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  1. My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate. I have a cat.
  2. All the stalls were full and I was ready to burst.
  3. I haven't. Might try it.
  4. My favorite pee position is the splits. I have never peed with someone.
  5. Have you ever had a full bladder for a ultrasound before? Were you able to hold it in?
  6. My favorite place to pee that is not the toilet is the shower. The naughtiest pee I ever had was at a public park because the washrooms were closed and I was about to explode. I have never done a self golden shower.
  7. Adding to my original post: I would drink a ton of water and drive around until I pee myself uncontrollably, I would try and enjoy my big belly, I would put myself in certain situations while desperate to pee.
  8. I have had a couple different exams and full bladder scenarios at the doctor's office and hospital. The first one I had, I was 19 at the time and had to give a urine sample at the doctor's office. The appointment was in the morning so I was told to hold my morning pee for the urine sample. I was uncomfortable while waiting. When it was my turn to give the urine sample they gave me a small plastic bottle to pee in, it was easy to do even though I had never done one before. The second one was a cystometric test to measure the pressure in my bladder, how much my bla
  9. That would be uncomfortable for a pregnant woman to hold.
  10. My friend was pregnant and she had to pee every hour to hour and a half. She did hold it for 3 hours, late in her pregnancy. heres the story, we were driving home from a road trip and we both drank multiple bottles of water and she didn't pee before leaving the store because she forgot. On the way home she started to look uncomfortable and she was getting really desperate really quickly. 5 minutes before she peed herself she was sweating, shaking, jamming her hands into her crotch and squirming, she didn't make it home unfortunately.
  11. I would swap bodies with a pregnant woman to see just how long I can hold a extremely full bladder and how much comes out, to experience a full bladder ultrasound while heavily pregnant and do holding challenges with other non pregnant women.
  12. I wish I could have been that ultrasound tech, pressing hard into your bladder as you pee yourself.
  13. I bet it would. At my local ultrasound clinic pregnant women only have to drink 700 mililitres of water 30 minutes before, women (not pregnant) have to drink 1 liter of water 1 hour before and men have to drink 1.5 liters 2 hours before.
  14. I have had lots of ultrasounds before and I thought it was hard to hold it then, if I was pregnant I wouldn't have been able to hold it and would probably pee on the table.
  15. The relief afterwards is the most amazing feeling after holding a very full bladder and the doctor pressing on your bladder.
  16. I heard that they can be very uncomfortable especially when they press on your bladder.
  17. Hey Sophie Did you ever need a full bladder for a doctors appointment and were you able to hold it?
  18. Rules: You have to drink 100 mililitres of water every hour for 24 hours. You can only pee once during the 24 hours.
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