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Kupar's Peeing Exploits

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20 minutes ago, Bacardi said:

Is that carpet in your kitchen?

@Bacardi I can put your mind at rest. It's a blue patterned vinyl 🙂

22 minutes ago, Bacardi said:

Oh, side note, I love the foreskin too. Love me a good uncut guy!

Thank you 💕

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3 minutes ago, weequeen said:

thank you for what you share! love the causalness of it and i echo what the others have said - love the foreskin! 

Thank you! Comments like this are so lovely to read ❤️ I'm glad you like my, err, content 😉

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On 4/17/2021 at 12:13 PM, Bacardi said:

Kupar, you know I love you and I love seeing you pee any other place but the toilet, but I have a burning question I need to ask you.

Is that carpet in your kitchen?

Oh, side note, I love the foreskin too. Love me a good uncut guy!

Nope, there's a liiiiittle reflection if you look closely

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I am staying away from home on my own for a couple of days. On Friday I went for a longish walk and peed a couple of times against a tree and a hedge while I was out. I thought I would then hold for a while so I could enjoy the relief when I got to the place I was saying late-afternoon. I wanted to pick up a few things from the little local supermarket before checking in, but there was a queue to go in (Covid restrictions) and then another queue at the checkout … I was tapping my foot, almost dancing, and truth be told, I had to let a little go – I don’t think I have ever done that in a public place before! I was wearing black shorts and I don’t *think* anything was visible, but I held my shopping bag strategically just in case. I felt so bad – but in a good way. The pressure eased and I managed to hold on while walking carefully round the corner to where I was staying, and being handed the key by the owner. Once safely established, I stripped off and stepped into the shower straight away, releasing a *lot* of pee, very happily indeed.

The layout of the place I stayed at is interesting: there’s a little bedroom up a very steep, narrow cast-iron spiral staircase. The shower room / toilet is downstairs, off the little kitchen. My caring wife K insisted that I take away with me a bucket that I could put next to the bed. I am not in the first flush of youth, and I generally need to go in the middle of the night: she had visions of me lying dead at the foot of the staircase in the morning (presumably in a puddle of pee).

This arrangement worked really well on Friday night. I woke in the small hours, sat on the edge of the bed and peed in the bucket – very convenient. The first pee of the next morning was added to the bucket before I got up, had breakfast and headed out for another long walk.

I’d had a big mug of coffee with breakfast and after I’d been walking for an hour or so, I opened my thermos flask and had another mug and a half of coffee. I walked for about another hour and I was starting to really need to go. I was on a path that went straight across a field, so I decided I’d just pee in the middle of the field and spray it about a bit. It was extremely satisfying, and I managed to stay upwind so avoided any splashback. I like to think I was doing my bit to water the wheat that had been planted in that field.

After a pint in a pub around lunchtime, the inevitable urge returned a few miles later. By this point I was walking round a large reservoir on a perimeter path that is very well used by walkers, runners and cyclists. It is also well supplied with benches to sit on and admire the view of the lake. I settled down on a bench between the path and the water, unzipped my shorts and just let go on to the ground in front of me. A couple of cyclists passed by behind me, but I don’t think they saw anything. The element of risk was very exciting.

Later in the afternoon, on the homeward stretch of the walk and after I’d finished my bottle of water, I needed one more pee, but I was walking through the middle of a village at the time, so held on for another 30 minutes or so until I was back out in the countryside on a narrow path along a field edge. I thought I would see if it was possible to pee while walking along, so unzipped and took out my cock and yes, it is possible – and I could even avoid wetting my legs and shoes by walking carefully: I wouldn’t say I was swinging it (I’m not really well-endowed enough to claim that), but hip movement can be your friend as you stroll along.

I didn’t take any photos or videos of these outdoor pees I’m afraid, but there was one more fun time to have, back at the place I was staying. Remember that bucket, and the spiral staircase? Well, I reckoned it should be possible to pee from upstairs straight down into the bucket placed on the (laminate) floor below. And it sort of was, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

I had got the bucket in the right place. I’d mentally calculated the parabolic trajectory pretty accurately, but I didn’t take into account the instinctive way that I (perhaps all people with a penis) tend to not hold it still. There wasn’t any splash back out of the bucket, but some of the stream didn’t go straight in.

It wasn’t a long pee – about 15 seconds – but it felt longer because I was worrying all the time about whether something would go wrong. And it felt excitingly naughty, but after I’d finished I knew I had to clean up straight away, so there wasn’t any follow-up. It’s a nice place I am staying in and I would be mortified to think that the owners would be able to tell what I’d done. But it was a peeing highlight of my couple of days away.

I took two videos: one from below and one from above. In the one from below, it’s really hard to see the stream (I think dark background work best), but the sound is great! It’s easier to see me pee in the other video. The photos are captures from each of the videos. Hope you enjoy!



Stairs from above pic.jpg

Stairs from bleow pic.jpg

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33 minutes ago, speedy3471 said:

Amazing video as always sir. You always find unique ways to film yourself, another job well done. 

What a lovely backyard as well


23 minutes ago, buspee7 said:

Wow ! Just viewed the video, fantastic, nice semi on with your cock really put the icing on it! Thanks a lot, got me in the mood now😃

You're both very kind! I try to do a few different things that will give me pleasure, and hope that some others might enjoy seeing it too - so your comments are really encouraging 🙂  

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