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Volleyball Try-Out Mishap

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18 minutes ago, gldenwetgoose said:

[Story based loosely on a true anecdote - desperation / wetting / golden shower / lesbian themes]


“Are you sure this is ok Tricia?” Asked Sally, her voice wavering slightly and giving away her anxiety.

“Of course” replied Tricia, stopping and turning to face her best friend “You’ll be perfect at this, have a bit of faith in yourself”

“Ha, now your asking the impossible” said Sally with a weak smile.

Tricia gave her a hug before turning and pushing open the door into the changing rooms.

“Hey everyone, this is my bestie Sally.  Remember I said she was going to try out with us today.”

With that Tricia stepped aside, leaving poor Sally standing in the middle of the ladies’ changing rooms, looking like a startled white rabbit.  As her brain tried it’s best to decide between staying or turning tail and fleeing, she barely took in the scene in front of her.  It shouldn’t have been any surprise - she was after all in the ladies changing rooms surrounded by the ladies’ volleyball team getting ready for their weekly practice session. How can some ladies be so at ease with their bodies and able to just chat to each other like that whilst in their underwear or even less wondered Sally.

Finally after a deep breath, she forced out a barely audible “Hi everyone” and a weak smile. The ice was broken and it was smiles and welcomes all around.  A couple of the girls moved their bags up to make space for Sally to squeeze in next to Tricia and the two girls began to get themselves changed out of day clothes and into their sports kit.

Sally arched her back and tied back her shoulder length mousy blonde hair, then carefully took off her trainers and wriggled out of her tight faded jeans. Neither the sight of Sally’s breasts straining against her baby pink polo shirt or the wiggle of her hips was lost on Tricia.  The two girls couldn’t have been more different - Sally with her slim frame, Tricia with the athletic curves. Sally’s pale milky white skin totally opposite Tricia’s. Sally with the fine hair and Tricia with her thick black Afro-Caribbean braids and beads.

Watching her friend out of the corner of an eye Tricia wondered not for the first time how someone so shy and self conscious could be so unaware how incredibly hot she was. Tricia was just pondering this thought when her attention was caught by Sally muttering and frantically searching through her gym bag.

“You OK there Hon?”

For a second Sally appeared not to have heard her, carrying on digging into the deepest corners of her bag.

“Erm yes… I guess”  replied Sally eventually  “It’s just… well… tell you what, I’ll just sit this one out.  Oh I’m such an idiot.”

Tricia looked at her friend in concern.

“Well - promise you won’t laugh?” Whispered Sally,  “I seem to have brought everything except my shorts!”

Tricia tried her best to keep a straight face, as she told the mortified Sally “Well my dear, you’ll just have to do PE in your pants” and with one look at Sally’s face she couldn’t help but giggle causing her poor friend to go even more crimson.

As much as she was enjoying the sight of Sally standing before her in polo shirt and near matching pink cotton briefs, Tricia wasn’t going to humiliate her friend further and picked up the dark blue sweat pants she’d just stepped out of.

“Here you go, these fit around my oversized arse, so there’s no way they’re going to be too small for you. You can let me have them back next week.”

Sally didn’t wait for a second invitation, instead taking them from Tricia, and slipping them on. They were indeed a bit big on Sally’s slim frame, as soon as she let go  they dropped, just hanging precariously on her hips, looking ready to fall to the floor at any second.  Tricia smiled, thinking how mortified her friend would look if that were to happen and wondering if it was wrong to want to see her friend shrieking in embarrassment in her pink panties.

“They’ll be fine” said Tricia,  “Just fasten the cord tight around your waist and that’ll keep them up”.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


The training and tryout session seemed to be going quite well… Up to a point.

Initially Sally had sat on the sidelines sipping on her bottle of sports juice. There were enough girls present between the team and reserves to play as two sides and whilst they did Sally had sat and observed.  She’d keenly taken in the way all the girls seemed to have a second sense of who would go for the ball, who would take a volley, that sort of thing.

Sally wasn’t too sure about the sports kit though - she thought it must have been a man that designed it. A crop sports vest, well pretty much a sports bra and then the hot pants, all in figure hugging lycra. She’d noticed a few of the girls in the changing room had gone pure commando, and the shorts definitely would show any underwear underneath. Time to invest in some thongs thought Sally, if she made the team that was.

Then came the point of things going pear shaped. One of the girls stepped off the court and the captain, a tall broad shouldered girl called her forwards. Sally’s turn to try out and after a few minutes she found herself quite enjoying herself. Her natural shyness was put aside as she lunged, leapt and sidestepped with the best of them.

All was going perfectly and Sally wondered why she’d never tried the sport previously. Then as she dived forwards for a low ball Sally landed awkwardly, putting an arm out to break her fall.  The pain in her shoulder was absolutely excruciating, she could do nothing but sit on the ground whilst Tricia and a couple of the other girls tried to look after her.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


As she waited for the traffic lights to change, Tricia looked across at her helpless friend. That was definitely an afternoon she was never getting back she thought to herself.  It turned out that Sally had dislocated her shoulder. The paramedics had given her ketamine to breath on and a shot of morphine to ease the pain whilst they manipulated the shoulder back in place, then a long afternoon in A&E waiting for an X-Ray, more morphine and then a wait for the rather dishy doctor to sign her off to leave. Strict instructions not to remove the velcro arm sling for 72 hours.

The painkillers were certainly good stuff mused Tricia. Her friend, normally painfully shy, had been transformed into a giggling chatterbox. Admittedly most of what she was chatting was complete and utter rubbish, but it was hilarious. The funniest bit though was that Sally’s moral filter seemed to have been switched off. She was like a different person, a girl who it seemed definitely wasn’t so shy and innocent.

“Are you…  are you, erm, jilling yourself there Sally” asked Tricia, noticing that with her right hand firmly strapped across her chest, Sally had her left hand firmly wedged between her legs and seemed to be grinding away.

“Oh my God - this feels amazing, you should try it, you really should, why have I never done this before -  tell me you do this.  Anyway what do you mean ‘jilling’, who’s Jill?  I’m not Jill, I’m Sally.  If you’d said ‘Am I Sallying, well I guess I am.  It feels frigging amazing, you’ve got to try it. Besides, I really, really, really, reeeeeaaaaallllllyyyyy need a wee-wee. Have I wee’d today, I can’t remember. What day is it anyway? I can’t remember…  I just want to weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  Do you need a wee, actually this feels quite nice, I wonder if…”

“Ha ha calm yourself girl - we’re just round the corner from my house, you can use my loo” interrupted (or tried to interrupt) Tricia. “Just hang on a few minutes and we’ll get you some relief”

As promised, about thirty seconds later Tricia was pulling onto her driveway and unlocking her front door. As she turned round she felt a pleasant tingle, not for the first time today at the sight of Sally standing behind her. Looking a bit more dishevelled than the pink shirt and panties combo earlier, now it was the sight of Sally with one hand clenched between her thighs and puppy dog eyes.

“There you go babe, the bathroom’s right there” Tricia said and watched as her friend didn’t wait for a second invitation, brushing past as quickly as any of her volleyball dives.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck” came a frustrated voice from behind the still open bathroom door. “Quick Trish, can you help me?”

The startled Tricia popped a head round the door to see Sally frantically trying to pull the dark blue jogging pants down, not vey successfully with her one available hand.

“You need to untie the knot - come here, I’ll do it” said Tricia, sitting down on the side of her bathtub so she was facing her friend’s waist. Sally obligingly stepped forwards, her hand immediately adopting its former position so she could apply pressure to her urethra.

“Stop squirming, your arm is in the way and I can’t untie the knot whilst you’re wriggling about”

With that Tricia place her hands on the girl’s hips, pulling her close and then downwards with the result that Sally found herself sitting on Tricia’s knee, the two girls facing each other. With that Sally stopped wriggling and squirming. Tricia could get to work on the knot and after a few seconds started to make headway towards releasing her desperate friend.

Just as the knot became free, before Tricia could say a word, Sally gasped, clenched her crotch and then whipped her hand away like she’d been stung. Tricia heard a darkly audible hiss and felt a warmth on her legs originating from Sally’s thighs which Tricia felt spreading upwards on her legs.

Looking downwards, Tricia saw the crotch of her jogging pants which Sally was wearing, darkened and visible wet, a light golden pool of Sally’s wee now filling the valley made by Tricia’s legs. At the head of that valley Tricia felt the warmth soaking into her volleyball shorts, warmth seeping down through her slit. That and Tricia felt a different kind of delightful warm dampness herself.

Tricia had never experienced the feeling of somebody else’s pee spreading across her pussy, but the feeling now reminded her of a few times she’d wet herself - arriving home bursting, leaking little dribbles and then just lifting her skirt to sit on the toilet. The relief of her warm pee spreading through her panties, the relief had been amazing and not at all unpleasant.

Throughout all of her release Sally had been surprisingly quiet, for the first time in several hours. Their eye’s met, Sally opened her mouth and just about uttered an “Oops” with a little giggle before Tricia silenced her, first placing a finger gently on Sally’s lips and then replacing it with a lingering kiss.

As their lips eventually parted, Sally stood up, the now unknotted and saturated jogging pants slipping off her hips and falling to the floor to reveal her cute pink panties, now with two shades of pink cuteness.

Tricia said tenderly “I think we’d better get you out of these” before reaching forwards and slipping them down to reveal Sally’s soft brown curls.  Then Tricia stood up, the rest of Sally’s wee splattering noisily onto the bathmat and tiled floor.  Tricia wiggled out of her volleyball shorts allowing them to drop onto the floor too, revealing her neatly shaved bare slit, glistening slightly.

“I think we’d better get cleaned up hadn’t we” said Tricia, turning on the shower. “Is it my turn to wee now?”


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Nice! An innovative twist on how to lower inhibitions - ketamine / morphine makes a change from alcohol! And you leave us wanting to see how the relationship develops. But no pressure 🙂

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2 minutes ago, Kupar said:

Nice! An innovative twist on how to lower inhibitions - ketamine / morphine makes a change from alcohol! And you leave us wanting to see how the relationship develops. But no pressure 🙂

I'm going to take advice from the real life Sally on that one...

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12 minutes ago, Sophie said:

Can I please rate this more than once? That was incredible! I loved every word of it. Thank you!

If you don't mind, I am going to do some Sophieing....

RSPCA please be aware - Goosing is not what you may imagine.

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13 hours ago, gldenwetgoose said:

[Story based loosely on a true anecdote - desperation / wetting / golden shower / lesbian themes]


A hot story, very well written! Would be interesting to know which parts of it were in the true anecdote.  😉

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8 hours ago, kalle2020 said:

A hot story, very well written! Would be interesting to know which parts of it were in the true anecdote.  😉

Well - I don't want to spoil any magic, but a lady did tell me: volleyball, oversized jogging pants, unable to untie chord. Oops.

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On 11/21/2020 at 10:28 PM, gldenwetgoose said:

RSPCA please be aware - Goosing is not what you may imagine.

Should that not be RSPB?

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