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Kupar's Peeing Exploits

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I've wanted for quite a while to try wetting my shorts when I'm walking in the countryside, and yesterday I got the opportunity. I was wearing a pair of black shorts, made from a quick drying fabric and I reasoned that if I met someone, it wouldn't show too much and also it would dry pretty quickly, so it was a low-risk way of trying it out. I have to admit that I did pull my cock out mid-stream too ... just because.

As it happens, I met virtually no-one on a six mile walk near to home. The shorts do show evidence of wetting, but only briefly and then unless you were really looking, you wouldn't know. See what you think. It was great fun (and when I got home, I was still in the mood for more, so I did another underwear wetting in the garden - link at the bottom).






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1 hour ago, buspee7 said:

Thanks for another great set of photos Kupar,my morning wood has just hot bigger viewing them! 😀

That sort of comment absolutely makes my day @buspee7 🙂 Thank you!

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I found myself on my own at home this morning with some time on my hands and a pair of jeans ready for the wash (and actually, ready to be patched - an embarrassingly placed hole has appeared this week). So what better than to sit on the edge of the garden table and enjoy a nice wetting before chucking them in the washing machine? A rinse down of the table was required ... amazingly, there is no rain in the weather forecast for the next week or so!


Jeans wetting 1a.jpg

Jeans wetting 2a.jpg

Jeans wetting 3a.jpg

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6 minutes ago, Kupar said:

I had been getting horny and feeling naughty in the sunshine today in the garden. I started wetting my white trunks, honest, but quickly felt the need to pull my cock out and make a fountain. Hope you like the result as much as I did!


(Apologies for the crop webapp watermark.)

Fountain still.jpg

Loved that video sir. You just looked so relaxed and so natural to pull your cock out and have a piss in your lounge chair. Well done 

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42 minutes ago, speedy3471 said:

Loved that video sir. You just looked so relaxed and so natural to pull your cock out and have a piss in your lounge chair. Well done 

Thank you! Yes, I was very chilled this afternoon and it was lovely to play 😊

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