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Great to hear from you Jayne, and thanks for posting.

Hugs to you too over your accident, but thanks for sharing it with us.  A problem shared is a problem halved?   And although you can't see us giving you the kind of looks Adam does, you know we are.... 😉

I'm sure Adam would have been most understanding and supportive if you'd been totally honest with him 'would love to chat, but I've just come straight from work and I'm absolutely bursting for a wee.'  At least you may find out if he thinks like most of us or not, depending if he look horrified, sympathetic or devillish.

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Lovely to see you posting again, and thank you for sharing your story and photos. I hope that sharing with a sympathetic community helps you - we are always here. Sending a hug.

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I am so glad to see you back on the forum again.

I was thinking about you very recently and wondering if you have any races coming up.
I was wondering just how you might plan to handle the Peeing situation.

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