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    I have a fetish for wetting, pissing on my things and talking about it.

    If you message me, tell me who you are and what you want to talk about. One-liners like "Hi, how are you doing?" will just be deleted. If you aren't interested enough to put even this little effort in a message, please just leave me alone.

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    Wetting and messing around my bedroom. I also hope to enjoy drinking piss from a loving man sometime.
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    Secretly pissing in my snow suit for a weekend while skiing. I was drenched.

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  1. I honestly never reached the point on which it bursted out of me, so I don't really know my hard limit. But I think it's somewhere between 800 and 900 ml that the feeling of needing to go becomes overwhelming.
  2. Pissing all over your bedroom is something you can really get used to. Keep it up. 😊 But be careful. Once you have your own place you won't need to restrain yourself anymore.
  3. Spandex or leather. At least when I do it. 😉 Has the advantage of not soaking or showing the wetness. Dark cotton is okay when I don't have to sit down immediately or don't have to get up for a while. It's barely visible when spread out.
  4. Most of my peeing on the bed happens while masturbating or during orgasms. The wetness and the feeling of relieve makes it all so much better. Just sometimes I can't tell if the peeing or the masturbation came first. It's mostly one thing to me. I lay down and touch myself because I'm horny. Panties are wet most of the time. And then I rub myself, piss on myself, fuck me with a dildo or just my fingers and let out spurts. Whatever I feel like.
  5. Me and the friends often pee in nature when mountain biking. The guys were a little contained because of me at first, but it fastly became normal when I didn't make a big deal of it, and we all do it together. I actually like being watched, but they don't know that. Also we have all seen each other naked before, so it's not so special anymore.
  6. I do it whenever I can get away with it, like when working on the computer, so it not only soaks into my panties but also the chair cussion. But now that it's warm enough for bare legs, I also piss through my panties full on whenever I need to go. After a while they get so slippery that the fabric is merely gliding over my skin than clinging to it. ☺️ Did you piss on the bed or floor at the end of it? 🙂
  7. Love that you do it on your bed. Isn't it a problem with the cat? I guess animals will react to it at some point.
  8. I just got some dark leggings with patterns that don't show any stains, so I can pee through them without having to hide it under my skirt, and of course I will not wash them after every single wetting. 🙂
  9. Peeing while standing isn't that hard to learn. With just a little experience, it works pretty well, at least for me. I can't quite hit it through a fly, but at least I don't need any accessories.
  10. Is this a problem? I mean… it's not like we get a boner. 😄 But I also think you can get used to it. We associate nakedness with sex because we're usually not naked otherwise. But if it was the norm, I doubt everyone would just be horny all the time.
  11. I don't like the smell of rotten pee that you find so often in public restrooms and dirty staircases. But the scent of fresh pee is quite arousing, even if it's dry. Much like what @Paulypeeps said. Most people wouldn't notice it as pee and it's not that intense, but I can smell it when I put my nose in it or lie down on my bed. Many of my things are so heavily pissed that I would have a hard time if I didn't like it, but to my luck, I do.
  12. Welcome! You will see you're not alone with it. Not publicly accepted but pretty common. 🙂
  13. Nonchalant rewettings and pissing on the unprotected bed. It's so naughty. ☺️ But drinking it is also high on the list.
  14. Amazing. I can't see a single stain. 🙂
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