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    Carpet peeing, wetting, holding contests
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    I have not been able to experience it much in real life. I first got turned onto it in one of my first relationships. My girlfriend had to go for a wee in this field, and hearing her and thinking about the freedom of it really turned me on.

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  1. I think the angle was generous on the last one PF excitement
  2. Yes, I have watched every match live or checked out the highlights afterwards.
  3. You need to give me some ball-shaving tips. My pubus technique is fine but I struggle with fully clearing the balls.
  4. It's been a while since anyone posted but I think I might fit the remit for this topic:
  5. I am similar to @walanuk I used to do it when I lived with my parents. I'd just pee straight out the window.
  6. I wet myself in my car while smoking on the green leaf once. I purposefully drank as much as I could and took more water with me. I waited until I was really desperate, went outside with my rolled zoot, sat in the car, lit up, and relaxed. I was not driving. It was just raining and I wanted cover. Also wetting in the rain felt like cheating.
  7. I did not expect to see two incredible pairs of breasts on PF today. Thank you @MidoriLemonade85 & @Bacardi. What a treat!
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