the house. Her latest favourite trick was to find an old flower vase on a window ledge which she would take down and place up to her uncovered vagina. Then she would take a good long piss into the inside of the vase, having the mouth of the vase just far enough away from her fanny lips so she could witness the sight of her shooting golden pee as she squirted it out of her fanny and into the vase. Of course having a pee like that meant there was no evidence afterwards unless somebody by chance happened to knock over a vase. Juliette wondered if Maria would be proud of her, having now found ways of continuing her hobby without making any mess for the servants to discover later. Her face still got warm with embarrassment when ever she recalled having Maria discover her peeing over the floor in the guest bedroom. However, the horror of being discovered was well worth what had happened next. She could still clearly recall the way in which Maria’s pee had flowed out of her cunt whilst she sprayed the metal tea tray with her golden spray issuing out of her blond haired vagina.

However, the other element amount her toilet training session with Maria the maid, was the woman’s comments about her getting her peeing habits from her elder sister. Juliette had since discovered that it was true that her sister go to the bathroom without seeming to use the loo. Juliette had now decided there was only one way to see what her sister did in the bathroom and that was to spy on her. To this end, Juliette had smuggled her way into the large airing cupboard in one of the larger bathrooms and had been waiting for her sister to make an appearance. Unfortunately it had now been over an hour and Juliette was being to feel very cramped in the small enclosure. On top of that she was beginning to feel to need for a wee build up in her bladder, not helped by the fact she was staring out through the gap in the door at the toilet. Not that Juliette would have used the toilet unless she needed a poo. It was with this though that Juliette decided she might as well similar do her pee there and then, whilst still in the airing cupboard. She would take the chance that what ever lay beneath her bum would not leave a permanent stain if she peed all over it.

Fumbling in the darkness Juliette managed to force down her pants and knickers to her legs. Then with some awkwardness, she managed to part her legs wide enough to allow room for her pee to leave her vagina without spraying all over thighs in the process. Now posed in the darkness ready to have a pee, Juliette released the hold on her bladder and waited with baited breath for her pee to make its way down to her slits. After several tense moments it happened and a soft pattering sound started to arise from the floor of the airing cupboard as Juliette’s pee stream leaving her pussy lips made initial contact. The hissing and pattering sound grew in size as Juliette squirted her piss out harder wanting to finish her pee as quickly as possible in case somebody entered the bathroom. The sound being made by her toilet in the cupboard would surely be audible to anybody entering the room and the last thing she wanted was to be discovered again, with her pants and knickers around her knees and her golden pee stream leaving her uncovered pussy.

In the darkness, Juliette’s golden pee shower continued to spray down to cover the floor with a torrent of hot urine. The relief in her bladder grew all the time and she continued to squirt out her pee. This reminded her of a time when she had a pee in a cupboard at school when she had been a lot younger. Afterwards she had been shocked to size the size of the puddle she had made on the floor of the cupboard. They had found her pee puddle of course but had never been able to track down the culprit. With this thought in her mind, Juliette started to finish her pee. With two quick final squirts of piss out of her pussy, Juliette finished her leak. She was just about to pull back on her knickers when she heard the bathroom door open. She knew she dare not make a sound now in case of discover, something that would be quite damming given her state of undress and the obvious piss stains that must be showing under her nude bum cheeks. She wondered for a second if might be Maria, giving her another chance to witness the golden honey stream leaving the maid’s vagina whilst she peed. Then the figure moved into view. It was her sister. ‘At last’, Juliette thought her excitement growing. Charlene, her elder sister was an extremely pretty girl with short jet black hair, a slim figure and a lovely smile which always charmed the boys. Juliette waited in the darkness watching with anticipation. Her sister had now locked the bathroom door and had come back into sight. Slowly Charlene reached down to her waist and then started to draw down her pink skirt. A small white pare of briefs came into view hugging the contours of Charlene’s peachy bum as the skirt descended. Once the skirt had reached the floor, Charlene reached back to her waist and started to remove her underwear. This revealed her bum cheeks, tightly curved, large and round. From her vantage point Juliette could just make out the sight of the bulge of Charlene’s fanny under the groove of her womanly bum. What happened next was exactly what Juliette had hoped for. Completely ignoring the open toilet, Charlene walked over to the low slung sink. Standing directly in front of it, nothing happened for several seconds until suddenly a soft hissing sound started to issue from inside the sink bowl. ‘She is having a pee in the sink bowl’, silently gasped Juliette, still in the cupboard. The excitement of watching her sister stand up to the sink bowl and start to have a pee was electric and Juliette found her fingers entering her own under covered pussy in response. Slowly she started to move her fingers in and out of her pussy all the time listening to the hiss and patter coming from the direction of her sister’s vagina and the sink bowl. Charlene’s bum looked so big and sexy and she wished her bum looked as good. In her mind she was envisioning what it must look like to see Charlene’s pee as it left her pussy before raining down into the sink bowl. Lowering herself in the cupboard so that she was almost touching the piss stained floor beneath her, Juliette tried to catch the sight of the pee leaving her sister’s fanny from under the groove of her bum. ‘ahh, there it is’ she thought as she saw her first hint of gold coming under Charlene’s bum. She could just make out the golden pee stream leaving her sisters cunt, highlighted by her sisters wide womanly thighs. Suddenly Juliette’s movement in the cupboard caused a faint scraping sound. At the sink her sister became rigid and all sounds of her hissing pee vanished.

“Is somebody there?”, Charlene asked her fanny still aimed into the sink bowl she had just been pissing into. Silence filled the room. In the cupboard Juliette held her breath. ‘What if her sister found her now. Would she let me join in and let me have a wee in the sink as well? Or would she be furious and punish me instead?”

The seconds dragged on. Suddenly Charlene reached into the bowl and the next sound Juliette heard was that of the taps running. After a few seconds these were turned off. Her sister then spun round and made for her clothes on the floor. The expression on her fear was one of that of discovery. Quickly dressing Charlene started to pull up her knickers but not before Juliette had taken a good look at the sight of her fanny nestled between her legs. Charlene’s mass of pubic hairs were jet black and formed a thick triangle between her legs. It had just been possible to make out the sight of her groove where her pee lips were nestled at the base of her fanny, and Juliette stored the image in her head ready to compare against the sight of her own fanny. After all they were sisters.

Charlene had finished dressing. She looked flustered, her pretty face all red and bothered. Rushing to the door, Charlene unlocked it before dashing out into the hallway. Giving herself a good minute, Juliette waited in the airing cupboard. As soon as it was safe, she pushed opened the door and climbed out with a deep sigh as she un-tightened her muscles. Moving over to the door she took a peak outside. ‘Good, nobody in sight’. Closing the door she locked it and turned her attention to the sink bowl. To her utter excitement Juliette found that her sister had not done a very good job of hiding the evidence of her naughty pee. On one wall of the sink was still a few yellow splotches of urine where Charlene’s pee stream had washed over. Juliette was still have naked herself having not bothered to dress whilst existing the cupboard and with a big mischievous grin she stared down at her own hairy womanhood nestled between her legs. Her own pussy was now in the same place as where her sister’s had been whilst she urinated into the sink. ‘It would be so easy to…… ahhh”, she though as just then she started to do a thin stream of her own pee into the sink bowl. She only had a little pee in her having sprayed most of her piss over the cupboard floor earlier, but she still had enough to make a good sized stain over the white ceramic. Twisting her hips from side to side Juliette concentrated on squeezing hard enough to get the yellow pee shower leaving her fanny crack to wash over all four walls of the sink. Her yellow pee stream was still issuing out of her cunt and raining down into the sink bowl and she realized just what fun it was to be able to pee into sinks like this. Her sister obviously did this all the time, not silly enough to waste her time by peeing over carpets or in flower vases or tea pots. Juliette vowed that she was going to have a pee in all the bathroom sinks before the week was done. That would include the on-suite bathroom in her parent’s room as well. She would just have to make sure she was not caught going into their room. Having a pee in the main bathrooms would be as easy as this. Close the door, drop her knickers, aim her pussy into the sink and then simply start to pee. Once she had finished her toilet into the sink bowl she would simply wash it down and nobody would ever be able to tell...

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Thanks Daemoniak.

I tried to include that too as part of the same story, but the two together exceeded the 20,000 character limit, so I edited it out, and also edited out all reference to Juliette's sister in the first part. After reactions from on high on another forum I began to worry about it being seen as overly incestuous.

But glad you had the courage I lacked and included it.

However, because of my deletion of all references to Juliette's sister in the first part, the two parts did not gel well together. I have now gone back to re-edit my contribution to reinsert the earlier references to Juliette's sister there. The two parts now work together properly as originally intended by the author.

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Another Leaky_One story from the Girls at Work series.....


Closing the cubicle door behind her, Karen walked over to the far corner of the small enclosure. Once there, she wasted no time by reaching up to her waist, and started to undo her fly. Pulling her pants down to her knees she reached back and inserted her fingers into her knickers elastic. It took only seconds to pull her knickers down her legs, exposing in the process her wide round bum cheeks and the triangular mass of pubic airs that made up her pussy. Squatting down, Karen positioned herself so that her nude bum cheeks were suspended only inches away from the tiled floor.

Parting her legs wider so she could clearly see her muff, Karen started to release the hold on her bladder and begin her pee. Within moments a soft patter arose from between her legs as she pissed over the floor. As Karen’s toilet continued, her golden shower sprayed out from between her legs and washed over the tiles forming a growing yellow. The feeling of relief coupled itself with the thrill of relieving herself over the floor instead of using the loo. Beneath her bum she could feel the warmth of the yellow puddle she was creating over the floor as she continued to pee over the tiles. The quiet hiss and patter as Karen’s piss sprayed out of her pussy lips. Her toilet over the cubicle floor lasted for several more seconds before her pussy flaps closed, shutting off her golden spray. Concentrating hard, she forced one last squirt down to her pussy lips. Suddenly her fanny lips parted allowing one last shot of golden piss to come squirting out and decorate the floor with another yellow stain.

Realising she was done, Karen stood up, being careful not to step in the yellow puddle of piss on the floor. Reaching down to her knees she pulled up her knickers and pants and covered her private parts from view. Then she opened the cubicle door and with one last look at the golden puddle on the floor, turn and fled the Ladies.

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A Leaky_One story from the Girls at Work series


Julia was sitting on the edge of the chair. She had removed her skirt and panties and now had nothing on her lower person to hide the sight of the large brown hairy triangle nestled between her wide thighs. Her nude bum cheeks were perched on the chair fabric which tickled quite a bit, not that this was going to distract her from what she was about to do. Spreading her legs wide Julia gazed down at her pussy poised at the edge of the chair. How easy it would be to have a pee now, she thought, gauging the need in her bladder. Feeling the time was right she shuffled around in the chair to get her buttocks comfy before she allowed herself to let go on the need in her bladder.

The familiar sensation she got when she was about to start peeing, rushed down her body to her waiting pussy lips. Just then it happened. Julia’s fanny lips suddenly parted to allow a wide vertical squirt of hot yellow piss to come squirting out of her pussy and rain down between her legs to the carpeted floor below. Julia gasped at the thrill as she squirted her piss out of her fanny and over the carpet. Between her legs her golden rain was gushing out of fanny with enough force to cause her piss stream to arch outwards before dropping to patter over the floor. Pissing from the chair’s edge was great fun and Julia watched entranced as she urinated her golden relief over the office carpet.

Slowly the yellow shower leaving her pussy began to droop as she exhausted her bladders supply of pee. Just as she was down to her last few drops of pee, Julia suddenly lifted her buttocks up from the chair and pulled herself backwards into the chair’s embrace. As soon as her fanny was positioned over the chair fabric, she started to finish her piss. The pussy lips parted again to allow her golden stream to come squirting out, but this time it fell between her thighs to cover the chair in a quick shower of pee as she urinated over the fabric, enjoying the last few seconds of her piss in work

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A Leaky_One story from the Girls at Work series of mini-stories.....


Pulling her half naked form up and onto the worktop, Claire lowered her peach like bum cheeks into the waiting sink bowl. After a few seconds of fidgeting she was ready to do her pee.

Suddenly it happened as between her thighs shot a thin golden trickle as her pussy lips parted to allow out a golden stream of warm yellow pee, escaping her body and shooting into the sink basin. Claire could clearly watch herself as she peed. Between her legs her golden stream was escaping her pussy to impact over the white ceramic bowl. As she continued peeing, her golden stream ran down the basin wall to vanish down the plughole underneath her naked buttocks with a soft gurgling sound just audible over the hissing sound made by her pee. Claire’s toilet into the sink bowl lasted several more long seconds of deep thrill, all the while her golden fanny shower continueing to flow out of her pussy and into the bowl.

As soon as she finished peeing into the sink she pulled herself down off the worktop and proceeded to dry her slit with a paper towel. Pulling up her white panties to cover herself again, Claire turned and ensured that she washed away all traces of what she had just done into the sink bowl. As soon as the last yellow stain had vanished from sight, she turned and left the room.

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Another Leaky_One story in the Girls at Work series


Vickie had been watching from outside the cubicles, as Kath had entered the disabled toilet and closed the door. She was quite able to see where Kath was going by her feet showing under the cubicle partition. Instead of moving to the toilet, Kath instead stopped in the proximity of the sink basin, which was a feature of the disabled loo. As the soft hiss and patter of a girl having a piss rose from out of the cubicle, Vickie guessed correctly that Kath was indeed using the sink to relieve herself into.

Kath’s piss lasted for approximately 15 seconds, a time in which Vickie spent eagerly hopping from foot to foot with the excitement of having guessed what Kath was doing and also with the knowledge that she was going to follow Kath’s lead and have a piss into the same sink bowl as soon as Kath had left. Just then came the sound of the tap running as Kath washed away the traces of having used the sink as a urinal. Vickie quickly walked over the row of sinks and pretended to be washing her hands whilst Kath exited the disabled toilet. Kath didn’t even look in Vickie’s direction, but instead simply walked past and opened the exit door. Vickie watched in the mirror as the other girl passed, not able to take her eyes off the sight of Kath’s crotch, knowing that only moments before, Kath’s pussy had been spraying her piss into a sink basin.

As soon as the door closed, Vickie was running towards the cubicle door. Slamming it shut behind her, she quickly locked it and turned around to face the sink. Sure enough, the sink’s walls were still damp from where Kath had washed away traces of her pee into the bowl. Not wasting any time, Vickie started to undo her own trouser fly. Slowly she pulled her pants down her legs revealing the sight of her tight tender bum cheeks hidden beneath the skimpy fabric of green knickers. In her stomach was forming a deep knot of excitement as the moment approached when she too would do her pee into the sink.

Satisfied that her pants where far enough down her legs she reached back up for knickers. Putting her fingers around the rim she savoured the thrill as she slowly pulled them down her legs, revealing in turn the sight of her trim triangular pussy nestled between her thighs. Pushing her knickers down to her knees, Vickie shuffled forward to allow her pussy to overhang the edge of small sink. Her bum cheeks were tingling with the sensation of being uncovered, knowing that there was only a thin door hiding the sight of her standing half naked about to urinate into a sink.

Gazing down at her pussy, she parted her legs slightly and put her hands down to her lips. Pulling them slightly apart to allow her pee hole a better aim into the white ceramic bowl, Vickie gave the instruction to her bladder to proceed. The room was a deathly quiet whilst Vickie waited with baited breath as her relief flowed down her body to her waiting pee hole.

Then it happened. From out of the mass of pubic hairs around her crotch suddenly shot a short golden squirt of hot pee, shooting into the air above the sink before it started to arch downwards towards the white sink walls. Barely a moment later the first of Vickie’s urine was pattering down over the sink wall as she continued to squirt her stream of piss out into it. This was electric, she told herself, as she stood pissing into the sink bowl. The sight of her fanny peeing her golden spray into the small bowl was a fantastic thrill. Increasing the force of her piss, Vickie watched pee spraying around the sink wall before raining down in several short streams to the plughole.

The feeling of freedom she was getting from doing this was such a turn on. In her mind she could just imagine the sight of Kath’s pussy doing exactly the same as hers was now, squirting a yellow torrent of piss out of her pussy lips and into the sink.

Vickie’s pee was dying now as she emptied the last of her bladder’s contents.

As her pussy lips closed, she let go of her flaps and proceeded to reach down for her clothes. The sight of the yellow piss stains around the sink bowl was a constant reminder of the thrill she had just got from emptying herself into it. She stared at the sight for several before, with a sigh, she started to wash down the signs of her piss with the tap water.

This was definitely not the last time she was be going to use this sink to have a pee into, that was for sure. In her mind she wondered if she should get Kath to join her the next time, imagining the thrill she would get as both of them squirted their piss from their pussy triangles, out and into the sink bowl.

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