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    I tend to be a little bit nerdy 😝

    I want to become more daring with my pee habits. Also I want to get into contact with people with the same interests like me!

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    Wetting, Naughty peeing
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    Wetting a little bit while coworkers or friends are close by. But not realizing what I am doing


    Letting loose while doing house chores

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  1. I want to tell you about my bedwetting yesterday. But before I came to that, I need to tell you, the last bedwettings I had, weren't that much enjoyable. Eventhough, I really like to pee my pants, I never wanted to ruin my mattress with pee (unfortunately it is covered with a few peeing stains anyway). So I tried using protection covers for my bed. Letting it go on them, is a really nice feeling. The spreading warmth in your pants and the growing puddle under your butt, slowly crawling up your back. Amazing...as long as it is warm... But I could never fall asleep in a puddle of pee. I just
  2. Habu


    Hello! I made an account today, by myself. I heard about this site often before, but didn't know a lot about it. Now I made an account. I wonder where this will lead to. My name there is Haburashi if anyone is interested 😄
  3. Hello Peeps! Cleaning up is a hassle and wetting alone at home isn't that interesting anymore. Today I tried to be a little more bold and went out at night. Not far from my home was a bench in a non lit area. I sat on the bench and tried to have a secret pee into my pants. I was afraid, that my butt will get all wet, so I moved up a little, to change the deepest point of my body to the crotch area. Pressing my tights together, I let loose. Really slowly, until I heard that droplets hit the ground. Suddenly a cyclist was coming across. I don't know if he even saw me, but he wouldn't b
  4. Me as an DnD enthusiast myself really like the idea for a peeing focused P&P. Years ago I had a funny online role play with a girl which also leads to pee play in the end. Now reading about this thread I want to dive into the fun again! DnD by itself is so much fun alone even without peeing. Players really begin to like their charakters and their charakter development over time. If you decide to start this Pee DnD, please count me in! 😄
  5. Hello everyone! I am Habu, nice to meet you! I am interested in peeing since I am a child, but just currently find out about this site. I like wetting the most, because it feels really naughty to do it. 🤭 But cleaning up is a hassle. 😮‍💨 I would like to try new things out and would be happy for recommendations! Also I want to become more daring with sneaky pees. 🤭 Nice to meet you everyone! I am looking forward to this! 😊
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